Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas T time on Tuesday

Hello and welcome to T Time on Tuesday, how exciting that it's New Year's Eve today!! I'm so ready for a new year, hoping great things for everyone! My picture today was taken by Rich, he wanted you to know what a big breakfast I ate on Christmas Eve morning. I have been craving strawberry pancakes for weeks now and they were so good. I had to order hashbrowns and the biscuits and gravy sounded good too. I was quite happy with my meal and ate a good portion of it. Sometimes you just have to eat all you want, right!! We were out for breakfast with my dad's side of the family that morning, it's been a tradition since I was young. My grandparents got married on Christmas Eve and my grandpa liked doing this so we keep the tradition going! We take up a lot of tables but it's so fun.
How was your Christmas? Are you ready for the New Year? Any goals/resolutions? Would love to hear about them,  always fun to start the year off with big dreams I think. Today I'm going to share our Christmas eve and Christmas day pictures with you. We had the best days, couldn't have been better. It was so nice that my oldest is actually home now so having her home already and not rushing in a quick visit from her really made it more calm and peaceful. Are you ready for photo overload?
we woke up to snow, YAY it's a white Christmas!
Christmas eve night, driving to Rich's aunts house
I love the tree and the Santa
I loved seeing all these stockings, LOVE
the table was pretty and had yummy treats waiting for us
We played some pool in their awesome basement, sorry no one wanted pictures
back at home we read The Night Before Christmas and kids went to bed. I had to wrap 3 small things and put more under the tree and fill stockings, easiest Christmas Eve I've had in years. Then Rich and I went to bed and surprisingly I fell right to sleep, I still get excited the night before and stay awake.
Guess what little boy woke up early with me, Yep that's Sam every year. Poor boy had to sit and wait 21/2 hours for his sisters to get up before opening gifts. So funny he is and Lucky was quite happy with a comfy spot and a buddy to lay with. I did my advent reading and extra Christmas reading.
Now I will show you our morning, we had a great time and kids were happy and so sweet.
So loved watching all the kids, we will miss Kristin next year
This makes me happy, all of them at our table!
Rich made breakfast while I made Buffalo Chicken dip for us to snack on, YUMMY!
my gifts were... new phone, scissors, bowls, book and cutting board YAY!
Summer was happy with her Oreo's and gifts!
Look how pretty Summer is in her new top and curled hair. We were headed out to my mom's house for more fun. I'm going to end it here because the family needs me.
What are your plans for the big night, we are staying home with movies and yummy food. Will share them soon or next Tuesday along with the rest of my Christmas pictures!
Have a Happy and Safe New Year, looking forward to seeing all of you thru the new year.
Thank you for your visits and comments, love sharing our Tuesday's together.
Thank you Elizabeth for letting us share this day with you, always fun for me. HUGS!


  1. Happy new year sis. Glad had fun times. Whew your new year full of busy classes. Also. My olw is hope, heathers is quiet, who's was smiles and I forget others words. Anyhoo. Pray and love to you and family. Xox

  2. fun to see how your family spent the day...yes, so nice to enjoy them when they are all together! Our family is at the point of having to 'share' them with the in-laws so it can be complicated to see who will be celebrating where for each holiday! Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!

  3. What a wonderful way to see how others spend their Christmas eve and day, Looks like lots of fun food abounded during that time. Almost like the one, maybe two times a year I overdo it, too.

    It was fun watching as the kids opened and enjoyed their gifts. Soon they will be scattered all over the world, so it's good that they can all spend it together at least ONE MORE YEAR.

    Here's to your best and happiest new year ever, filled with perfect memories, safe times, and T on Tuesday, of course!!

  4. So nice to have your family all together during the holidays, and I really enjoyed seeing your day. We will enjoy the Eve much like you, eating some yummy snacks and watching movies. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

  5. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing all the photos!!
    Happy New Year!!

  6. Happy New Year Dawn!
    What wonderful Christmas pictures, thanks for sharing.
    I have spent two weeks of eating what ever I wanted and now I can't breath in my jeans....LOL
    It will be a quiet New Years eve here. We probably won't hear the clock strike twelve.
    Thanks for the visit this week.

  7. So happy you all had a lovely "White" Christmas Dawn :)...
    it all seems to come and go so quickly so having lots of photos helps cement the special memories!
    It has been fun meeting you for T (thanks to Elizabeth!) and Mandalas (thanks to Dawn!) ... glad you could join in the fun this year :)
    Here's wishing you and yours a very Happy Healthy and Creative New Year...
    looking forward to more fun and sharing...

  8. What a great Christmas!! Thanks for sharing. :)
    It's just Karma and I, of course, but I will be doing a welcoming of the new year with some angel cards.
    Happy T-Day and Happy New Year! :)

  9. Looks like it was a great christmas and hope the new year is great as well. Thanks for your lovely comments

  10. That Santa looks so wonderful. So nice to see the pictures where the kids are opening their presents. I can understand Sam's excitement. My son was also up very early to open his Lego set. Happy to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas. Dear Dawn, Wishing you the best of everything in the coming year.

  11. Good Morning Dawn! Looks like you had an amazing holiday season! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful and joyful photos with all of us! I just love visiting your blog and always come away with a happy feeling! I want to wish you and your awesome family a very blessed and happy new year! I can't wait to see what you create in 2014, my sweet friend! HUGS to you!!!!!

  12. What a beautiful, comforting post!!. The photos here are so homy, warm and happy!!!!. I want that furry slippers too, I had one years ago, what a bliss when living in the thick, cold winter of Colorado! :). Beautiful family you have there, Dawn. I'm grateful to see so many smiles and a happy dog :). Happy New Year, dearest friend!!!. HUGS.