Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Project Life with December Daily, days 1-3

Hello!! Today I'm sharing my Project Life/ December Daily cover page and days 1-3 with you. As some of you know Ali Edward's encourages us to take part each December in documenting the month in any way that works for us, most do a album just for the month. I've done that in the past and finished one and didn't finish another but when I do it with Project Life it always gets done. Of course that is the way I'm doing it this year too, I love this album so much and how it can work for you no matter what you put in it. I am not going by day or week this time, just going to put what I want in it when I want to, going with the flow and not stressing about it. Here's a look at how it's going.
Above you will see my cover/title page for the month. I am using greens/reds and gold with pops of white and tan. My good friend Andrea surprised me with some die cuts and cards and a new friend Natalie has some downloads on her blog. I used a little bit of new and older scraps on this page.
here is the first 3 days which took 2 pages. I changed things around a few times and had to reorder the right pictures but it's here and done now. Below are the close-ups of each side...
Here is the left side, the first day of December actually. I like the white on this side, just enough to keep me happy. I used a mix of things again, the white number card and the O Christmas Tree print are from Natalie, the top right is from Andrea and the journal card is from my PL kit. I debated about using 2 of almost same picture of the tree but the first one is about the tree and second is my advent.
Remember you can click on these images to see better. Now for the right side...
I love this side for the mix of what happened these two days. I've decided to have a homemade theme/feeling for our decorations/tree this year and here's my first two projects. It was dark and cloudy the day I took the picture of the wreaths, will show you a picture below to see better. I am so happy to find that handmade Holiday card in my new paper pack, it was meant to be! I had to include this cute picture of Colt, he brought over 3 blue cars that day and we built a tower to put them on and he was happy and such a boy. In the above right is the program from my niece's concert last night, trimmed it down a bit and fit it into the pocket. There you have it, 3 stories on one page for 2 days.
I used Natalie's date cards again, Andrea's "merry" below which I love. This was fun for me!
here is my wreath wall this morning with SUNLIGHT on it, YAY! I wanted to make a wreath wall but didn't know where to start until Alisa Burke shared hers on Monday with us. I got right to work on gathering these up and still have two more in the makings and will share later when done.
Here is my banner wall, the light isn't too good on here, sorry. I knew after having birthday banners here all year we should do a Christmas one too. The first one came from Andrea, she made this just for me, such a sweetie she is. The middle one is a kit I used and put together from Michael's and the last one is from my friend Tracey who gave me that last Christmas. So I had 3 banners to work with from the start. Summer helped me get them up and we played around with which one should go where till we decided to leave it like this. I didn't like it at first and it grew on me and I feel it still needs something??? Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated !
How are you doing with your December Daily or anything December related? If you haven't joined in it's not to late, start today and take one picture each day and write down a few words about it.
I'm linking up today with Ali
and with Natalie who is sharing a link everyday thru the month for the ones using Project Life as their December Daily. Thank you Natalie
Have a great day and see you soon, thank you for visiting!


  1. Wow! Your December Daily/Project Life pages are just gorgeous Dawn! I especially love the three tiny trees on your cover page - so cute! And the way you cropped the photo of your banner wall is just perfect. It makes a super cute PL card!

  2. Dawn! I love these pages. Thanks for including a link to my site. That red and white washi tape on the number cards is great. I might try that with my gold washi tape. Look forward to seeing your pages!

  3. Your pages look beautiful! I wish I believed I could be disciplined enough to do a real album like this, but at the moment I think digital is the only way for me :)

  4. Love seeing the greens & reds in your PL!. Oh, maybe a spot for hot chocolate photo would be yummy :). What do you think about adding a few of little Winter things on the banner .... like white-painted twigs, red berries, or glittered snowflake cutouts?. Stay warm, HUGS!.

  5. Love it ! your holiday spirit is infectious! why don't you combing the banner and wreaths into one wall--make a bigger bolder statement?
    Happy Merry making!!

  6. Love this so much! Ur decs r fab! Love the wreaths

  7. Ohhhh Dawn, you had me at TREES. Love them all, and I adore those wreaths. I'm going to have to do an internet search for Alisa since I didn't see a link. These are really lovely, and I'm a bit tired of the one I have on my front porch.

    I look forward to seeing more of your handmade Christmas. It sounds like it's going to be a fun month for you.

  8. Your December Daily pages are awesome sweet friend. Aren't the reds and greens the best colors of this season? Your wreaths are so pretty I especially love the flower one, so so beautiful. I am planning to take more December pictures and add to my album too.
    Take Care and Hugs

  9. Such a magical time of the year, isn't it, Dawn? Your blog really reflects that! I absolutely love all of your wonderful Project Life pages! You are doing an amazing job! And your wreaths and Christmas decorations are wonderful. It looks like you are enjoying the holiday season! Happy December, my friend!

  10. Like she said. Make some colored paper snow flakes or some sort of chrismasy or outdoorsy piece to banner wall. I love the wreaths.

  11. Where my December Daily is not so christmasy but I truly enjoy the holiday spirit from yours, thanks for sharing!!!!