Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hello!!  I actually finished my 29 faces, HOORAY HOORAY!!!  I admit a couple days were combined because of time or lack of idea. So glad to see it thru and being inspired to do more. This is a bad photo, it's dark and rainy out and that darn glare in the upper right. Here is a rundown on them:
face 1.... a male face, all marker and I like it
face 2.... a little girl face and pigtails, Renee helped me with them
face 3.... this was a favorite for the hair color, messed up on the mouth a little
face 4.... PURPLE PURPLE, LOVE THIS, I had the image in my head and just stopped here so I wouldn't mess up doing the rest of her face. I'm ok with this, the rules were unfinsished faces allowed
face 5.... this one went wrong, the background color didn't work and marked it up and the face just didn't come out as planned. Thinking I do like white boring backgrounds with the faces
face 6.... hello BIG FACE, used a mix of things on her. Kinda like it for some reason
face 7.... hello Aunt Martha, this one came with a name right away, I really want to work on curls
face 8..... hello to my favorite, I keep going back to this one. I'm starting to like the no hair look as you will see in my next update. I was kinda down that day and it reflects it, liking all the white
day 9.... HELLO COLOR, watercolored background and black marker. I like this background better then the face 5 background. I like the pop of color and life it gives.
Now for some thoughts on this project. First I noticed that working on the left side of the faces/hair/eyes is easier for me since I'm a righty. Still can't figure out how to work the balance on the right side, it's a awkward angle for my arm and squeezing into this small space is hard. Anyone have ideas that could help this please share and I hope this made sense. These were all made for fun, no big masterpieces or WOW factor going on. Working on what supplies I like best, so far it's my sharpies or gel pens. Crayons just don't come in good enough and colored pencils are ok, painting is harder. Most of these were made with an image/color in mind not just random drawings. I want to learn/work more on the noses, eye expressions, making them look more lively and with feelings.
In doing this challenge for 29 days,  it has helped me do something new and out of my comfort zone. It became part of my day and just seemed natural to sit and create a face everyday, it grew on me and I started to really enjoy this time. What I realized most is doing something for this long shows that YOU CAN DO IT!!  So I want to ask YOU to join me in this challenge... 31 days of doing something, ANYTHING for 31 days this month. I  know YOU can do it and it will be fun to share and cheer each other on. Choose anything, arts, crafts, cooking, walking/jogging/ quilting, drinking more water, reading, organize your house, make a card a day to mail out at Christmas, really it can be anything, the choices are endless. I had about 10 ideas and kept coming back to my faces, it really made me happy this month. I know we are a day late on this, but really who cares, START TODAY AND COUNT YESTERDAY AS A FREEBIE!!! For some of my PL readers you could even do something and add it into your album like I am. It's been a long time since I've sat and night and just doodled so I'm also challenging myself to start that again too. Last night's page is done and I'm already planning today's page.  So in the comments please let me know first if you have one favorite face that you liked and what challenge you will do with me. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Keep it simple!
Thank you for the sweet comments on my previous post, Renee goes to bed each night to dream about homecoming. We are on countdown mode and she just wants it to come already. If you missed this special post scroll down to read it. I won't have my PL post till later this week, little behind.


  1. Awesome challenge! I'm trying to do a 31 day challenge of paper projects. I made a pirate treasure chest so far and have a few more ideas percolating. I was going to blog about them daily, but let's face it, not likely to happen...maybe weekly roundup posts?

  2. I like your challenge idea, this would be good to do with the kids. Would love to see the treasure chest. I'm not posting daily either, weekly would be easier. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. Great idea and great faces Dawn.Even I agree, because of the background color the last face has much more life to it.Your challenge idea sounds fun Im going to try to do something about it. Even for me time is the main issue. Will let you know.

  4. #9 colorful for me of course... my challenge oh get holidays decos out, finish wreath and get pics in album so far itd be a lot... to do other side of face turn paper around and do it upside down , just opposite direction i do it on drawnings or cutting paper since right handed...

  5. beautiful.. wow u hv been so busy.. love them!