Thursday, January 8, 2015

First snow of 2015... snow day

Love seeing this in the morning, so worth being awake early for. As you can see we got snow, yep old man winter decided to come right in time for the kids to head back to school. So we have two bonus days so far, hoping tomorrow they go back. Rich stayed home yesterday with us too, was actually a great day for us all. Lucky is also happy to have these extra days with the kids.
The backyard looked pretty in it's own way too. If you look closely you will see the moon. It was a good morning for me, quiet while kids were sleeping. I took almost 20 pictures of the outside today, YAY!! Thinking of a plan with them all too, can't wait to try it!
The house was extra quiet and toys were lonely since Sienna and Colt haven't been over in 3 weeks. Colt has a bad cold/fever and didn't come today. Hoping he feels better tomorrow to come play with these toys that are waiting for him. Miss them both bunches!
Hope you are staying warm if your in the cold areas and cool enough if your in the warm areas. I will continue to clean up my space and working on my PL and other projects. See you back here soon, thanks for visiting!  HELLO NANCY!! 


  1. gorgeous photos of the snow, I sure missed those!

  2. Can you believe all of the snow we have had so far this January? It has been crazy, but not as crazy as New England! I love your beautiful photos!