Saturday, January 17, 2015

MIA and Project Life

Hello and happy weekend! Sorry to be MIA this week,  I was enjoying having a quiet house to myself again. The kids had 4 days of school in a row, YAY!! I enjoyed the quiet house and got busy cleaning house, organizing my scrap space, reading and taking lots of pictures of the snow and some sunshine peeks through the week. It was a great week, feels good to be back on schedule again.
Next week will be a busy one again, extra babysitting and night time activities. Will try to post but might just stay MIA again to get things done when I do have a quiet moment. hard to believe this month is half over already. Will be nice to have winter behind us!
I also got some Project Life done, YAY! Click on image to see better, sorry the picture dark.
I loved using these gorgeous photos from last week. The sun, the clouds, the blue sky all made me happy!! Not sure if this page is done, might do some journaling on the white cards or just leave it. I just wanted a place to put these pictures, it really was what that week was about, going outside and freezing but enjoying nature's beauty. I never get tired of it, keeps my heart happy!
Someone else was happy about the sun coming out too!
Happy weekend, thanks so much for visiting! Hello Nancy!


  1. Yay for quiet time, love your PL spread! Papi love sitting by the glass door for sun bath too!

  2. Loved seeing those snow photos in your PL book. SO glad you are keeping up. Both Bleubeard and Squiggles like to sit where the sun hits them, too. They're no dummies, and neither is Lucky.

  3. Your PL pages are so beautiful, Dawn! And I agree with Kirsty - YAY for quiet time!!!! HUGS to you!