Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This week at One Beautiful World it's all about BIRTHDAYS! Seems I'm not the only one with a  birthday this week, some of my friends have them too. What a great time to celebrate a special day at the near end of summer. Happy Birthday to everyone who has one this week, have a wonderful day!
The picture above is some of the cards I received, the only thing I asked for was homemade cards or just a card is great too. Well, ask and you should receive, so many cute ones from my kids, the little ones I watch and nieces. I love them all! The one below is extra special too....
It's homemade and from my MOM!!! I've been making cards for her this past year and I was so excited that she made me one. Isn't it pretty, love the blue in it as that is my favorite color. There is a homemade envelope to match, she is talented and so creative. She also made me something else that's pretty awesome and sooooo perfect for me.....
a red/white/blue wreath, isn't it awesome!! I love any and all things with these colors. They are all over my house from Memorial Day to Labor day but this awesome wreath will stay up for a long time. I actually cried a little when she gave it to me, was so surprised and touched, totally made my birthday even sweeter. I have to say this birthday was filled with surprises for me and I LOVE surprises more then anyone. My mom is pretty good at surprising me over the years. I won't forget my surprise Sweet 16th birthday, surprise baby showers, surprise gifts thru the years, she knows just what makes me HAPPY and what will WOW me. Thank you mom for the many Happy Birthday's over the years, especially since my "BIRTH" day didn't start on a happy note.
I love my present from my oldest daughter too, have never gotten them before.....
Look at these beauties!! Real roses, a mix of gorgeous colors!! I love them! Just having Kristin home for my birthday this year was special enough but these just made it sweeter. I tell you my whole day was just awesome and I felt loved from everyone. These babies are my sketch/painting inspiration this week and then will be my mandala when they are done. Thank you Kristin!!
Next up was a date for dinner with my hubby, we never do this on our birthday's, EVER. This year I told him we should start going out on dates more, like real ones not just Walmart.
We went to Scooter Dogs, it's the first time with NO KIDS with us. Pure heaven and YUMMY!! I can't wait to do this again with him. So nice just being out with just us. He turned the big 50 the day after my birthday and he isn't taking it too well. This year is getting to him but I told him to just count his blessings and celebrate that he is still here and healthy and is loved by many. He is such a sweetie! I'm a very lucky girl to have him by my side, love him more with each passing day.
Here we are back home and having cake with the kids. It was so fun doing this and all the kids had their ipods, cells and Renee had my camera too and each of them got tons of pictures thru the singing and blowing out of the candles. Renee even recorded it, I keep replaying it so I can hear them singing. They love that our birthday's are together and celebrating it with them makes them soooo happy. The cake is nothing special, we are known for easy cakes in this house. Together my hubby and mines ages add up to 94!!! Isn't that so cool and no way could we fit that many candles on the cake, haha. I just put enough to fill up most of the cake and plenty for both of us to blow out.
The photo above and the one below are my link ups for One Beautiful World, thanks so much if you've read all thru this. I did try to keep it short and sweet, like me, lol.
It's a surprise birthday banner from Renee!! Click on the image to see better. Rich always makes a bday banner for the kids, just one long banner with birthday wishes on it, that's it. But Renee took days and most of the ink in her Sharpies to create this amazing and  sweet piece of art banner for Rich and I. She wanted to do for us what we do for her, even the table was decorated and she blew up 50 balloons for Rich. I'm not sure I will take this down anytime soon, it's just awesome and I keep staring at it and I smile each time I go by it. She asked me to pick a favorite but so far I love them all.
This picture is what my birthday meant thru the eyes of my child, the one who has loved birthdays since very little. Not that the other kids don't but she is my birthday queen and I love that she wanted to make our day extra special and really enjoyed seeing our reaction and smiles about this. Each paper has our favorite things on it by the way, shapes, colors, foods and designs.
I'm happy to be linking this up with One Beautiful World this week, come by and visit and see what others shared for this birthday prompt. 
I'm loving this beautiful blog and seeing what they share each week, thank you ladies for hosting such a great blog hop. So excited to share my birthday with you and the others. Thank you!
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for the visits and sweet comments on my T time and Mandala posts, love reading them. I'm thinking everyone went out and bought a Frosty too.
With all this talk about celebrating, I think it might turn into my One Little Word for next year.
Have a great week and celebrate not just your birthday's but EVERYDAY!!!! HUGS!


