Friday, December 13, 2013

Around here..... so thankful

Hello!! Look at this adorable snow scene, isn't it perfect! My dear online friend Susan surprised me with this in the mail. I couldn't believe it, sooooo cute and sooooo me!! I can never have enough snowmen or trees really and now I'm even loving wreaths. Thank you SO MUCH SUSAN!!!
My heart is overfilled with gratitude and joy and bursting to get out so that means it's time to blog/write from the heart and share what's going on around here. I hope you get this bursting feeling sometimes, I tell Rich all the time I hope others feel it too, it's amazing and such a blessing.
Look at that, a sunrise!! It's been weeks I tell you, asked God not to wait so long next time, I can't stand waiting this long between them. This totally made my day!!! LOOOOVE!!!
See that little bit of pink, that was the sunset that night. So tiny but I saw it and was thankful even if it is a tiny one. Hoping to see more of these, it's been too long.
My dad took everyone out for dinner this past Tuesday! I love that he can do this and we enjoy it so much. We take up lots of space but it's so fun and good for the kids. Thankful for this so much!
Thankful for these two sweet ones! For Sienna's excitement over Christmas at church, home, school and here. She sings Christmas songs all day and I love it. They were thankful for the pancakes I had for them today, it's been a long time and much wanted. Thankful for Colt and his words, talking so good and his tower making and car loving playing. So thankful I am lucky to be their babysitter.
For Sienna's LOVE for color and creative time and anything art. May she PLEASE PLEASE keep that positive and love for creating even if it's imperfect. Let her carry art in her heart forever and always. I love how she thinks and how she creates, inspires me to find my inner child. As you can see she likes to organize by color, yep she is a keeper and so loved!
Thankful for the rare times he reads, this makes my heart burst but sshhh I can't tell him how happy. We continued reading into bedtime together, it's the simple things!!
Summer and I decorated the tree last night, it's so pretty!! I told Rich I want to leave it up thru January and he said that sounded good. Just want to sit by the tree all day and night, sigh.
She is loving the tree just as much as me, always sitting there reading and just enjoying!
We sit by the tree and read our daily bread books together too, see the magic a tree can bring
here a few others without pictures
Renee has been cooking now in Life Skills and LOOOVES IT!!
My Project Life is not caught up, sad face here
I just bought my cards, way behind on this
Watched Season Finale of Grey's last night, OMG OMG!
It's VERY COLD this week, not much snow but COLD
Excited for our Live Nativity Scene at church tonight
Praying and praying for the families at Sandy Hook, tomorrow makes it one year since the tragedy at their school. A whole year without their babies and loved ones. Please pray for them too. Thank you!
Keeping my kitchen table cleaned off, means no creating but that's ok
Dreaming of 2014, so excited and ready for the new year.
That's it for us, how is your week going? Are you ready for Christmas? Not me, barely started but hoping to be done by next week so I can just relax and be lazy with the kids.
Have a great weekend and thanks for coming by! HUGS!!


  1. Dear Dawn I'm sooo happy too that you love the snowmen canvas. The sunrise and sunset pictures are awesome. I see a lot of magic and hope in them. Love all that you have shared here, of what the kids are upto.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Wonderful post to express gratitude Dawn, glad you had fun time with dad and the rest of the family!

  3. So many precious gifts. What a lovely thing to share ;) I'm working on a gratitude page for my dd too

  4. Still having internet woes, but now they think it's in my phone line. They may have to send someone out on Monday. But now I'm on and wanted to stop by and say hi.

    Your gift is wonderful. Love all the texture in that canvas. Susan did a fantastic job.

    Your family is ready for the holidays, I can tell. The kids seem to be enjoying their time, and the cold doesn't seem to affect them. I love how you and Summer decorated the tree. I can see why you would want to leave it up. I bet the entire house smells wonderful, too.

    Have a super week. I miss being online and miss you.

  5. Another joyful post, Dawn! I absolutely love everything that you are thankful for like the sunrise and sunset and the awesome things your children do, but I absolutely loved hearing about that bursting feeling that you have because I get that, too. Thanks for conveying that feeling to all of us. And yes, I prayed for the families at Sandy Hook, too. We definitely need to give our loved ones a big hug today. Sending hugs your way, my friend. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with your wonderful family.

  6. Hi Dawn,

    I miss you. I'm finally back online and was hoping you might have posted something new. Regardless, I understand, and hope your shopping is finally finished, so you can relax and have fun with the kids. Holiday wishes, dear.