Sunday, April 29, 2012


Day 6 arrived and it's usually filled with mixed emotions, the kids are all home and they all want something, usually 3 different things. It didn't help that it was COLD COLD out all day long. The day went better then planned, it was a relaxing day to just hang out. I didn't have to go help my grandma with a shower and a laundry today so we decided to make pizza and watch a movie together. Here's a look at a our cold Saturday!
photos taken 65
photos deleted 5 too tired to go thru all so deleted the quick obvious ones
# of laundry 2
# of dishwasher 1
# Lucky went out 8 this is just how many times I did, everyone home means they help

In the picture above Sam was the first one awake, a little to early I think, he usually sleeps till 8 or after on the weekends. When he gets up he has to eat right away!! 
                                            getting my haircut tomorrow, Yippee
Sam made it obvious that he wanted me to play

A marble run activity at the library
filling out 2 high school schedules for girls
Watching BIG with the kids  LOVE THIS PART
finally got to upload my iphone photos
This is a norm every night, love this
I do this every night
first stack of 100 WITL photos, YIPPEE
good night Saturday
I'm sooooo loving this week and the memories!!


  1. Loved stopping by here again. I just can never get enough of reading about what you guys get up to. It helps to make me feel like I live closer. Lotto didn't pay out again this week Boo Hoo.
    Can't wait to see it all come together and thanks for sharing.
    love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey,
      Thanks for taking the time to come by again. I love peeks into your world too. So wish to be at craft night with you and your friends. I keep hoping to win the lottery also. Will be working on the album this week.

  2. Hi Dawn one more day to go now right? Love family weekend movie times.Now are you going to put all these prints in your PL album/
    Have a great Sunday.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for dropping by and looking at my blog. Hard to believe the week is over now. Will feel weird not to take so many photos now. I was thinking of adding this into my PL album but think it deserves it's own special album. I'm going to play around this week and see what I come up with.

  3. Hi Dawn!!
    I am so jealous of your stack of 100 photos already printed and ready to go! If there's one thing I miss about city living, it is being close to conveniences like that!! I got a color printer for Christmas but can't get the software to download onto my computer :( so order and wait is my philosophy for now!
    Your Saturday looked so much busier than mine!! But that is the beauty of WITL, we get to see little peeks into the lives of others who share the same interests as us but lead completely different lives! So, thank you for sharing yours!
    As for your question about where I's an interesting home to be sure! I have been asked a lot of questions about it lately & will be doing a blog post on it very soon!!
    Take care!!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I only ordered the 100 since Walgreen's was having a sale and they are 5mts. from my house. I don't know much about printers and computers so I can't help you to much, sorry. Ali does help with printer questions on her blog if you want to try asking her.
      The fun part of this project is seeing how others were living their day I agree!! It's so cool to have this peek into what we were all doing at the same time/day we all love photos and saving these memories. I'm glad to have found your blog and enjoy it so much!
      Can't wait to see your house post!!