Sunday, January 4, 2015

T stands for first Tuesday of 2015

Hello and Happy New Year! The first Tuesday in 2015, YAY! How was your NYE? Did you make it till midnight? We did, barely and went straight to bed at 12:05am, lol.  I'm sharing our photos from the day (Sunday) because it was Day In The Life for us, this year I will be doing DITL every month on the 4th, inspired by Megan at NerdNest, she has inspired me so much in my PL. The photo above was from Saturday but I'm counting it for this, sneaky I know. This is the other idea inspired by Megan who is a big reader and gets a picture every month with what books she's reading. So I had the kids pose with their latest books/movies. I will mostly be doing this with Rich, he reads so much, just need to get his picture still. Our tree is up but decorations are off now, will get tree out this week.
I am on meds/drops for pink eye, what a great way to start the year, not really!
Here's my real T Day photo, breakfast and Sunday flyers! It's biscuits and gravy with bacon, I know the picture isn't the best. It was very yummy!
We had blue skies for a short time, YAY! Then cold/rain/wind the rest of day.
Here's the beginning of my Document Life Project page. It was to use book paper to cover the fear of a blank page. I rarely do this but I love it! Next I will paint it and add my goals/lists/olw to it. This is my first year doing this project, loved seeing it from others last year and happy to do it this year.
Thankful for Rich changing the light bulbs I can't reach, we have quite a few. It doesn't help that I'm short and scared of heights.
Summer took Lucky for a walk before her and Rich went driving. He's been getting her on the freeway and parking practice. She doesn't like merging or the freeway, lol.
Starting to get my plans organized for the year. Today finally seemed right and I enjoyed it. To read more about my plans and my OLW for the year, read the post below. I'm turning February into the new January for myself. Enjoying the calm after the holiday hoopla!
Took the kids to their first youth group meeting at church that night. Didn't want to drive all the way home and back so I brought stuff to keep busy with and listened to some of their meeting.
Here's a peek into my 2015 Project Life!! Playing around with the title page, added my OLW and the year drawn in snow by me for now. Loving this new HAPPY kit I bought for the year. The colors are soft and pretty, especially the purple. I already have the first week done too, YAY!
Sorry for the darkness of it, couldn't get it lighter. Here's the first week all done and recorded! Click on the image to see it better. Off to a good start and hope to stay that way this year.
Hope everyone's year is starting off good. To see what others are doing on this first Tuesday stop by Elizabeth's and gang to say hello. There is always something fun and yummy going on.
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!


  1. Well, so far it is you, E and me this week.....LOL

    Sorry to hear about the pink eye.......nasty stuff for sure, but your biscuits and gravy look yummmmmmy!

    God job on your PL, great photos.

    Happy New Year and T-day too

  2. I've never had pink eye, but it sounds horrible. I hope it gets better soon.

    Glad to see you are up to date on your PL book, and you have started that Documented Life project. Still glad I didn't join, although it looks like you didn't buy the expensive book the gal thought everyone should have. I look forward to your progress in it.

    Your breakfast looked yummy, even if I'm not a carnivore. Hope it tasted good, too.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this Tuesday (and yes, it's now Tuesday).

  3. What a busy week - great project!
    Sorry for your pink eye!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. We're all tidied up here, and school went back yesterday. (so did hubs work) It was soo very nice to enjoy a peaceful house to myself. Your meal does look tasty, altho' I thought it was a curry at first, lol. Hope your eye clears up soon. Happy T Day! :D

  5. Congrats on getting your projects off to a good start for the year! I really like the idea of taking photos of people with their books. I think you can tell a lot about a person by what she chooses to read.

    Happy T Day!

  6. I hope your pinkeye clears up quickly. I think it's a great idea to take a photo of people with the books. Those will be fun to look back on.

  7. busy bee..I am taking part in the documented life project too lots of it when new free challenges are posted up to give us lots of ideas

  8. Happy New Year from snowy Virginia.
    Hope your pink eye clears up quickly...
    thank goodness for medicine!
    Take care and have a Happy T Day

  9. You certainly are starting the new year on a roll of creativity-good for you Dawn! Your documented pages are beautiful. Sorry about the pink eye. I have had that more than once and the itching etc. is awful. Thank goodness for the drops. Happy T day!

  10. So fun to see your layouts. We did not make it to midnight... headed to bed about 11...nothing good on tv and we both just kind of looked at each other and said 'Lets go to bed' and we did......:) Happy New Year and Happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  11. All the good new year energy kept me up till 2:30am--LOL!
    Sorry about your pink eye. I had that once a long time ago and it was very irritating.
    I am also short and don't like heights (or speed), so it's always nice to have someone else change the ceiling light bulbs. :)
    I've never done PL, but have seen others work on their albums. Will keep you very busy from what I can tell. Enjoy! Happy T-Day! :)

  12. Happy New Year Dawn! Your Project Life pages look great! Love that new kit too! Hey, I'm so glad you are doing the Documented Life Project this year - I will see you there!

  13. Hi Dawn! WOW! You are so organized!!! I need to get better at that! And are you having the frigid cold weather, too? We are at 3 degrees F this morning. The kids have a 2 hour delay for school. I don't know if it will warm up all that much in 2 hours? Ha-Ha!!! Anyway, I love your post and all of your wonderful photos. Except the one of your meds - I hope you are feeling better soon. Pink eye is so painful!! Take care, my friend. did you watch "The Middle" last night? Funny!!! Take care and rest well!

  14. Hi Dawn! always a treat to see what you're up to. i just didn't get my act together this Tuesday for the link party, but I have been working on my PL album and getting pics from Christmas into it...sent off the belated Christmas gift to MO that was a small album with Christmas pics, so lots of scrapping for me this week. My Christmas tree is still up and still decorated. *sigh* I always hate to take it down because I love it once it's up! Finally got my DLP spread done tonight...just in time. Posted it on FB and on the Art5studio site. and wow...this cold is killer--I am cold all the time but this is truly over the top. I could not live in Minnesota or Alaska! Stay warm dear, and get well quick!