Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's officially summer once we buy new bathing suits and get the hose out. I love doing this each year with the kids, not sure how many years are left of them playing in the hose. They were excited Friday night and came right home to change and play though, soooo happy for this. Our long weekend was filled with lots of hose time, water balloon fights, laughs, staying up late, cool and HOT HOT temps, time with family and thru it all the kids were good. Sam was extra good and was still going strong till last night before bed. Hoping he wakes up today on the right side again, he has field day at school today and we are both very excited about this big event!!  I also get to babysit today after almost 3 weeks off and I can't wait to have these little munchkins over again and get some hugs and tickles with them.
This weekend had me going back in time and remembering when the kids were little and we did all the same things only they were younger and it was even cuter, like playing in the hose. Their little giggles and Sam being my little boy, oh how I missed those days this weekend but I slowed down and treasured this age and phase right now and want to hold onto these memories tightly. They are growing up so fast and it seems like yesterday they were all in elementary school together. So here's our weekend in photos.
These two ate about 10 popicles a day and constantly played outside together
my dad helping Sam tie the water balloons, LOVE THIS!!
first time to YMCA pool this year, we have been coming since they were in the baby pool and now of course we are in the BIG pool and they do their own thing while I just sit and watch them.

She's afraid of the sparkler, so funny this girl
Summer had the idea for them to catch marshmallows, this was so funny to see them trying to catch them. Renee had the hardest time and one time Rich even fell backwards. LOVE LOVE THESE!!
back to the YMCA pool with cousins and family
It was a good weekend from start to end, hooray for summer time !!!


  1. What an awesome, fun weekend you had! Such great pictures. It was hot here over the weekend too but now much, much cooler. Crazy weather! So happy you are feeling better! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Becki, thanks for visiting, it was hot then got cold for us also. This is crazy weather we have this year. I'm feeling more better everyday. Have a great weekend also.

  2. Wow, what a crazy busy and FULL weekend you had! You guys look like you had so much fun and awesome weather, send it my way now..okay? Glad to see you took time to enjoy your family and just live in the moment. Its something we all need to remind ourselves to do on a daily basis. So often I find myself thinking ahead to what pictures I want out of an event or what I want to do next..sometimes I just need to be in the moment, revel in it and enjoy it. Thats what life is all about!

    1. Hi Dawn, so glad you came by. I will send our sunshine your way for sure, I know you need it more then we do. We need some rain. I did enjoy the family, really just sat and soaked it all up and kept going thru the past years and how we have gotten this far. I didn't take photos of everything, just keeping tucked into my heart.

  3. these are great summer photos. .. love them all! So much fun! We're supposed to be hving hot weather this week... yay...I just wish there was a beach nearby us... soon soon I say! xo