Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It's PROJECT LIFE TUESDAY TIME,  this is the week after WITL and it was a good photo week. This past week was filled with fun stuff to record and I thought I'd be tired of the camera after last week's WITL but right away on Monday things started happening so my camera was beside me all week. I still have to finish the title card I know, looking for a certain sticker and can't find it. The HELLO sticker is for hello MAY. Can you believe it's May already???  I also have some close ups of each side for you below.
Here is the left side, it's filled with pictures all from Monday. I love all these pictures and they really tell the story of how our Monday morning went. The highlight was the bunny Lucky found our on the deck, he was trying to get thru the patio door to get him, was so cute watching but the bunny was scared and finally took off down the steps (see photo) then it came around front where the cat saw him and I got this picture of him sitting very still before hopping off. The sun was gorgeous this morning also.
Here is the right side which is about the rest of our week. My favorite is the one with our feet. Little Colt started putting his feet on mine and just staring at them so Sienna joined in with hers. Colt still sat there facinated with our feet. He would rub them, stare some more and then smile at me. Not sure what was going on in his head but I'm sooo glad the camera was right beside me to capture this along with 7 other ones of our feet. It got real hot for two days and we loved it. I added some new paper tape and smash tape that I got at Target, love them and want more. Truly thankful for my PL again.

I'm starting to scrapbook again and commiting to doing a layout everyday for the next month when the kids will be home for the summer. During the summer it will go to one layout a week any more then that will be a bonus. I will share these once a week, thinking on Thursday's or Sunday's. Hope everyone is having a good week. Our weather will be rainy all week, not happy about that. To see more PROJECT LIFE blogs click on the Project Life Tuesday button on the right of my blog. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment here, love seeing you.                                                             


  1. So cute that you got to capture the bunny story and moment!
    The feet photo is fabulous, too.

  2. My mission tonight is to start back on PL. Way behind but I am actually okay with that, not as stressed as last year. I have been busy creating stuff for classes etc but thats all done now so I can get back to creating for me.
    Can't wait to see the layouts you do.
    love me :-)

  3. Love the feet photo! Your project life is so beautiful each week! Gorgeous colors!

  4. These are really great - such a good job you do with this - love the photos of the feet - who knew all this time you had such a talent for doing this - keep up the good work!

  5. How did you get the weather photo? I just requested in your last post to show your scrapbooking pages. Would love to see them Dawn.
    The feet photo is very cute.

  6. Thank you Jules, for stopping by and loving my photos too.

    Tracey, I'm sooo excited that your working on PL, can't wait to see them. you have been busy so it's ok, just glad your going to keep doing it.

    Michelle, Thank you for the nice words, still trying to get tons of color like yours, lol

    Hi mom, your so cute. Thanks for the compliment.

    Susan, I use my camera to get a photo of weather from my iphone, but there is a way to do it from the iphone just don't know how though. I will show my layouts this weekend I think or on Thursday. I love these little feet of theirs.

    Thanks so much ladies!!

  7. Great layout Dawn - to capture the weather from your iphone press the button on the top and the button on the front at the same time. This takes a screen shot and saves in in your photos.
    Love the blue overall colour - very calming, and the feet shot is fabulous.

  8. Well done...you are keeping up. I love the feet photo, it is so sweet.

  9. This spread is so cute. I love that doily on the title card. Can't wait to see what you do with your WITL album too.