Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello Septemeber and T DAY again!!

Hello September a day early!
Hello to gorgeous fall colors that will start popping up
Hello to gorgeous sunflowers on my kitchen table to admire
Hello to leaves everywhere falling and changing color, YAY!
Hello to cooler days and nights, not this week though, we are hot here
Hello to Friday night football games
Hello to 30 days of Lists this month, so happy to be doing this again
Hello to finishing up my Week in the Life album, see my photos below
Hello to football season for Rich, which means the Cleveland Browns
Hello to pulling out my fall decorations, YAY!
Hello to kids back at school, an almost quiet house now
Hello to pumpkin smells and tastes everywhere
Hello to jeans and sneakers again, comfy
Hello to my favorite show again, The Middle
Hello to fall soccer, his last one before HS next year
Hello to whatever new adventures and blessings this month will bring us
Hello fall Monday Mandala
Hello T time friends!!  I've been gone too long and have missed linking up with our wonderful and creative and sweet hostess Elizabeth and seeing everyone. So much has happened here and I will give you a update at the next T day but today I am sharing these very PRETTY tea cups and saucers that I saw over the summer while out with the kids. I thought they'd be perfect for T Day! My favorite would be the top left then the bottom right one. Do you have a favorite?
Hope everyone has been well, looking forward to visiting you!!
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us this week, so good to link up with you again.
Giving a shout out to my friend Nancy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


  1. Hello to Dawn!
    It has been a long time.
    Hope you had a lovely summer and it's not really over yet (here in VA at least).
    What a lovely array of different sunflowers...they make my heart go pitter pat ♥
    As much as I enjoy roses on china...those blue cups are winking at me.
    Happy T Day oxo

  2. cute cups ans saucers. the only thing I don't like about my birthday is turning the page that reminds me fall is coming. I'm a summertime girl!

  3. These are wonderful things to say hello to this month. It will soon be autumn, which I know is your favorite season. Like you, it is hot, hot here, too. At least we got a two day reprieve last weekend.

    Your autumn mandala is wonderful. I really enjoyed that challenge, but that has sort of fallen by the wayside now that I'm so busy with other projects.

    Your tea cups and saucers are beautiful. I like both on the bottom, but I wouldn't want them in my home because I might break them. But I appreciate you sharing them.

    Thanks for joining in again for T this week. We've definitely missed you. BTW, if there's ever a time you have your post finished, but have no time to link up, just let me know in a comment and I'll be willing to link you.

  4. Sounds like you will have a lot to do in September, have a good month. Love those pretty tea cups! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Good luck with all you have to do! Fabulous cups are these!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. welcome back Dawn-good to hear from you again! Hope you had a wonderful summer. I can see you are pretty excited for the changing season-unlike me. Happy T day!

  7. Oh so glad to see someone else looking forward to Fall! My favorite time of year!! :) We are HOT this week though... doesn't feel like Fall at all... Hmm... Maybe next week! We look forward to some of the same things my dear. :) football, falling leaves, cooler weather.... ahhhhh.....Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  8. Sunflowers are my favorite :) Looks like September will be a fun and busy month for you. Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Hi Dawn, it's great to be reading another "Hello" post from you. It sounds like you're excited for fall. I am too! I have already had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season (Dunn Bros. coffee shops have them on the menu already). Here's to pumpkins, sunflowers, and of course--TEA!!! :)

  10. have a great September ahead - and happy t-day!

  11. Nice to read your happy post and see those beautiful tea cups you came across. I think my favorite would be the top right one, although they are all beautiful!

  12. Aha! Somebody else who LOVES fall! Too hot here to think about it yet--but soon! Happy T-Day!! :)

  13. Yes, those are beautifu. Cups and saucers. I like the blue one middle right.
    I love your bit of prose about fall. I myself am not keen o. Fall, but do love the months of Sept and Oct as it's no longer so hot, temperatures are more bearable, and things have quieted down.
    Have a good week,

  14. Love your hellos! We just still have rain here in UK, but once all the schools are back I'm sure it will be sunny! I love the blue cup! !Happy T day! Chrisx

  15. I love everything about this! What a sweet, beautiful September post!

  16. Gorgeous sun flowers Dawn! So lucky that you have them in your land. The floral pattern teacups are all my favorites.
    Hope you have a lovely September

  17. Really wonderful sunflowers! (I guess someone had a successful harvest of a few!) I can't pick a favorite of the cups & saucers...they are all beautiful. And guess what, I finally printed all my photos since February! yay...a huge number. Now to find the time to get them into the album! hugs! ♥

  18. Belated T-day whishes and welcome back! Thanks for the earlier visit and the comment.
    This was a GREAT post, so many hellos and things to be thankful for, along with some very pretty photos.
    I've been patiently waiting for football season to start too!

    Have a great week, enjoy all your fall colors......we haven't started getting them yet.

  19. What an enthusiastic post ♥ Your fall spirit is showing trough strong. Beautiful sunflowers and I love those cups. A Great mandala !!!