Sunday, November 13, 2011

DD, Bday, Snow, art, scrapping....HAPPY HAPPY

a little peak at my DD pages, might stick with this size or go smaller. These are my faves so far though.
Look what snuck in when we were sleeping!! Love it and hate it

Happy birthday Sam, it was a great day!!
laser tag birthday, it was a blast, so cool having all these boys and my nieces there
A picture of me, hooray!!
my art journal pages for week 2, it's been so much fun learning and playing
I love the circles from my art journal page and had to scrap using them. LOVE THIS!!


  1. Your work is looking awesome Dawn! I love your little trees on the first page of your December Daily! They have so much personality!

  2. Thanks Michelle, that means a lot to me.

  3. amazing.. u are so so loving it..I can tell..I can see all the joy in these pages.. Love them Dawn.. and I love that pic of you.. u are a gorgeous gal! xo hugs and Happy Sunday!

  4. Wow, you have been busy!! Love Sam's birthday shots. I can only dream of snow, it's so hot here all I can do is stay in the air conditioning!!

  5. thank you bonita, I'm really loving my art now and feel I'm finding my way with it. thank you for the compliment too, I was cleaned up that day for Sam's party.

    Brooke, thanks for the visit. I will gladly send you some snow after I'm tired of it. The first few snows are always exciting then I'm tired of it.

  6. Happy Birthday to Sam! I love the huge birthday sign on the wall... that is fantastic! Your journal is so pretty. I love the circles on that page!! :)

  7. You have been busy! Love your self portrait, I just did one, but I always look so posed or stiff!! Your journal pages are wonderful!!

  8. Hello dear Friend,
    sorry I haven't been around alot going on, I am hoping to email you tonight to fill you in.
    Love your DD pages they are so damn cute. Totally love the photo of yourself, its something we need to remember... to photograph ourselves not just everyone else.
    It looks like you son had such a great birthday. don't you just love it when you you see them together with their friends having fun.
    I love that Summer Days layout, I just might have to copy that idea.
    Hope you are all well and I will try and email tonight.
    love me :-)

  9. I'm so glad you're having fun in class! Your work is lovely!