Tuesday, December 3, 2013

T stands for enjoying Treats out in the snow

Hello and Happy T Day ladies, I'm sharing some cold and Tasty pictures with you today. Over the weekend we visited one of our local farm parks for some winter fun. We've only been here about 5/6 times over the years, wishing we had gone more when the kids were little. They are about saving and protecting wildlife, most of their activities and classes are free. I love that they do this for the community and are so kind and helpful when you visit. Each season/holiday brings something for all ages to do there and a beautiful gift shop too. Here are some photos and words about our visit.
The picture above is our favorite, my husband wants this is in our backyard when he retires. We have usually been here in spring/summer where there is a lot more birds and cute little chipmunks/squirrels running around. It looks just as pretty with all the snow I think and we were lucky to see some furry visitors. Click on any images to see better too. Below are some furry friends we saw.
here is the window we are looking out of in the picture above. See the couple in the rockers, this is what I love about this place. They want you to just sit and relax and enjoy the view. There's more rockers behind us and down past the couple. It was very crowded this day and I tried to get pictures without other people being in them, just ignore them and enjoy the sights.
here is our first vistor, see the black squirrel in the tree
look how cute and he's coming closer and watch out
see that little brown one come in and scare off the black one!! WOW, we figured he was jealous of the attention and wanted to show off. This was so funny to watch, glad I had my camera.
how pretty this next visitor was, Rich could have watched him all day
This is one of the reasons we came today and have in the past. It's a board game and we are the players. Each year they set up this room in a beautiful winter winter wonderland, I love walking around and seeing all the pretty trees and cute stuffed animals they have. It was crowded so I did the best I could with my pictures. The object is to spin your spinner ( like in the game Twister) and move as many spots as it tells you. Certain spots along the way tell you to stop and sing a holiday song or make animal sounds. We skipped that part and just walked thru half of it.
Isn't this the cutest, love seeing the animals everywhere.
Next up is the other reason we came, the kids really wanted this this.
A campfire with SMORES!! Oh yea Sam and Renee were excited!
I even got in line for one of them, thanks for the picture Rich.
We could barely get around the fire, the smoke was blowing in your face, so no pictures of it but was cool to be outside in the snow doing this. Hoping to do this again next year.
Then we came back inside for some hot cocoa and to watch these cute turtles.
It was a fun hour spent there, will be sharing part two of this next week.
Would love to hear what your up to today, I've got 3 places to be thru out the day and some crafting to do, hoping to show you my decorations and tree next week. Have a great day and come by and visit others sharing their Tuesday at Elizabeth's .
I will be heading out but will check in with everyone later today and tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by and hope this post was fun for you.


  1. Your posts are always fun. I am a bad blogger because I don't always leave a comment. I love hearing about the farm and the game sounds very cool. Happy Tuesday

  2. What a cool place that is! Temp wise and all the activity. Hugs

  3. what an adorable and beautiful place to visit. love the idea of that room as a game board, and the porch with the rockers to just sit and enjoy. Snow is really lovely...just not to drive in! happy T day!

  4. Hi Dawn, thanks for the earlier visit.
    What a wonderful place to visit, and the smores look heavenly, even though we ate them every night out on the desert.....LOL
    Thanks for sharing these great photos.
    Happy T-day

  5. HMM! Adult supervision. Who's going to supervise YOU? Rich, maybe (grin)?

    I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful winter wonderland adventure. It's great this is all free. We have NOTHING free in Wichita.

    Thanks for sharing your cocoa for T today. Now I want some, too.,

  6. What a lovely and fun place to visit...
    looks like a great time was had by all!

    Happy December T day to you and yours

  7. This looks like a fun place to explore, watch wildlife and have fun...with or without kids! When I was a teenager, a local store did a Christmas village which was fun to walk through and see all the displays.

  8. I had to return after I read what you wrote. Had to laugh, too. I used to do other themes, and have everything segregated. Past themes include using only sleighs, poinsettias, Santas, and of course, rocking horses. Decided trees were my fave, so look for them on my blog soon!

  9. Gosh! That looks like a great place! I could easily picture myself in one of those rocking chairs watching that black squirrel and all the rest of the critters.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  10. Well look at you, a whole family of snow bunnies! I like the couple in the rocking chairs, just sitting and relaxing in the warm interior. That's the spot for me ;-)
    Happy T today!

  11. OMG! you have got so much snow. But I can see that you are all enjoying the season with such wonderful outings. Is that a woodpecker? it looks so pretty. Your family pictures are also lovely. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  12. I love this place!!. SO fun, looking at the activities kids & adults could play and most of all, the hot cocoa & S'mores!!. The nature around here is beautiful too, I have fun seeing the squirrels hogging a spot light :. HUGS.

  13. Gorgeous photos!!!! I love your snow fun! Thanks, Dawn, for sharing them with all of us! I absolutely love visiting your blog!!!!