Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just a few HAPPY photos... thankful post coming tomorrow

Thankful for the mess because it means I've been doing a lot of creating and having fun. It was so nice to have it cleaned up, mostly and find things I forgot about.

These two monkeys!! Look what Colt can do now, STANDING!! Oh my I gave him lots of hugs and snuggles today because soon he will be walking and I will be chasing. Have to hold him and soak in all that babyiness. Just love seeing him standing though. Sienna here was so cute and funny today. She played well on her own and with her brother. We talked about pink tutus and turkey day and singing songs about God looking after her.
This is for week 3 of my art journal class. I am soooo excited about this black background, how fun it is. This was from the first day, all those white dots were fun to add. Already planning on doing this again.


  1. I love a messy craft room, its a great sign that fun was had. Keep up your art journal, I love it and love seeing what you do. I really like the black too and that flower is way too cute.
    Looking forward to your thankful post.
    love me :-)

  2. Love the messy area and your pages! Mine is so messy too trust me... I love the black pages.. they look amazing! So happy u are enjoying the class! hugs xo

  3. thank you ladies for your kind words about my messy scrap space. I just keep piling it up and finally it had to be cleaned.

    Glad you like my art journal, soooo doing this kinda page later on.