Tuesday, October 16, 2012


HELLO PROJECT LIFE!!! So excited to be caught up again, it was tough two weeks to document. I just have to say it again PROJECT LIFE ROCKS FOR ME!!! It amazes me that I've been doing this for almost 4 years now and each week still makes me happy and giddy. My heart is filled with joy when doing this project. I can't wait to order the new ones, sometime next month!!!! I have lots of photos and close ups to show and talk about today. Hope you enjoy them all and last to the end of it.
So this above is the full page spread from 2 weeks ago. LOOK I DID THE DATE CARD!!! This was homecoming week and I was soooo tempted to fill it up with just those pictures. Thankfull for other just as happy moments though so I added an insert to tell all the stories. Which is funny because really it's only 3 days worth. The page on the left was from Sunday and the RH page is from one day too. The rest after that is from homecoming, LOVE LOVE how I can do this in my PL now. That first year I was sooooo dedicated to only ONE PHOTO A DAY, never mixed them or thought to do it this way. I'm embracing this freeing weekly style much more now. So let's see some close ups.
Here is the LHS... I love the pretty gilittery alphas used in the date card..... the first pocket has a cool tag from a new hat that came with Sam's scooter the week before. This will prob. be the last watermelon picture this year. Rich was thrilled!! The bottom two photos are from our outing to a Alpaca farm open house just down the street from us. We had fun and learned a lot about alpaca's, sadly they aren't friendly and don't like to be petted much. I had to make a collage for this of course. The bottom right picture is MY FAVORITE!! On this street for years I've wanted to get this picture and thanks to Summer sitting beside me she got it. I love seeing all the bundles of hay rolled up like this. So thankful for the many farm/country/nature/trees/open fields I drive by every day in my town.
here is a close up of the Alpaca collage. I found out on my mom's computer when clicking on the images to see better it doesn't come in that great for her. Please let me know if it doesn't work for any of you also. I'm going to try and remember to post these collages seprately so she can see them better.
Sorry about this one, forgot to flip it and not sure how to know without messing up my post. Will have to do this one again and repost it for you. This was about Renee and Sam being sick that week of homecoming, thankfully Renee was better by the dance day. I really wanted to show this day because Renee and Sam don't play together as much and have similar interests. He has too much energy for her, haha... so on this day which was warm out she sat and kept him company while I got errands and chores around the house done. I surprised them with the new Avengers movie which they BOTH LOVE.... YIPPEEE FOR THIS!!! I want to remember how sweet and good they were to each other. Look at that gorgeous sunset we had that night also, perfect way to end a good day!!

