Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hello Project Life!! This week's pages show our first week with all the kids back home after 2 weeks of having one kid at camp each week. It was sooooo nice to have them all back home and in their beds. They both did love it and actually Summer did go back for a few days this week already to help with the special need kids and enjoyed that too. We are counting down the last couple weeks of summer vacation too, sooooo not ready for school to start or summer to end. Now for close-ups
here is the left side, my first mandala, Rich's new Cleveland Indians Jersey, Sienna's 5th BIRTHDAY!! Lots of love and fun on this page. I went with the red/pink/blue colors
here is the right side, I LOVE the picture of them on their bikes together, LOVE. Look at our cute little shadow picture and Renee playing Life with Sam, awesome clouds and LOVE LOVE THIS PICTURE OF MY MOM AND ME, SO CUTE! You can click on the images to see better.
Still waiting for my local Michaels store to get Project Life in, they are getting tired of my calling them every other day asking if it's in. How can they not have a date by now?? Can't wait to go buy my page protectors and new kits thru the next few months, so many fun ones to choose from.
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on my first T for Tuesday post and my mandala post. I enjoyed sharing them so much and am ready to share again next week.
I participated in Tammy's Index Card A Day challenge at Daisy Yellow over the summer. This was my first year and I have to say most of my energy and time went to Summer Of Colors but I did get a lot of cards done. Kinda did them as I wanted instead of one a day, some days I even did a few. In the end it's a mix group of everything. My plan was to make it stress free and no rules so that's what I did. Here are just some of the ones for June, will share the rest of them later along with July's too.
I did do some with the Summer Of Colors for that week and some were made for my dear IG friends to cheer them up or to just because and some were because of what that day was or just what inspired me. Next year I just might pick one theme and stick with it thru all 61 days.
Hope everyone is having a great week, HUGS!


  1. VERY nice post - love the pic of us too - and love the tea party story!!

  2. So much fun in your project life pages! Love the colors and the way you address the journaling to your kids. That will be fun for them to read in years to come. Your index cards are awesome, and I love that you made it stress-free for yourself. You do so many fun things - thanks for the continuing inspiration!

  3. Ive missed a lot, i can see. Fabulous photo of you and your mum sounded like a great night and when you say local Michaels do you mean the one in your town or do you have to drive further?
    i will try and make it back quicker this time, have to check out your other posts now.

  4. Thanks so much ladies, enjoyed reading your comments.

    Linda, so happy to see you today!! I meant my Michaels that is local but not in my town. It's only about 20mts away, wish it was much nearer but the next store that has PL is almost an hour away so this good.

    I just found out today that my Michaels store has PL in today!! Yippee, can't wait to go tomorrow and check it out!

  5. Just call us Bleubeard and Dr. Late. Yep, that's me, playing catch up. Sorry.

    Two things caught my eye. The photo of you and your mom was priceless. The photo of Sam and Renee playing life, where you split the photo in half and showed it in two separate holders. That was clever.

    Came to see the ICADs as promised, but also really enjoyed your PL week, too. Seems a lot of us started with Zebras, then veered off into other areas. Promise I won't be AS LATE next week (grin).

  6. Great idea with the index it! What a fab way of journaling everything and sweet photos, too!

  7. Hi Dawn! I love your Project Life pages! I bet it is wonderful to have the entire family home again! We are getting ready for Katie to go back to college in 2 weeks. Where did the summer go? Time just flies by way too quickly when you are having fun! Thank you so much for sharing your joy and happiness with all of us, Dawn! I always love visiting your blog!!!!

  8. How fun! The memories you are capturing are priceless! xoxo

  9. Wow for this PL pictures with the whole family in. Sienna looks so cute on her big day. Love your sky picture as always. I've not been to my Michaels store here I would love to check in if they have PL supplies, might think of getting some. This year I didn't take part in the ICAD party. Happy to see yours here.