Friday, April 27, 2012


I am feeling good so far with my week of pictures and journaling, little bits of our everyday. It's the same thing day in and day out mostly but it feels like HOME and I like the samness of my days. On Ali's blog yesterday she talked a little bit about this and it's the routines that make up our lives. Some days may seem boring because of this but you have to look for the new things and enjoy the sameness of your days, it all counts. When I got up this morning from a bad night of awful dreams the word NEW kept coming to me, so today's pictures are about the NEW in the everyday and some that are a little new. In case you've noticed the lack of photos of my girls, what can I say they hide in their room most of the night so it's hard to get pictures of them. Today I was lucky enough to get a couple though.
total # of photos 90
total # deleted  18
total # laundry 2
total # let Lucky outside  9, I noticed he was very tired today??? Not sure why??

The new day starting early and bright
Newly curled hair and make-up !!! 
Still getting used to my NEW hair style 2 years later
New hello's in the morning 
A new brighter sunrise
Reading new WITL blogs
reading a NEW book at the bus stop
a NEW sky everyday
a new place to walk/jog
this isn't new but each time he sits there melts my heart, I think he's dreaming of running around the backyard or just sitting and enjoying the outdoors and the fresh air. Either way I love it!!!
trying NEW things in my art journals
a newly cleaned off table
making something NEW for dinner
New first pair of glasses for my niece
the girls hanging out in kitchen!!!
another day done and filled with newness and sameness


  1. not sure why there is a break half way down, sorry about that.

  2. I've had that break happen, too. I found that if you go into edit the post you may need to just backspace a few times between the text and the next photo below. Sometimes that takes care of that gap.

    Meanwhile, I love this post! Finding new in midst of all that sameness is a challenge, and you met it and captured it very nicely.

    1. Thank you Deb for helping me, it worked.
      Glad you could stop by and peek at my photos. I wanted you to see that one with the sky and sun, was beautiful in the morning then changed during the day.

  3. Fun to read this post.....thanks for sharing :}

    1. Hi Carrie, thanks for coming by!!

  4. I love the themes you are coming up with! That photo of your dog on the steps melts my heart too - how sweet!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      So happy you came by and thank you for the nice comment. I didn't plan on doing themes, they just kinda popped up. Glad you enjoyed the one of Lucky, so happy it's in there now to remember.

  5. Hi Dawn Loved the way you've documented Day-4.Each day is new even with the same routine and the same people around us. Only when the sameness is shattered that we value what we had. I try to be thankful for everyday that comes with all the sameness. Sorry, your post took me back to my days when I used to have such philosophical thoughts-:)
    Thank you for your comment on my Art Journal post.Will be back tomorrow.
    Love your picture of Lucky.Somehow it makes me feel like I want to cry...I too love pets.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for coming by again and that they photos touched you. That is what I try to do. Start looking for the new in your everyday with the kids, it is magical. So glad you like the one of Lucky, it's my favorite thing about him.
      I loved your art journal page.

  6. What a truly inspiring post. I love coming here and reading your blog. You always seem to make everyday more than "everyday". Thanks for making me look at the "routine" in a fresh new light.
    Love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey,
      So glad you made it over here, I know your busy quiltting away. Thanks for enjoying my everyday posts, they mean a lot to me. It really made me thankful for this life even with the sometimes bad times/days and how hard being a mom is. These are what get me thru it all.