Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello Monday!! Hello Mandala Monday! I love starting the week off with a pretty post each week. This is my first of many "Birthday Mandala's", I'm loving these flowers so much. Each day they look different, a little less life in them but still so pretty and colorful on my table. I am using a tablecloth this time too, wishing I had more pretty dishes and things to use but happy with the white background with these bright colors. I've learned a few things about my mandala making...
To be patient and not force it together
That it looks different once I see it on the computer
I'm short so making them on the table means standing on a chair, not my favorite thing to do
I could stare at them forever and feel a calm and peace come over me each time
I like making them inside more then outside because I see it more during the day
I LOVE LOVE GREEN even more then before, I love the stems and leaves!
How soft the petals are, like really soft and curl so nicely and stay curled
Making these is making me want to draw them, not ready yet but it's there
I'm so thrilled to join Dawn again this week, she is the one who inspired me to start making mandalas. I've made new friends along the way now too which just makes Monday's even brighter. Visit Dawn's blog to see her mandala. Thanks so much Dawn for sharing and inspiring me.
I want to share this new flower in our ditch too, isn't it funny looking. I LOVE seeing these each day, new blooms and they make me laugh each time. If you look closely you will see the sharp needles on the stems too, OUCH. The purple part is so soft though, Rich and I are getting a kick out of watching these. Does anyone know what they are called? I could look at it up but haven't yet. Just curious if they have a funny name. Not sure these will show up in any mandalas but admiring them for now is making me happy.
I will see you Tuesday for T time... it's the kid first day, YIPPEE!! We are so ready for the routine and schedule of school again. My favorite season is coming up and I'm ready to play in the leaves and see our pumpkins grow. I will have a Project Life post maybe with T time or sometime this week, it's 3 weeks worth of catching up. Thanks for visiting today and have a great MONDAY!! HUGS!
p.s. I almost forgot, my picture of Rich and I with our cake got chosen over at Our Beautiful World!! I love that picture and it was just one week ago that it happened, WOW!! Time does fly.
Thanks Elizabeth for helping me with the link thingy, I kinda got it but needs tweaked!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you dear friend, so glad you came by!

  2. The "flower" in your ditch is Thistle. Birds love the seeds. Once they find a place to live they self sow and are hard to get rid of. So if you don't like them, get rid of them now before they take over the whole area.

    Beautiful Mandala today. See you Tuesday for Tea.

    1. Thanks for letting me know it's a thistle. How did I not know that. Would love for it to grow more, so pretty and nice to bloom this late in the summer too.
      Thanks again and see you for Tea.

  3. I have seen Thistles that grow several feet high! they can get BIG but I happen to love seeing them on the side of the road or in peoples ditches and have secretly wanted them to "pop" up in my yard. My family would not be surprised at my wanting a giant weed to propagate but I guess I will just remain a fan when I see them. Cheers to a beautiful petal mandala this week!
    Happy Mandala Monday to you Dawn!

    1. Hi Dawn, wish I could send you part of my Thistle. It really has been fun seeing it grow and how odd it is. Driving my weeds and other flowers is a favorite of mine too.
      Happy Mandala to you also!

  4. This is adorable. The fact that you are using the various rose petals pays homage to Dawn's belief that these mandalas are so brief and disposable. I love the various colors you used, too. It makes me smile.

    Laughed at you climbing on the chair. I'm relatively certain yours was more sturdy than mine. And I agree that making these inside is much better than out because, like you, I don't have a whole lot of lovely dishes I can use. I've never been one for buying a whole lot of plates and such, although when I first started playing in Tea Tuesday, went out and bought a few cups and mugs. I couldn't get anything to fit this week, though, so just spread everything out on the table.

    Glad I was able to be helpful in the link department. Seems from a few of the comments, it was helpful to a few others, too. Have a happy Mandala Monday.

    1. Thanks for the visit and love that we both are short and need to use chairs for taking pictures. Going to leave you a comment on your blog.

  5. Great post and love that mandala... love the colours. I did have a little chuckle about you standing on a chair - the things we do in the name of art LOL!
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Hoping to remember to play along tomorrow for T Time... I think George is ready.
    love me :-)

    1. Tracey, it would make my day to see you join me for T time!! I know your busy so if you can that's GREAT!! I am laughing at me on a chair too, anything for a picture right!! Same with my PL pages.

      George will love getting visits and meeting new people!

  6. Ohh, this is such a lovely post!!. It's great to start the week with beautiful things :). LOVE your rose petals mandala. You are right about the calmness from making/looking at mandalas, any circular structures emanates perfect & balance energy and are considered sacred :).

    Beautiful wildflowers too, they look like Thistles (the Scottish national flower). I love all purple flowers, wonder if you could dry them like lavender.

    Congrats for being our favorite last week, the candles are magical :).

    1. Hello Shahrul, thanks so much for the visit. I can't believe they are thistles, how did I not know that??!! We haven't had them before but I'm loving them. Our sunflowers are doing amazing too, TALL ONES!!
      Thanks for the congrats, it was wonderful to see my picture there. Hoping to come up with something again this week.
      take care, HUGS!

  7. This mandala has a deeper meaning to you, right? It was so nice of your daughter to get them for your birthday. OMG! Did you say that you were on a chair to make this lovely mandala! I'm also short and I understand what you are saying.
    That wildflower is pretty, but I love love the beautiful sunflowers that you show from your garden.
    Happy week to you

  8. I love love your mandalas.. and I think I might start making some too.. it could be fun with all the stuff I find on the beach! U are inspiring me! Love yours! xo

  9. This is really pretty. Until I saw this here, and did a little research, I wasn't sure what a mandala was. Boy am I behind in the times or what? This is so artistic and smile inducing. I love the concept of these posts! We have those thistle looking flowers here in Florida too. Usually in the Summertime. Well, what other people around the nation consider Summertime. Here we have Summertime and Not-Summertime. Thanks so much for sharing. This was so wonderful to enjoy.

  10. Your mandala is very sweet and pretty...
    pink and orange go together so beautifully and everything goes with green (as Mother Nature reminds us again and again)...
    The photo of you and your hubby in the glow of your birthday candles IS wonderful!
    Enjoy these last days of summer
    p.s. be careful standing on chairs ;)