Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Here is the two page spread for last week, simple with a few homemade things. I LOVE the collages this week. This weeks is making me really happy, really good memories here to remember. I did forget the artwork that will be included darn it, will post that later. IT was our anniversary last Sunday and Sam wrote us a note that was so cute and Sienna has been drawing more with me and she made her first hearts and a picture of me. She is sooo funny when drawing and says the sweetest things, she takes her time and really thinks about it. We are working on flowers, they are hard to draw and she gets frustrated. Will show these later on, too sweet. Ok onto the close ups.
Here is the right side, it's all about last Sunday. It was our anniversary and we had a family day out which was fun. In that bottom right collage is a visit at the farmpark. They had brand new baby pigs, our favorite to see. We didn't want to leave them there, could have taken them home with us. Click on the image to see better, all 9 of them feeding on their mama, sooooo cute is that little runt. We saw many sheeps/lambs also. A quick stop at the mall to get my glasses then onto Scooter Dogs for lunch. This is our first time there this year, they open in March and we were so happy they were opened that day. It was so nice just to talk about our wedding over the course of the day to the kids, can't believe how time has flown by. Thankful for this man and my family and the wonderful wedding day we had.
Here is the left side, love this side also. I did some cute journal cards with my fave colors of the week. Just something cute and fun to remember and then decided to do a collage also, love how it turned out (bottom right collage). In the first photo on left is a photo I'm glad to have. This was the first night with Summer away on her trip and these two were in Renee's bed hanging out and getting along. Sam asked if he could sleep in Summer's bed while she gone and Renee said it was ok with her. So cute these two were, they got along the whole time Summer was gone. In the collage on upper right is Sienna and Colt playing with plastic eggs I brought out for them. That's all they did all day was play with them, she was soooo good to him and shared them. In the bottom left is a photo of Summer dressed nicely for school, she doesn't do this often and was thrilled she said ok to a photo. The two journal spots are empty (where the pink cards are showing from next weeks pages) for now, waiting for Summer to fill in some cards for me about her Washington D.C. trip. She had a great time but very tired from all the walking they did. So that's another wrap up of PL, thanks for stoppying by.


  1. Hello dear friend, I am so glad I made you laugh this morning with my photos of my hot cross buns.
    Love your Pl post. I have been doing my PL but just haven't got around to posting about it yet. I have all the photo's just need to add some journalling here and there.
    Happy Anniversary to you both and it was nice to hear that you had a great day all together.
    Little pigs make me smile big time, they are just so cute and funny to watch.
    Thanks for sharing
    love me :-)

  2. What a fun layout this week! I love your photo collages, and those pigs are just adorable! Also love your decorated journal cards! Thanks for your kind words at my blog Dawn!

  3. Your pages are full of spring fun this week! The baby animals are adorable, and I really think the Hello April and kite journal cards capture the fun of spring!

  4. Yay for more pages done! Love the hand drawn details on the hello april card. The collages are so nice too.

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Thank you ladies for stopping by and your wonderful comments. I'm glad you like my journaling cards, just a little bit of my own touch!!

  6. Great spread Dawn, I am SO enjoying the PL process this year, when I have the chance I am also trying to be a bit more creative with it, I REALLY need to start taking photos of my actual album!!

  7. Nice pages. Love your handwritten journal cards.

  8. Hi Dawn great to see your pages here. I love those tiny photo prints you've taken. Are they the wallet size? Love your artsy touch on the cards especially the Hello April banners.
    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog post. I think Project Life is less time consuming when compared to what I'm doing.Seriously thinking of taking up PL in 2013.Thank you for these inspiring posts.

  9. Thank you ladies for stopping by and enjoying my PL this week. I appreciate the nice comments on my artsy journal cards, simple as they are it's what I like!!

    Susan, you will love PL and it would be so easy for you to capture all these litle moments of your little ones. You can start anytime, there are no rules.

  10. Some more great pages for your album Dawn...isn't it wonderful to see it growing each week? Pigs are my favourite animal...love their cute pinkness! Happy anniversary to you both xxx

  11. You did a great job with your PL and I love your eggs :-)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my PPF's. My english is not so good and sometimes I haven't time enough to traslate, but I try it always ;-)

  12. Can't wait to hear about Summer's trip! So exciting for her! So sweet how the other two missed their sister. Sounds like you had a perfect anniversary celebration...with family. Love it!