Wednesday, April 25, 2012


HELLO TUESDAY!!  HELLO DAY 2 OF WEEK IN THE LIFE.... it was a great day for me today, lots of photos and good everyday little things.  Today really showed me why I do these projects and how awesome it is and how worth all the time and effort it takes to do this.  If only Ali could have been around earlier in life to inspire my mom or even when I had my babies it would be so fun to look back on and see these times. So for now I will enjoy this week and treasure it always!!  One good thing that happened that isn't in the photos is my best friend came home from the hospital and called me, she had health issues that came up. Just hearing her voice and knowing she was home finally made me very happy and grateful she is ok. Here's some of the photos for the day, it is hard to select just some of them let me tell you....

# of photos on camera   200, yep surprised me and thrilled me, I like this number since it really showed our day so well. Harder though to pick just some to show and will be to put in album.

#of photos deleted  40 some doubles and some self timers that didn't work out

# loads of laundry  4 for my family and 1 for my grandma

# times let the dog outside  16, higher then yesterday and felt more right

# times run dishwasher   none  but will tomorrow

here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm taking one out the front door each morning
My favorite part of the day!!! PAINT TIME!!
Lots of yummy colors, love this
Outside with Lucky, LOVE THE SKY
it always inspires me even the clouds
More fun, stamps and TAGS TAGS TAGS!!!
my nieces stop over with Sam after school love this
Goofy girls and sunshine still shining, yea
My favorite wall at my grandmas house. All my aunts and uncles senior year
photos and gram/gramp right in the middle. I help her take showers 2x
a week now. She has alzhimers so I've been doing this for a year now.
Sam and I play bball, felt good to be outside
Sam asked if he could vacuum and clean mirrors to get extra money
Love that they went out together with Lucky, LOVE IT
I had to show this one of course, good night Tuesday


  1. Hi Dawn way to go... so many pics so many memories. I'm sure even after many years if you just look at the pictures the stories behind them will unwind. I think I too am going to take like this and document them maybe in May.
    Thank you for the inspiration

  2. Hi dawn! I stopped by from the links on Ali's site. I love your Tuesday photos. They tell such a great story. I also wish I had the memory keeping skills and knowledge I have now when my kids were younger! I'm so grateful for projects like this one. Hope you continue to enjoy the process! ~Jennifer