Thursday, May 17, 2012

news on illness & thank you sweet friends

hello ladies, thank you thank you for all the feel good wishes. I need them so please keep them coming and your prayers. i saw my docotr who subrscribed 3 meds for my head, oh man is it wiping me out. within 45 mts i'm down for a loooong nap. then another nap few hours later and an everning nap before bed. so of course i haven't slept thru the night in long time. it's messing up my whole schedule and keeping rich awake, he is finally going to sleep on the couch tonight so i won't keep waking him.

i have my next appt. in the morning to see about my pms which has never been this bad, two weeks of heavy flow which is leaving me very weak and pale. sorry to be so honest just want you to know and pray and send healthy wishes please, can't take much more of this. i will keep you updated on what they find.

in the meantime, nothing fun is going on, napping and laying and no chores or fun for me. my oldest and and mom and sister has been helping me. annie would help if she lived closer.
thanks again for your sweet comments. just typing this has winded me.

enjoy your friday and weekend.
back when i can.
hugs and love


  1. You poor thing. I wish I was near to help you. Let your family take care of you. I hope the doctor can help more tomorrow. Saying prayers for you and sending lots of love.

  2. Oh Dawn! I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a terrible time. Hope you are feeling better very very soon, and that you get your health sorted!

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry you are sick Dawn! I hope you are feeling better soon! Take care and rest up!

  4. Hello dear sweet friend, I am so so sorry that you are not well, I have been praying and rest assured I will continue to pray for you to get better soon. Oh its times like this that I wish I lived closer, closer so that I could come over and help in any way I could. Please know that I am there in spirit.
    I miss you so.
    Rest up dear friend the blogging world is not the same when you are not a part of it.
    Love me :-)

  5. Sending you thoughts of healing and lots of prayers...

  6. OH my.. hears hoping u get some answers soon.. no fun feeling under the weather.. hope u are healthy and full of energy in no time! I've got a day to myself today as hubby is gone out of town for the day... gonna work on my PROJECT LIFE album I think and some things done around here.. take care of yourself! big hugs xo love bonitarose