Thursday, April 26, 2012


                                             for the sun that comes out early and for this boy
for Lucky who makes sure I get outside during the day
for having this connection with my kids on way to school
for slippers that keep my feet warm
for that sweet smile
for those little hands and even the drool
for when he takes half days
for lunch being made by my sweetie
for him loving to garden and having a green thumb
for Sam having a good friend
for him loving to play basketball with the boys
for SHARPIES!!  ( new fave colors)
for this girl who I love and miss
for family dinners
for family fun and bubbles
for these printables from Ali
for another wonderful day
photos taken 178  photos deleted 29  dishwasher 1
laundry 0  let Lucky out 8
today was different then planned with Rich coming home early. I kept feeling thankful all day for what I have and wanted to remember this day that way. Thankful for my readers too and your comments that make me happy. Hope everyone is having a good week!!


  1. Lovely photos! So much to be thankful for!

  2. I love the thankful approach!

  3. SO beautiful - not only to be so thankful but to have this way to remind yourself in years to come.

  4. Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. It was nice to see new people here!!

  5. Dawn I love to read of your thankfulness relating to each photo today. I too love that this project(WITL)is helping me appreciate daily life. I really should start the 'thankful journal' I have procrastinated about for the last 3 years! I also adore the way you have included the details about how many photos taken/deleted and the mundane stuff like dishwashers and washing! I might try to do something like that tomorrow.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments. I have a thankful journal also, it really helps remind me of the small everyday things. Thanks for mentioning the numbers I kept, this is one idea from the last WITL that I enjoyed. If you come back here please leave a link so I can check out your photos/blog. Have a great week.

  6. I love this wonderful theme that you've incorporated with Day-3. These little things that we're so thankful for on each day make our Life so meaningful right? Ive a Gratitude Journal where I jot down all the little things and big things that I'm thankful for.
    Thank you for going through my 'Wild' class projects.I enjoyed doing them so much.
    Will hop in tomorrow-:)

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks again for stopping by each day to leave me a comment, it helps keep me motivated. Glad you like my thankful theme for the day, I think having Rich come home early and helped with stuff that reminded me.
      I really enjoyed your Wild Art and can't wait to see more.
      Hope you drop by tomorrow.

  7. Hi Dawn! I agree, I love your name ;) I think you are doing a wonderful job with a WITL. You are capturing your family with every little moment and are reminding yourself of everything you have to be thankful for - and that is pretty amazing. Great job and thank you for sharing a peek in to your world with us!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I really love how much this week is capturing and how fun it will be to look back on. Enjoy your week.

    2. Hi Dawn,
      Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I really love how much this week is capturing and how fun it will be to look back on. Enjoy your week.

  8. Hi Dawn!
    What a wonderful list, and awesome photos too!