Monday, October 6, 2014

T stands for Tea for Two and Monday Mandala Together

Hello and Happy T Day! Today I'm sharing with the lovely ladies at Elizabeth's what's in our cup and what's new this week. This picture was taking two weeks ago when I went over to visit my cousin Jennifer who was in town for a week. She asked me right away if I'd like tea and a homemade scone! YUM! So nice of her to do that and she knows all about my linking up here for T day, so there is our tea in the picture. We had the best time talking and catching up, the few hours I was there went by way to fast. Can't wait to see her again in December. I'm sure there will be tea involved.
Rich is happy some of the watermelons made it and could be picked. It tasted very good, fresh from the garden and didn't last long once he cut it up. Little Colt has been waiting for it to be ready too, forgot to get a picture of him eating but he loved it.
Hello Project Life! I've been working on mine and getting caught up, sat one day for about 2 hours and got it done. That was two weeks ago, now I need to do the last two weeks since this week shown, lol. Will do that today and tomorrow and show you next week. The cards I used this week were from my secret pal at church, love the colors of them and the filler cards. You can click on the image to see better and read it or click on the close ups below.
Here is the left side. Look at the sky and backyard, love seeing this and never tire of taking a picture. Soon it won't be green but fall colors instead and the garden will be gone. I took a self timer picture of me doing the dishes, need to do this more, it took me 8 tries to get it. The bottom picture is of Kristin sharing her nice camera with a little one, LOVE LOVE THIS!! She is doing great by the way and is in Romania this month. Very busy month for her there and her leg is slowly healing still. The bottom picture of our amazing dinner Rich cooked. Everything was so good and I had been craving this all day so I had to get a picture of it.
I love this side because it means I got all my kids in this weeks pages, Kristin is on the left side remember. This doesn't happen often so I'm happy. As a bonus my nieces are both in it too. The bottom right one is my favorite story, Sam has had a growth spurt and passed Summer and me and is on his way to hopefully passing Renee next. He hasn't grown like this in sometime so it's so crazy to see it now. I tease him now at bedtime not to grow anymore while he's sleeping. Click on the image to see and read better.
Happy Fall Mandala Monday too! I am so thankful for finding these leaves and acorns on a walk down the road. That mini pumpkin is from our garden, excited that we got about 20 of them. Made this out on the deck with a small breeze so I worked quick to get this. Next week I will be sharing why it will be even harder for me to make these now and it's not because of the weather.
Hope you have had a good week, thank you for the wonderful comments and visits. Can you believe it's October already. Hoping these next two months go slow so I can enjoy fall to the fullest. Have a great day, I will be coming around to visit you and see what's new.


  1. Happy T day, Dawn. I enjoyed seeing the photos of the kids and of course, your back yard. For once, I'm glad my yard isn't that large. I'd never get it mowed.

    Really glad you were able to share your tea with family. It makes it even more special, doesn't it? So glad you were able to post, and I'm glad I got here early because of my busy schedule this week. Hope you have a lovely week. Thanks for sharing this past one with us for T this week.

  2. I love all your project life. It must be very fulfilling. of course you need to have a life and I must say it would be difficult for me to find enough in my very quiet life to fill pages. Today was very unusual for me. I hardly ever go more than a few Km from home!

  3. I enjoy seeing your Project Life work. It inspires me to get my old photos out and do something with them.

    I love the cups! Love shape and colors :)

  4. Tea and scones sound just perfect to me!
    That is one fine watermelon and such a handsome "farmer" too ;-)
    Your Project Life work must be so satisfying.
    Really lovely autumn mandala you created too Dawn.
    Happy to be back for tea...
    Happy October!

  5. so impressed you got a watermelon ripened and picked! it is gorgeous & bet it was delicious...Adore your PL pages! I don't try to do every week, but wish I would remember to take more 'every day' photos like the yummy dinner you included. My pages are just whenever I remember to take some photos, usually when we see our grandchildren. Beautiful mandala fall color, but today is dark and rainy here. Did you get hail or snow this week? We did, on Saturday. Yikes! not ready for this...

  6. Fabulous photos! Lovely mandala!

  7. Wonderful pictures this week Dawn. What a nice size watermelon, no wonder his smile is from ear to ear!
    Beautiful fall mandala.
    Happy T-day

  8. Happy T Day and what a lovely post. That Mandala is gorgeous. I intended to pick some leaves up to put in my journal last week, but as it rained in Boston they were all soggy and not good.
    Great watermelon...any left?

  9. Loved seeing all the family photos and that watermelon is awesome! That's the cutest little pumpkin ever. The two tea cups are the perfect color for Autumn!

  10. Love those tea cups!! And the smile on the boys face!!! So happy!!
    Happy T day!

  11. Watermelon is one of my fav foods! lovely cuppa too!

  12. WOW, you grow your own watermelon, amazing!! I bet is good! yum!
    Love your fall mandala too, pretty pretty!

  13. Happy belated T Day, Dawn! I can almost smell your delicious tea! And WOW! That watermelon is absolutely fabulous!!!! You bring a brand new meaning to a green thumb, my friend! And I absolutely love your beautiful fall mandala. So festive and gorgeous. How are you doing? It has been really cold here the past few days. We are getting ready to go out to see the full moon eclipse! I hope all is well with you, my friend. Thank you for always visiting my blog!!!!!

  14. Dear Dawn lovely to see the PL pictures. Everything looks so homely.Your hubby must be so proud of his harvests.It is great to see all the kids pictures in the same page. You have such a lovely family Dawn and may God always shower His blessings upon you.

  15. You must need a big yard to grow watermelons, that one is huge
    Bridget #3

  16. wow...not sure how I missed this, but happy T day a week late! love all your photos and envy your PL album. would you believe that I haven't printed our photos from Feb. in Florida!? :( thought I would order them online for a better price, but I'm afraid our computer will crash or something in the middle of the process! so maybe I'll just go to the photo dept. at the discount store again...your mandala is it ok that I'm not ready for fall yet? lovin' those blue skies right along with you!! ♥