Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hello and welcome to MANDALA MONDAY! I decided to share a little bit of my yard showing where I've been getting all the nature greenery and such for my mandalas. We have a long ditch that runs along the side and front and back yard. Our property is an acre and half so that's a long ditch. We've found many cool things in there and 14 years later the ditch is overfilled with weeds of all kinds and a few trees. Lucky for me it also has a few flowers/wildflowers or whatever you call them mixed in here too. I walked around the other night with Rich and we found some new things and I thought I'd share them with you before showing you my mandala for today.
here is what it looks like behind the garden, I rarely go back that far but Rich does and this time I did too. We are hoping to have apple trees to fill in this space one day.
I LOVE LOVE this pop of purple
I love these thicker strips, they don't wilt as fast and nice to see
not sure what they are but pretty pop of orange, this was way in the back yard
look how cute!! don't know what they are but so cute
click on this one to see better, might turn into something or just look cool as it is
just something about these that I like
another favorite, SOOOO CUTE!!
Here is my mandala for today!!  This was inspired by a new dear blog friend Elizabeth, who just started making mandalas too. Her first one was made on a charger plate which made it look so pretty. Well while making dinner this night I looked down at the plate of muffins left and an this mandala idea came to me. I used the spinach and carrots from the dinner I was making and love the results. I didn't realize till uploading that a carrot is missing at the top, it rolled and is hiding beside the muffin but you can't see it, haha!  Thanks so much Elizabeth for the inspiration and I think one day these yummy Morning Glory Muffins will be part of your Tuesday blog hop.
Thanks Dawn for inspiring me to start making mandalas with you, it adds a new joy in my days now. To see Dawn's mandala and others please visit
Thanks so much for your comments on my last post, sharing my Project Life is my most favorite thing. I'm enjoying reading what my new readers think of it. I just purchased some new goodies for it and can't wait to share them with you. Join me tomorrow/Tuesday for another T time post.
Here is one last picture of something pretty awesome in our garden right now....
Our tallest sunflower at 9 feet tall, YIPPEEE!!
Thanks everyone and have a great day!


  1. You have such a beautiful and big backyard! Wow! It must be so serene just to be back there! I love your mandala, and would not have even noticed the missing carrot! So creative! Happy Monday Dawn!

  2. Hi Dawn! I absolutely love your yard! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful photos of it with us!!! I love the pops of color among the gorgeous greens! And WOW! Your mandala is so creative and fun!!!! I love how you can get inspiration from anything, Dawn, even your plates and food at dinner time! I hope you have a wonderful week, my sweet friend!

  3. WOWW!! You have a lovely yard!!. So much space to run and grow things :). I would make a little tent next to the ditch of wildflowers and spend the morning, reading under the shade. LOVE your cute mandala, it looks like the daisy-looking wildflowers too :). Hugs.

  4. Delicious mandala, food is art to many a chef in the world. That is one grande Sunflower you got there! wow, it must love that spot so much. Cat tails are so wonderful!! I love it when they pop open and release all that fuzz full of seeds out into the open.
    Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful land with us. What a joy to live with all that space around you!
    Happy Mandala Monday to you!

  5. I love your yard Dawn, so much space to walk and for the children to play.These flowers are so inspiring, daisies are so great for sketching. Your 'edible' mandala looks awesome, a yummy one this time.
    Wow! for the sunflower. Another great flower to draw.

  6. Wow, I'm glad that is YOUR yard, not mine. I've been mowing mine for three days and still can't get it finished. Not because mine is large, but because it's so wet. Wet like a rice paddy. Of course, since I don't have to mow it, I can admire how awesome it is.

    These muffins and edibles really are inspiring. They make a perfect mandala and are so very pretty, also. Once you said about the carrot, I saw it hiding behind the muffin, but probably would NOT have noticed had you not said something.

    That is ONE giant sunflower. And it's a real beauty, too. I bet that shot ends up in your PL one of these days!!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful tour of your yard, one day I hope to see it for real. For some reason I can't get on your blog from my computer so I am on my iPhone right now, I love this phone. Getting close now to our visit to NY, man I am getting excited. I am totally loving that sunflower. Love me :-)

  8. Your muffin mandala looks great and so yummy too!
    What a lovely green lush yard you have with sunflowers that reach to the sky.
    The gold flower you said you did not know the name of is one I was just snapping photos of over the weekend when we visited a lotus pond. I call it Jewelweed, it is also called Touch Me Not because the seedheads pop open when you touch them :)