Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Thankful photos from Friday, it worked this time

Guess what my wonderful hubby and son did today!!! Hooray for TWINKLING LIGHTS!! We won't have them on till after Thanksgiving but we turned them on for this quick photo. I'm sooo excited now and couldn't wait to put this on next Friday's thankful list.

These two are for Deborah who takes gorgeous pictures and is sharing her thankful journal on Friday's too. You can see her blog by clicking on the 30 days of thankful button to the right of my blog. Her photos and words always make me smile. We both love being outside enjoying natures beauty.

Project Life, hands down it's my favorite thing in the world. Sorry for the glare

for my thankful journal to write/draw in and just have fun with.
menu planning, here's Novembers, I have to start Decembers soon
for BOYS in my van, this was a first and it was so fun to listen to them
comfort food, rigatoni with lots of cheese


  1. Dawn,
    I love these photos! Especially the first three, your home with the lights, and the next two are so good! And the journal pages, the kids, the rigatoni... The boys in your van seem to be having a great time, and I love how you captured that in this image. So much to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks so much Deborah, knew you would love those.

  3. What happy photo's and thanks for sharing. I love the twinkling lights, it just looks so magical oh how I wish I was there.
    I love the boys in the van photo, I love it when the kids are are hanging with their friends and you get to listen to them chat and laugh... its one of my favourite things to do.
    So much to be thankful for, just wonderful.
    love me :-)

  4. yay, i see you're using smaller pics in your PL album! it's cool huh? love your pages and all the fun stuff you include. Sam looks so grown up with his short hair...what a cool mom you are to have all the boys together. happy you're still doing the menu...looks like it's working for you. that rigatoni looks it was warm and goooooey!
    omg i don;t think i've ever really seen your house. it's adorable! the brink the the shutters! love it. love the lights too...very tasteful! =)

  5. Thank you Tracey and Andrea, thought you'd like the lights. So glad it was a nice day for my hubby to put them up.

    The photo of boys in my van is my very favorite from the day!!

  6. yummy.. that rigatoni looks so so good.... and omg.. your lights look amazing.. love your house!

  7. I adore the cutout fish! Great thing to put in your project life!