Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hi everybody, hope everyone is having a good weekend!! It's been a good week for me and I'm feeling very blessed !! Need to take this time and remember all these happy moments while I can. Please share what's making you happy today in the comments, love to see what it is!!

1. My oldest turned 23 yesterday and I can remember her being born like it was yesterday
2. Yesterday was National Scrapbook Day, isn't that awesome!!
3. I've been going thru my old scrapbooks and loving them again which made me
4. Start scrapbooking again, did 5 pages this weekend, which for me is a lot!!
5. I've been art journaling like crazy and LOVING it!!
6. All this means my table is a CREATIVE MESS RIGHT NOW!! LOVE THAT
7. Going to church today brought a new sense of peace and love to me
8. I walked 3 times last week, almost 4 but it was raining
9. Summer and Renee have been wearing skirts and not wearing yoga pants, yea!
10. Sam was expectionally good on Weds. and he knows it, hope it continues
11. Strawberries finally look good and we've been eating them all the time
12. the grass is all cut and trimmed and looks soooo nice, thank you honey
13. Colt is sweet and adorable and so filled with joy right now!!
14. we had a baby shower for my cousin who is adopting a little boy! LOVE THIS
15. loving my camera again so much after WITL
16. meeting new people thru WITL, love reading new blogs and making new friends
18. In one month the kids are officially on summer break, SO NOT READY
19. I slept thru the night twice this week, for some reason I wake up a lot lately
20. Last but not least at all ......

       Remember I shared that tragic news of a school shooting at a local school. They got some happy news a short time ago, they WON A PROM OF THEIR DREAMS THANKS TO SOME AWESOME AND GENEROUS PEOPLE IN NEARBY COUMMINTY'S. A local radio show always picks a school to win a prom and everyone around here voted for Chardon to win. Isn't that awesome, people thinking of them and making sure they could have a happy night! Not only did they win the contest they had money that people were already donating to help give them a special prom, so between these two gifts last night they had THE PROM OF THEIR DREAMS!! It was held at the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME IN CLEVELAND, RED CARPET AND EXTRA EVERYTHING, LOTS OF LIMOS AND BEST OF ALL SOME SMILES, HUGS, LOVE, LAUGHTER WHICH IS WHAT THEY ALL NEEDED FOR THIS ONE NIGHT. THIS HAS MADE MY WHOLE WEEK, LOVE THE PAYING IT FORWARD.

I will have my PL on Tuesday and am still working on WITL. Thanks for reading and have a good week!!


  1. I so love reading your happy posts, they put the biggest smile on my face. So wished we lived closer.
    I am trying to attempt a photo-a-day and my photo todey - someone who inspires me... and I took a photo of your profile photo.
    Your blog always reminds me to be happy.
    love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey, glad you like my happy posts. Your hello posts are always my favorite. Wish we lived even in the same country,lol.
      WOW, you just made my day, thank you for picking me for your photo of the day. YOU INSPIRE me as well, so glad we are friends.
      Enjoy your week! HUGS!

  2. What a happy list - I love it! Cool news about the prom too!

    1. Thanks Michelle for coming by and YES the news was so cool to read. It has made me the happiest this week. They deserve a red carpet night out!! Love your PL this week!

  3. Hi Dawn! Love this many happy things. That is sooo awesome about the prom! So special.

  4. Yep dawn, saw pics on fb for rock station, and cstmrs in with pics for prom!!!

  5. Great Happy List Dawn. wow!Do you do scrapbooking apart from PL? Please do post them. would love to see your art pages too.

  6. Hi Becki, so glad you saw this. I love the story of the prom, sooo awesome for them.

    Hi Annie, thanks for commenting.

    Susan, hello. I have always been a scrapper but don't do it anymore mostly because of PL and all my art stuff I do now. It kinda got pushed aside but now I'm ready to do it again. Will be posting layouts later this week.

    Thanks ladies!!

  7. Hi Dawn!
    Very cool post - I think it is so important to remind ourselves of all the reasons to be happy! Here is my list:
    1) I live on a beautiful farm that allows me to live my dream
    2) that my Jakey is here with me (finally) after 6 months apart
    3) I'm getting to finally plant a vegetable garden!
    4) I've gotten a few scrapbook layouts completed
    5) I finally got my color printer working to print photos from home; and
    6) everyone is healthy
    That ALL makes my heart happy these days!!

    Have a great day Dawn!!