Friday, April 6, 2012


Hello new colors, aren't they pretty. I am happy to see purple popping up again, funny how that keeps happening. For some reason my posting isn't working right, keeps freezing up in the middle of my post, if anybody knows why it would do this please tell me how to fix it. This will be my 5th attempt at posting and this time I've decided not to add any text with the photos and hope it will work. This was my first page using these colors, just trying out the shades of purple to see what I like. Here's the rest and I will have more later on.
Well it froze up twice again but I kept clicking cancel and it would start over again. AAAHHH computers gotta love them and gotta hate them. So there's some peeks at what I've been playing with for a couple weeks now and am sure they will be around for a couple more.
I'm also going to be creating some pretty eggs this weekend or next week, more of an artsy coloring egg. No dyes like we've been using for years, but fun ones with paints and sharpies and q-tips and bubble wrap. I got the ideas from Julie Balzer blog the other day, she linked some ideas on her blog and I LOVE LOVE THEM!! Click on her button "BALZER" on the right if you'd like to see them.
Happy Friday everyone, we are starting our spring break today, HOORAY which means kids are home and I hope to squeeze in creative me time while I can. Enjoy whatever you do this weekend and have a wonderful, blessed Easter with your loved ones. Let me know what colors your liking right now, would love to know and maybe be inspired for my next color crazy obsession.


  1. Great combo for Spring. Purple is my fave. ;)

  2. Hi Dawn my favorite is yellow-it's so bright and cheerful.I just love these laces that youve shown here.
    Have a great weekend and wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.

  3. awesome projects! that lace trim looks familiar! ;) happy easter to you! xo hugs

  4. Thank you ladies for stopping by and enjoying my colors.

    Bonita, I thought you'd like those laces. They have been sitting there for days and I haven't figured out what to do with them yet but they just inspire me to keep creating with purple and yellow.

    Happy Easter ladies!!

  5. Happy Easter sweet friend. Totally love the yellow, it reminds of happiness and right now I love it with a bit of grey. Love the doodles by the way
    Love me :-)