Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year and OLW

Hello and Happy New Year! What a gorgeous sight it was to see this on the first morning of 2015!! Wishing for lots more of these views and even the light dust of snow was pretty. Everyone else is jumping into their new goals and resolutions and such, not me. Last year I noticed when I did that it didn't set well with me, after all that holiday time craziness and kids home for so long, I needed some quiet time to reflect and get back on schedule. So this year that is what I'm doing, turning February into the new January, lol. I didn't get up and eat healthy or start my new projects for the year. I cleaned and cleaned and rested, read, normal everyday stuff. It felt good to do that and not stressing about getting it all done on that BIG day. I want to take the time to set up a good schedule for myself this year, too many things didn't get done or done good enough for me, I'm going to make monthly goals instead of a long year one too, make it more easier to succeed. I also have my OLW sitting big in my heart, each day I wake up it's right there calling me. I want to listen to it and see exactly what I'm suppose to do with it and do it, not miss anything because I was rushing to jump into 2015.
Here is my OLW for 2015
This word has been calling me since September, pretty early for my word but God was making sure I heard it and wouldn't pass it up. I do have a second word too, INTENTIONAL.  I need this in all areas of my life, being more intentional, listen more intently, organize intently and leave it that way, etc. I think it will be a good word for me to carry through with me and make sure I get things done.
My word for 2014 was PRAY, if you remember and it was a good word and a good year for it. Just what I needed many times and helped my faith walk so much. Thankful for this word and year.
Had fun with it in the little bit of snow too
Look at that beautiful blue sky!
My mom and Sam had a date yesterday, such a delight it was to see this!
Do you have a word picked out for the year? If so let me know in the comments please. Happy New Year friends. Let's make it a good one for ourselves and for others. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Simply sensational. Totally ADORE this post.

  2. Great post Dawn. I love your OLW. So delightful. :)
    My word for 2015 is embrace. Embrace what was, what is and what will be. I feel excited.
    I completely identify with your need to wait until Feb to settle in. Our kids don't go back to school until the end of January so I find my routine and everyday balance don't settle in until then. I am trying to find pockets of time to make lists and get ideas flowing so that when the kids go back to school I can get back into my studio and my soul care.
    I'll pray for you as you prepare yourself got your new year.
    Much love to you dear friend.

  3. By the way I just love that first photo. So beautiful.

  4. Yes, I also like your word for 2015. I chose mine and it is Represent. I explain it better on my blog.

    Your early morning view is awesome, and the grass is SO green, even under that dusting of snow. Speaking of snow, we got lots and lots. More than expected, which made the county road crews work more than they thought they would have to.

    Hope it's not as cold there as it is here. We are in the deep freeze, and it looks to stay that way for the near future.

    For New Year's day, I watched part of the Rose Parade, then read FIVE mysteries. Never read so much in my life. But I had them sitting, getting dusty, so read them while I was too sick to do much else. I didn't do any laundry till Sunday, then cleaned my kitchen and made a french toast casserole. First real food I have wanted in a few days that didn't turn my stomach.

    Sounds like you had a great New Year's. Yep, I stayed up, but I'm always up at this late hour. Here's to an awesome, or at least delightful 2015!