Tuesday, October 30, 2012


HELLO PROJECT LIFE!! It's nice to be done on time this week, wasn't sure I could do it.  There was a issue of not being able to make collages, every time I tried it would go blank. So I gave up and printed off a bunch of photos and had a hard time choosing them. There is also 2 inserts this week to hold all the photos and some papers. I really had fun with these pages and did some new things.
Here is the left side, I remembered the date again and even added some words to it. The photo of me is before church Sunday. The story on the first two pages is all about RICH AND THE MINI PUMPKIN AND RICH COMING HOME MONDAY TO SURPRISE ME!!! I really need to get a better picture of the mini pumpkin but for now it will do. The journal card with the house is one I made over the summer and hung on to it till now. The quote on the next card is one Julie Bazar had on her PL the same time all this happened. I loved it and knew it fit in her perfectly this week. The blank card is my not knowing what to put there. Will decide later.
This is the right side and front of the insert. This is from MONDAY when he came home. I kept writing this all week and just had to include it in the pages. I LOVE IT!! The flowers are the ones I bought to surprise him, they are so spring/summery aren't they. Sadly I didn't get many photos that day, just soaked up the sun and enjoying being in the moment all day with Rich and kids.
This is the back of the insert and the right side of the week.
Here is the back of the insert. These photos are all from Thursday. It was a hot 83 that day and we enjoyed it all day long. Rich surprised me again and CAME HOME!!!! I was so thrilled again to have this day with him and the sunshine and fun times. Have I mentioned how AWESOME HE IS!! I decided to add some letter stickers and journal spots to some of the photos. It was fun to do this and will have to again. I like that I could squeeze in all these photos. We had our last smores of the year. I'm thankful that I picked so many leaves that week since the high winds have blown most of ours off. It's kinda sad how quick they turn color and then just like that they are all gone with the wind.

Here is the right side, I LOVE THIS SIDE!! I played around a little and added some journal spots again. The journal cards with mini pictures on them are my FAVORITE!! MUST DO THIS AGAIN! The bottom left hand picture is from a school celebration we had. It's so cool to see all our schools come together for the first time EVER and celebrate. It's too hard to see the kids faces in this group photo but I know they were in there somewhere and I love it!! It was nice to add the strip of paper across it from our newsletter explaining what this day was about and the rest of it is tucked behind the photo. On the bottom right photo I added our photo to this journal card that summed up how I felt about our day. I really enjoyed doing it a little different this week and want to do this more.
My goal this week was to get in as much feelings, photos, stories, fun and LOVE that I could and it feels like it worked. Reallllly happy with it and so thankful for this beautiful week I had.
This is an extra insert to hold the magazine papers I saw this week and don't want to forget about. On the back of it is the program from the girls Choir Concert they had this week. Hoping for a less photo week next week. Soooo excited knowing it's almost time to order my new PL for 2013!!!!!!
My heart and prayers are going out to the families suffering from SANDY. Such a tragedy when these natural disasters happen. So keep safe everyone! We didn't have school today due to the high winds, rain, power outages around here. They have moved trick/treating to Sunday also to make it easier and safer for the kids. We are lucky to have power and only a very muddy yard today.
For the month of November I will be taking a photo everyday of what I am thankful for and putting that into my PL each week. Our family will also be doing our Thankful leaves which I finished cutting out today and are ready to go. Will be sharing those along the ways too. If you are doing any Thankful projects this month please let me know, would love to see them. Have a happy and safe Halloween tomorrow. Can you belive it will be November???? Take care everyone, HUGS!!


  1. I love your pages this week! So cute how you are gushing about your husband. It is always sweet and encouraging to see that! I love that new selfie picture too. You are looking good!

  2. My heart is also with the people affected by Sandy. I love your Project Life...such a fantastic way of keeping up with what is happening in your daily life.

  3. Oh yes, you added the book clipping too!!. Absolutely sweet to look at in the next few months, or even years :). Can't wait to see PL from Trick or Treating!! :). Have fun Sunday!

  4. You answered my email question in this post :) So what kit do you have your eye on for next year? Your mini photos look great on your small journal cards...its nice to mix things up a bit sometimes! Have a great day xxx

  5. Once again a very insiring post. I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at your PL pages, they always make me smile. I still love the "crushing over Rich" journalling, seriously love it.
    Our hearts and prayers are with you and anyone who is affected by Sandy.
    love me :-)

  6. Hello my friend!!

    My goodness!! I had a lot of reading/catching up to do on your blog!! So many wonderful posts, I can just feel you radiating happiness thru every single post if yours! Loved your trip to the farm, it made me feel as though you came up to visit me for a day and I introduced you to my family and my chickens as well as our neighbourhood horses ;)

    And loved your post on crushing on your hubby!! I think that is amazing..it truly is a gift, isn't it? Good for you!! So happy for you two..he sounds like a great husband and best friend to you and that makes me happy!!

    Again so jealous of your PL album!! I'm having a tough time keeping on top of things being out in the country and not always having access to print my latest photos etc, and right now my printer is waiting on new ink (bummer!) but you truly are an inspiration and YES with November around the corner it means the new 2013 PL kits will be avail and I'm excited to start off a fresh new year!! I loved the seafoam kit, definitely ordering that!!

    Anyways, Happy Halloween my friend!!!

  7. I love all of the color in your PL pages this week! Awesome photos too! Just love that tiny pumpkin!

  8. omg.... great layouts.. and u used one of my love you tags... it's perfect! Your pages are great.. so many great photos! way to go for doing it on time... woohoo!

  9. Thank you ladies for the sweet comments. I really had fun with these pages and glad to have these memories to look back on.

    Dawn, so happy you came by and could catch up on my posts. Thanks for the visit!!

    I plan on ordering the Seafoam PL kit!!!

  10. Just letting you know I was here - and I checked everything out - really cool pictures - and I love your "thankful" lists - so fun to read it all - nice doodlings too - good job - love checking your pages - love mom!