Friday, October 26, 2012


Hello!! I'm finally showing the rest of September's faces and the start of October's. It's been so long since I made these, love seeing them again. Again each one is just a quick random drawing, no worries about perfect, just a fun piece of art for me. Doing these each day is making me love drawing faces even more still, really like doing the hair and just as much leaving them bald, crazy isn't it.
Face #1 is all GREEN, not sure why but just went with it, Halloween style I guess
Face #2 was because the orange and turquoise colors were on my mind that day
Face #3 was about the hair, having a fun colorful big hair
Face #4 looks kinda mean or something, didn't come out as I wanted??
Face #5 is for my love of book paper, LOVE THIS ONE
Face #6 was about trying background color again, love the colors together but that it
Face #7 is my first and only so far drawned from a photo!!! My daughter Kristin helped me over the phone with this one!!! I had gotten the Good Housekeeping magazine and Jamie Lee Curtis was on the front. She looked gorgeous and I've always loved her and thought this would be fun to draw. I am pleased with it, took my time and thought it out more then the other faces. I meant to post a picture of the magazine here for you to see, will do that later sorry!!! Will try this again. Really glad I did this and how it turned out.
Face #7 is about pink and happy that day, love it with NO HAIR, HA!
Face #8 poor guy wasn't having a good day or good hair day, haha
Here is the last of September's faces
Face #1, she is really happy!! I like it!
Face #2 She is also happy and has color, I like HER!!
Face #3 is all pencil, she is ok
Face #4 LOVE this one!! It's the hair, I got it just right, I practiced on white paper and liked how it came out so I cut her out and put her in. Like this hair style for my own hair. I didn't draw a face because I liked her just like this.
Here is the start of October faces
Face #1 I really want to draw long hair, kinda like it
Face #2 this was from a blog I read and she did a SHE ART GIRL, LOVE them and will be doing more of them. I like this one for my first one
Face #3, haha this is just a big bubblegum happy person, was having fun
Face #4 she is worried about something, she is lopsided but I love her
Face #5 Long hair again, kinda like it, need to keep doing them
Face #6, This one had a name right away, I've tried not to name these faces, which is hard for me. I love her, the neck messed up so I'm pretending she's wearing a turtleneck. SHE ART AGAIN
Face #7 is a too tiny, just left it that way and went with it
Face #8 All pencil again, I like it for some reason
Face #9 I did the face first then drew the shape, I like it even lopsided again???
The few things I'm learning about these faces is.... I like the faces white and not colored/painted in.. JUST WHITE... not sure why but do.... I like doing all pen or pencil ones.... I need to work on noses, really having hard time with that part...practice practice... they make me happy and are just for me....
Ok, that's it for now. Will post more later and I need to catch up from this weeks faces still, and finish my Project Life and share some art next week. Thanks so much for your support and comments.
Happy weekend!!


  1. Your faces inspire me with all of their creativity! I especially love the one that is drawn on text paper! and the one with the blue hair! oh, and the one with the pink eye shadow! Okay, I love them all!

  2. Thanks so much Michelle, I love the text paper one too. Ha, I love them all too. Would be great to see these in your journals one day!!!

  3. Dawn these are great, face no 3 in September reminds me of Tracey's Josh on sports carnival day.
    Have a great week

  4. All your faces are adorable Dawn. I especially love that paper print face, the October series 5th face,the she art faces and the Sept face 4.
    I read the previous post too and it's sooo romantic. Even after 20+ years of marriage the feelings that you still have for your hubby is awesome. You both are so lucky to have each other and wishing you both the best in life.

  5. wow wow, you have been so busy :). I LOVE LOVE the face print so much, its my fav!. The bubblegum lady and the golden yellow face are precious too :). They are all so cute you must keep doing them. I have been down with cold & sore throat a day after celebrating the eid. Was in bed most of the time, so I hope I don't miss much here :). Hugs.

  6. wow girl.. u hv been so busy with these.. love them all! xo

    1. Thanks Bonita for the visit and nice comment. I'm not as busy as you though, your busy is more fun too!!

  7. Totally love the face drawn on book paper, definately my favourite. Had to laugh at Linda's comment reminding her of Josh LOL. Love seeing these and the thoughs behind each one.
    Love me :-)

  8. Hi Tracey, so glad you came by!! I think everyone likes the book paper one, will do another one!! I liked Linda's comment too, she is funny!! Will have more later next week I think.

  9. Great, very funny faces and all of them are so interesting. I'm also in love with the newspaper face. If you would write down your thoughts next to the face, it would be a wonderful memory of your work (it's only a thought of mine).