here is the HOMECOMING PAGE!! Doesn't it look great and so photo fun!! The LHS is the back of the insert and the RHS is just the regular page for that week. I picked all my favorite and stuck them in. I even have the little ticket from the night and added some stickers to some of the pictures. I left the journal card empty for now, might ask Renee to do the writing or just do it myself, still thinking on this one. I also meant to put this in the order as it happened but it didn't work that way, still might switch them. Guess what these two lovebirds are doing today after school??? DANCING JUST FOR FUN AT HIS HOUSE!!!  Isn't that sweet !!! She will love looking back at this one day I hope.
Here is PL from last week, lots of fun stuff again to remember. LOOK I REMEMBERED THE DATE ON THE CARD AGAIN... I'm on a roll now.... how about close ups now....
Here is the LHS for the week. COLLAGE TIME again, love doing these! The top one is from our visit to the farmpark which I posted about it this week. The bottom ones are from last Monday. We woke up to a light frost on the ground. I got my camera right away and was so inspired by this that I took pictures about what I did that day till the kids got home. Well, not the chores but the FUN STUFF DID!! The bottom collage is all about what I did that day and feeling inspired by just being in my backyard. LOVE LOVE THIS!!! The journal card above the picture describes it perfectly... I LIVED IN THE MOMENT!!! Call me crazy but I love the simple things in life.
Here is the close up of that collage. LOVE THIS!!
OK THIS IS WHAT PL MEANS TO ME SOOOO MUCH, THESE LITTLE EVERYDAY MEMORIES I WANT TO KEEP!!! That is Miss Sienna there with Lucky and requested this photo, LOVE THIS!! I am soooo hoping she will love taking pictures when she's older. We also played with white crayons and black paper that day. She is always sad that white doesn't work on white so I finally pulled out black and showed her it does this way. SHE WAS HAPPPPY!! We then tried other crayons and gel pens to see what worked. I had to include this photo of what I made her, she loved it. This will be done again in my art journal. Ok, now the top right side is the girls getting in some exercise at home. This was sooo funny to watch and take pictures of, I was crying and laughing with them. Happy to say they put that tape in the next 2 days and even I joined them. Hope this will last a long time, they need it!! The bottom left photo is adorable, these two are cute together. I'm thankful for each day and moment Summer plays with Sam. She didn't let the cold weather stop them, she got out a hat and gloves for both of them. Off they went on their bikes. The bottom right photo, is a just because I had to photo. Doing the laundry that day and I left these 3 sweatshirts out to air dry, walking past them numerous times and smiling at them. Crazy I know, but it was the reminder of where and why the kids wear and love these sweatshirts. The 3 colors also kept calling me to paint or scrap in them. Well, later that day I found the inspiration on a friend's blog and will be share the page later when I do it based off these colors and this photo. Now for one more close up
This is my collage for the 12th of last week. I try to do this each month and was glad to see this time the kids were off from school. I took most of these from our being out running around for the day. Will be doing something??? with this and will share it with you then. Whew, did you make it thru all this post?? Thank you so much if you did and hope you enjoyed it. Oh and another thought I had during this process is how I love seeing Sienna and Colt in this album and how/what can I do to share these with them since these albums are at my house. Think I might have a plan, will keep you posted on it. Lots of fun posts coming up so please keep checking back  so you won't miss them. For my new readers I have a THANKFUL idea to post and you might like to start this tradititon with us. Thanks ladies and see you back here SOON!! Have a great week!


  1. Loved your collages, lol so last picture- target but whats rest of pics..... yea those execise tapes still silly.... hehe...

  2. that's so much to see in your PL this week!. So many great things passed. Glad you added tons of Prom's photos, they both looked so happy :). And that watermelon is HUGE!. In Malaysia, we have the red watermelons and also the yellow ones! (not cantaloupe or rock melons). TFS!!. Hugs.

  3. WOW another great PL post. I have to say it again... I just can't get enough of those homecoming photo's. They really are sweet and fun and I soooooo love that dress. I love that there were so many photo's, and each one just a little different, really capturing the moment.
    YAY! for project life, it really is the best thing ever.
    love me :-)

  4. Very nice posts this time - thanks for the close ups - don't know why mine won't zoom - oh well - great reading all the stories - silly girls and cuties!

  5. This time you'd so many interesting stories Dawn. I love all the pictures and the stories behind them, especially the inspiration collage from your backyard and the girls exercising.I also love how you take pictures so naturally, where the children are snuggled in a blanket, and the 12 photos of the 12th.
    I just went through your previous post too. It reminded me that we've to take the kids to a farm too.
    Thank you for all the pictures and inspiration

  6. Thank you ladies for all the sweet and encouraging comments on my pages. So glad you made it thru them all.

  7. Wooohooo for being caught up again! I didn't realise that you were in your 4th year of PL...you do so well to keep up with it, and I'm so inspired to know that you are still loving it :)
    Homecoming looks AMAZING! Great photos, and THAT DRESS! WOW!

  8. Big catch up! Good for you. So fun to see them on your blog again after your busy few weeks. The homecoming week pictures are too fun. Can't wait to see who does the journaling. I love the random pics from the next week too. Living in the moment, yes!

  9. "Love Birds" my dad used to say that all the time and I had forgotten so thx for reminding me. Love your pages...again. The story about exercising had me chuckling to myself, love your 12 on the 12th collage. Isn't it just wonderful having teenagers and it only gets better as they get older, my oldest is twenty.
    Thanks Dawn so very inspiring.

  10. WOW WOW WOW I have missed a lot on your blog while I was away! Lots of fun posts! Love the baby pigs! and your project life is looking great as always! Thanks for the inspiration!