  1. Happy birthday to you! What a lot of happiness there celebrating with family, and thanks for sharing the joy with us at Our Beautiful World!

  2. I can see and read that you and your husband had a great birthday. Congrats from me

  3. Your Mom is an artist too Dawn. How wonderful her card is! You are one lucky girl to get these many cards and wishes. You sure had a wonderful day and I wish you get to celebrate the rest of this whole year.It was so nice to have your entire family with you. Very thoughtful of Renee to take time and do that beautiful birthday banner for you both. You are one great mother who sure knows how to raise kids as wonderful as you.
    Hope you have a great week.

  4. You have truly turned this post into a beautiful world (of birthdays, that is). It was great that you shared this with us, because you reinforced what birthdays are all about: family, fun, and love. Even date night with the love of your life was fun to see. WoW on those fries!

    I hope you continue to have this wonderful feeling through the rest of the year until your birthday rolls round again. And I hope that banner makes you feel as special as you are.


  5. BTW, I'm working on that post to answer the question you asked. So I hope you'll check back early tomorrow morning and play around with what I did.

  6. Love reading about all the rest of your birthday surprises and adventures - sounds like somebody had a pretty awesome day!! You deserve it - am so very glad you liked the wreath - and the card was a lot of fun to make - am just glad you are happy with everything - and no - your Birth day did not start off well at all did it - but look at what an amazing and talented women you turned out to be - love you - wishes for many many more and happy days all year long!

  7. happy birthday to you~!
    what a great post and so much family love and laughter. i hope that your whole year is full of the same.


  8. Thanks so much ladies for your birthday wishes and visits!! They make my day even brighter!

  9. Love that pic of you guys on your date.. now that's a lot of fries.. wow!!!!! So glad your bday was great... !!! Tell Rich 50 is only a number.. I'll be 52 in January.. u are only as happy as u make up your mind to be.. tell him to get over it and live life happy.. life is too short not to!!!! xo love you guys

  10. Great blog, Dawn...thanks for sharing your day with us!!! Love all your cards..esp. the Mom card! I can see where you get your creativity!!

  11. Happiest Birthday to you Dawn! It looks like you had an amazingly, well deserved day! I absolutely love all the colorful artwork - you have a very talented family! I had to chuckle about the date part, "trying to go on real dates, not just wal-mart!" US TOO! Happy Birthday, and many more to come.

  12. WOW, your mom is artistic too :). Happy Birthday, my friend. I know you too, will be blessed with joy and great many adventures together. You both look so cute in front of those candles!!. I think the roses would make a great mandala, can't wait to see next week :). Yes, horray for dates every year on birthdays!!. Dawn, thank youso much for sharing with us @ OBW this week :). HUGS.

  13. Happy Birthday Dawn!!! Oh what a lovely post ... I could tell reading this just how appreciative you are of all your cards and gifts ... How sweet of your Mom to make that pretty card too ... I'm so glad you had a day to remember ... Thanks so much for linking up to Our Beautiful World ... have a beautiful weekend!

  14. Hi Dawn! I absolutely love this special post about your birthday and what it meant to you! It really touched my heart! Thank you so much for sharing your joy and happiness with us. I especially love what you wrote about your mom!!! My Katie goes back to college tomorrow and I am feeling a little blue today. Thanks for the wonderful touch of happiness!!!

  15. Oh I am so HAPPY for you!!!! What a wonderful celebration it was a blast of a birthday, love all your special presents and cards and what asweet photo the one with the cake? Yes you should date more often it's so good for the soul, Happy Birthday dear friend and thanks so much for sharing your special celebration with us at Our Beautiful World!

  16. Happy Birthday, Dawn! Did you see that your photo got featured at Our Beautiful World? I'm very happy for you!