Sunday, November 6, 2011

Art journal class, thankful photos/happy Sunday

Started a new 30 day art journal class last week. This is very new for me and it was a bit stressful but I worked thru it and am happy that I stuck it out and finished days 1 thru 5. Each day we have to something to our pages for 10mts. we can copy from the video or do our own thing. The hard part was all the color over colors and not knowing when the page would actually be DONE!! I love the colors and the picture with flowers doodled around it. I will post these thru out the month I think.
Start of page 2 in my 30 day art journal class. Going to post more on this later, really liking this one though.
Do your recognize this boy?? That is Sam today fresh from a haircut. His sisters are going to hurt me in my sleep tonight and Kristin is going to send me a nasty text for this. We all love love his hair and want it looong and blond. Lately though he's not been good about brushing it and washing it so thought we would start over again. He isn't that happy about it either. The kids at school are going to love it though, they always bother him about it. YES HE VACUMMED FOR ME!!
Thankful for sooo many projects and ideas to work on. Not so happy about the mess though. Going to tackle this during the week. Anyone want to help??LOL
This is the coolest thing ever and it was Sam's gift for the day. Only a $1 at the buck store
I love seeing this everyday, will take another picture on the last day.
another cute tissue box for me to draw/copy from. Sienna loved this box. The picture below is of her sharing her fort with her brother. Her parents have done a great job on thinking of ways for Sienna to play with Colt and share. I LOVE LOVE THIS, they stayed there all day.

Hello everyone!!! It's been a great weekend for us, my favorite kind. When it's full of laughs, family movie night, soccer tournement, are first winning game, kids playing, me doing a little creating, good food, my hubby and I getting up early just to enjoy the quiet house together. I do have a few pictures to share with you and Sam's bday is in 4 days and the he's over the top excited. Also having a new little gift to open everyday is making him happy. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and have a great week.


  1. I envy anyone who can create an art journal. I wouldn't know where to start!! Love your pages!

  2. I love your art journal and I love seeing what you create. I so loved the doodling about the photo, very cool.
    I am so loving your thankful leaves, it just look amazing and even more amazing to read I bet.
    I am really enjoying my thankful journey and I am totally in love with my thankful banner, its simple but very me and I just love it. Have just posted pics on my blog.
    You know I would help you clean... but the airfare is a bit pricy LOL.
    love me :-)

  3. Dawn, I love your journal pages! Gives me ideas on what to do in mine. I am going to post something this week about what I have done and the stuff I've used to create it. Such FUN!

  4. great pages! Love the one on the right with the photo.... beautiful! wow!! U are becoming a pro at this!

  5. thank you everyone for making my day and making me SMILE!! I love you!!

  6. I'll help you with that art mess! I love to clean and organize, you know! We'd be awesome neighbors for each other. =)
    Okay so yeah, sam looks so cute with short hair. my boys always keep their hair short so maybe that's why i like it. you're so funny, how your girls are gonna react...i'm crackin' up over here! your art journal is cathy said, i wouldn't even know where to start. just the nonstructure of it and the freedom makes me sooo nervous. like i totally need to stop talking about it. haha =)
    love that you loved your weekend. feels like we haven't talked in a while, miss ya!