Saturday, October 18, 2014

T stands for Two times the fun in one night

Hello and Happy T Day! I'm posting this Saturday night so I don't miss out on it this week. Hope you everyone had a good week. The weather is cold and yucky but the scenery is gorgeous and colorful!! Today I'm sharing pictures from our chili cook off fundraiser for Kristin. We had a great time and Rich won first prize in the spiciest chili category. This is the basket that I made as one of the prizes, not Rich's. I filled it with chili stuff, fall goodies to make, fall candle and this fall mug like mine. Rich even added a bag of his hot and sweet peppers from the garden. All the baskets were awesome tonight. Rich won a basket filled with hot sauces and spices and pepper things for the kitchen.
We all wore our blue prayer shirts again, remember these from our other fundraiser for her. I love seeing us all in matching shirts and supporting her while she's out serving on her mission. Tomorrow we are hoping to Skype with her from church. It will be so nice for others to see her and talk with her. We've been so lucky and get to face time her almost daily and text daily but for some they haven't seen or talked to her all this time.
I took pictures of the poster board at church that has pictures so far from Kristin's countries. She sends me a few each month so I put them here for others to see. If you click on it you can see better.
Here are the ones from right now in Romania, love these ones. She is doing so good there and having the most amazing experience with everybody there. YAY!!
I got this picture before everyone showed up.
Not only was it chili night but homecoming was that night too. Summer helped Renee get ready in our bathroom at the church. YAY!! Lots of room and lights and Summer got to practice curling like she is in cosmetology class now. So much fun having them there and everyone got to see Renee too.
There she is going to her senior year Homecoming dance!!! So pretty and the perfect dress for her.
Here is Sam catching up to her now that he passed me and Summer.
Here she is with her date, they went as friends. He was so cute and polite, they had a great time.
I'm so excited to share my new ATC from Dianne, I'm sure you recognize her style here. She loves fall and Halloween just like I do. I LOVE this ATC so much and even her art business card she attached to it. I just love it all, she actually pieced all these together, so awesome!! Thank you Dianne for trading with me.
If you would like to see what everyone else is doing this Tuesday stop by and visit at Elizabeth's and say hello, feel free to share what your doing too. Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us this week and every week. I'm amazed at how you always show up and get so much done each week.
Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Yayy! Dawn for your hubby to have won the first prize in the fundraiser contest.Amazing photos of Kristin's travel. From the pictures she looks absolutely happy-:) Renee looks very pretty. I have heard it is a big event for them. That colorful ATC is so apt with the Fall colors. Today it is very cold here, brrrr! Only Oct and I'm worried-:(
    Have a lovely week

  2. Wonderful post, lots of fun things going on, congrats on winning the spiciest chili contest, I bet the chili taste good too, I love spicy stuff, yum yum!
    You sure have a pretty girl there, and you were right, the dress sure looks good on her.

    To answer your question -
    I usually go to my craft room on Monday as I do not have to work, if I have time and have a project in mind, I would get in to work as soon as I find time too. So I would say maybe 3-4 hours a week in the craft room?

  3. lots join going here! Yes, Skype and Facetime sure make it earlier on Mission Moms!

  4. I've heard Skype was a wonderful way to keep in touch with others around the world. I don't have the equipment or the computer that could handle it, but I'm glad you do and can share daily face time with Kristin. And the photos she sends home are great, too.

    Congrats to Rich for the big win. And I had no idea Renee was a senior. The photo of her and her date is gorgeous. It must have been a lovely night for her to wear sandals and a sleeveless dress. It's odd, but I still remember my first homecoming dance. Only Juniors and Seniors could attend, unless you invited an underclassman.

    Thanks for sharing your week and your orange mug you gave away for T this week.

  5. Wonderful post - so much of lovely stuff in this!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. Love it - what a fab and fun way to raise some funds. Romania seems wonderful. Love the homecoming pics - what a gorgeous gal.

  7. What an interesting post. So much to look at and read and learn about. You've had a very interesting and fun time lately that's for sure. Happy T Day :o))

  8. This post is filled with goodness dawn! Congrats to Rich! I would love to have won your basket-it sure is chili time now isn't it? Your daughter looks so sweet all dressed for the prom. And what an adventure Kristin is on-I do admire her. Great ATC and art card! Happy T day to you.

  9. Congrats on the chili win! The prize basket you made looks well worth competing for. The homecoming dress looks perfectly swirly for a dance :)

  10. A really great idea for a fund - your basket! Kristin is courageous going on a mission trip like this, but will have wonderful memories & friends for a lifetime. so thankful for skype texting I bet! Renee is lovely in her dress...she and her friend are so cute together! You've certainly had a busy week! thank you again for the atc swap! I always seem to be late to the T party, but got my post done this morning so you can see the Smash Book page I did with your atc...have a colorful day! :)

  11. Well congratulations on having the spiciest chilli!! :) I can't handle mine too spicy.... hubby says i'm a wimp..ah well... Aaaah i remember the days of Homecoming and proms and such .....long past now....... Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs! deb

  12. Cute pictures but it doesn't look too chilli..... (English pun ... Sorry )
    Autumn is such a voliurful season I love it too. Thanks for sharing

  13. Great basket. Congrats to Rich on the chili win--but I bet I couldn't have eaten it--LOL! Renee looked so pretty. Lots happening over there. ;) Happy T-Day! :)

  14. Oh Dawn, this is a wonderful post and I LOVE all your pictures, stunning girls!!
    Your chili basket looks to have everything but the kitchen sink.....LOL perfect orange cup there too!
    Congrats to "Hubby" for winning, that's great!

  15. Mmmmn. I love a good chilli! Maybe I could be judge in future.
    Gotta love Skype haven't we! I love my Friday skypes with my friend Kim who I stayed with when I was over with you guys.

  16. What a wonderful post.

    Hugs Diane

  17. Congrats to Rich on his spicy win! Your daughter looks beautiful in her dress with all her curls!

  18. Oh my goodness, Dawn! Your post is so full of joy and happiness! I love that dress that Renee wore to her homecoming dance ! She is so beautiful, Dawn! And it is so sweet that Summer helped her get ready. I love the photo of everyone in their blue prayer shirts for Kristen! What a wonderful gift she is giving! And WOW! Congrats to Rich - he won the spiciest chili! YAY!!! And I love your T-photo, too. And as always, I have to thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice note. Yes, I thought of you when I watched the Middle this week. I just love how the kids are growing up! and I always giggle and feel good afterwards! I actually fell asleep and did not get to see Modern Family, but we love that show here, too. Oh, and your ATC from Dianne is adorable!!! Have a great weekend, my friend! HUGS!!!!