Thursday, May 3, 2012


Here is the full spread for the week, notice it's all COLLAGES, I know big surprise, lol!!! My first thought was to pick one photo/storyfor the day and that's it. Some of these days just have so many good things to remember though so I went for the collage idea. It's nice knowing that even in my PL for this week the story is pretty well told thru the photos and journaling. Having all white borders around the collages makes the color stickers pop nicely doesn't it??!! Now for close ups....
Here is the left side,  the title card needs something just not sure what yet. The LIFE card in the first pocket is perfect for this week I thought. The card for Monday is a folded journal card, inside I explanied what this week was about and why it was captured this way. Went to town with all the number/arrow stickers, glad to finally put them to use. I will have to use them more in the future.
Here is the right side of the week. I also added little stickers from the PL kit on some of the collages again it's nice that they are being used. For every collage there is a photo of my front yard/sunrise and one of the sunset, this was my goal for that week and I love seeing them here. The only thing I'd change is not adding so many photos to some of the collages, some of them are pretty tiny. Not going to worry about it though, it's done and I'm moving on.
The actuall WITL album is going to take me a couple weeks, trying something totally new and it will take some work, would help if I knew about digital or had software for it but will have to do this by hand instead. Can't wait to share it with you when done!! Thank you so much for all support and awesome comments you left me during this week, it helped motivate me to finish and to have fun with it. I'm happy to say that my camera has still been clicking away this week and my PL should be up and ready for next Tuesday as usual. A big THANK YOU TO THE AWESOME ALI EDWARDS ALSO FOR SHARING THIS WONDERFUL IDEA WITH US AND LETTING US TAG ALONG. SHE IS A TRUE INSPIRATION TO ME DAILY!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!


  1. Congratulations!! You did it!! Wow, good for you, it looks awesome! I actually started working on mine last night and I am so excited for it to be finished..hope to have it on my blog by Monday or so.
    Also, I did get your email and I will write you back soon, sorry, things around here are just a little crazy!! But I will write you back!
    Anyways, congrats again on completing your WITL pages for PL, they look great!

  2. Thank you Dawn, now I'm excited to see yours. Good for you getting started on it, I bet it will be great. Glad you got my email, write back anytime, no rush. Thanks for all the HAPPY THOUGHTS about my pages!! Can't wait to see yours!!!

  3. Wow!youve printed and organized your WITL photos. Forgot to mention in the previous comment I love this collage style pages. So many photos and so many memories...
    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words on my watercolor post.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for stopping by and always loving my pages/photos and encouraging me!! Glad you like the collage style since I went to town with it this week. It is nice having all these memories in my PL..
      I love your painting and look forward to it each week, keep it up!!

  4. Dawn, I love this project. I love the insert pages and the idea behind it. I always mesmerize myself at other people's collages because I am so bad at it... Got me inspired! I love inspiring ideas like that.

  5. Hi Dawn! Great job with the collages. Using those certainly makes it easier to include more photos. You sound like me, not wanting to leave anything out. I usually end up with lots of inserts.

    Thanks for sharing your week. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Oh yes, these collages are great and I love your numbering of all the important things. And thank you so much for your sweet comments again on my Blog! Have a nice evening (in switzerland its eight at night :-)).

  7. I like the numbering on the journaling cards - makes it easy to follow along!