Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It started back on this day, my little boy woke up to the first snow that year on his BIRTHDAY!! I remember waking him and telling him his present was outside, he ran to look our the window and was thrilled to see SNOW!! At this young age he really thought it came just for him and for his birthday. Man, do I miss him being this young and that little face. That smile has only gotten bigger.
He got ready early that morning and headed out to check the snow before the bus came. His snow buddy Summer was just as excited too. He's carrying his birthday treat in the bag, they are so cute!
After school he went out with Renee his other snow buddy. They love to shovel the snow then play in it. Look how much we got that first day, plenty to shovel and play and make a snowman with.
So fast forward to TODAY which marks one month till this little guy's birthday and what does he ask me every morning??? Yep, you guessed it, did it SNOW???  That's all he talks about and requests it at bedtime too. Last week when home sick he actually asked me if I thought the chances were good to have early snow again this year and that don't I want the snow to come again on his birthday??? Ummm... seriously how can I say no to that!!! I too love that first magical snow and how pretty it is when you wake up and see it. I love seeing the kids play in it and I actually don't mind shoveling and getting bundled up to take them out. Of course by February I'm done with it and want spring to hurry up and come. Last winter was pretty easy on us so I wonder if he didn't get enough "SNOW" time and that's why the extra requests this year. To be honest the crazy weather here feels like we could have a early and cold winter start. This would make my almost birthday boy very happy. I remember Lucky loving that first snow too, he would go out all day and just run thru it and looked so happy.
So if we do get a early winter and you aren't the winter type, I'm sorry in advance that my son's constant requests for it may have started it. Please just remember this cute face though and how happy it will make him. Bundle up and go play in it and enjoy some hot choclate afterwards.
I can't believe he will be 11 in a month, here are some right now moments with Sam....
he is finally 70lbs. he might make it to 100 by graduation, crossing my fingers
he is playing with Cole down the road everyday and loving it, finally a boy to play with
he says good night to Lucky every night and hugs and kisses him, EVERY NIGHT
he says good bye Lucky I LOVE YOU everytime we leave or he leaves the house
he loves the new scooter my dad got him and rides it everyday and shares it
he all about selling golf balls from gpa larry too and getting MONEY
he begs each time at walmart for a bbgun or another type of gun, NOT HAPPENING
he sleeps with a stuffed webkinz every night still and brings it down each morning
he's becoming a not morning kid, he use to love being up early
he will watch any auction type show on tv now
he doesn't like to read books, aaaaahhhh still working on this
hates being cold or being hot
asks for snow everyday, sorry had to mention it again
hugs his sisters good night EVERY NIGHT
misses Kristin and asks when she's coming home daily
loves his sisters even if they aren't always nice
taking bike rides with his dad
here was his dinner request that night of his birthday... corndogs and noodles
Here was his birthday cupcake, the real cake was later at the friend party

Here is Sienna that morning too, I had just started babysitting her a month before this. I wanted to capture her first snow too, thankfully Renee was still home and helped me get this picture of her. We loved loved these pj's on her and the other purple ones from that winter. Time has flown by for her to.
Thanks for following along on this memory of mine. I will have to show Sam this when he gets home, will probably make him happy and confirm that YES, birthday wishes do come true.


  1. I'm crossing my fingers for Sam and hoping that it snows. Send some my way I have never seen or felt snow.
    Another great post Dawn, loved looking back.

  2. Aww such a cutie he is, full of boys rambuctiousness though.... no on bbgun too... watches reality auction shows hmm so do I
    Tell him "NO SNOW!!!!" Lol hehe certainly growing up.. picky on food, needs to fatten up a bit hehe!!!

  3. Cute story - but I wish my grandson would wish for something a little warmer - haha !!

  4. What a cute post! I love this!! It's all these kinda of memories and notes written down that you will appreciate more & more as time goes on! I don't have kids yet and already I worry about how fast the time will go with them when we are blessed with them! I will be sure to keep the memories written down like you have!
    As for the snow..we have had snow falling off and on now for almost a week. Big snowflakes floating gently downwards but so far none that has stuck around (therefore I'm not callin any of them the first magical snowfall because it just isn't it until it stays around, right?) tonight we went out to close the chicken coop door and the wind was so cold, it cut thru your breath! The snowflakes were swirling around just feels too early for me!! I'm not ready yet! But if your son wishes for it, I hope his birthday wish comes true ;) if not? I have some here for you!!

  5. Thanks ladies for you great comments and being kind about his wishes. He woke up today and looked out the window and groaned NO SNOW AGAIN... haha I told him to wait till his birthday and maybe it will happen.

    Dawn, I know you will make and remember great memories with your family one day, you are a great storyteller.

  6. I'd pray for Sam's wishes to come true. To Sam, he must believe really hard that his wishes will come true, and the angels will help :). I LOVE snow. Had my first snow in Colorado and boy I couldn't feel my lips!. It's too beautiful for words, seeing the reddish sky at night after the snow fall :).

  7. This is the sweetest post. Hope he gets his birthday wish, fingers crossed!

  8. I am sending a ton of prayers and wishes for lots of snow for Sam. How I would love to play in some snow. Can't wait for pictures.
    love me :-)

  9. I hope snow comes early for Sam.Love this idea of the right now moments of Sam. Think I too should do it.