Friday, December 27, 2013


Hello!! How was your Christmas? Mine was wonderful and it even had a pretty sunrise and some snow, I love a white Christmas!!! I will be sharing my Christmas pictures with you next Tuesday for T Time. Be ready for a picture overload again, lots of good things to share.
Today I'm going to share my plans for 2014, can you believe another year has gone! The biggest plan that I do each year is choosing a OLW (one little word) this year most of you know I chose the word STORY and had PEACE thrown in with it. I did enjoy the STORY part but wish I had done more with PEACE. I may still revisit it and see what comes from it then. Most years I do choose 2 words, this is usually because I can't choose just one and because I like to have one of them be mine and the other towards the family. This year I've got only one word and I'm thrilled with it. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear what it is, although I was a little surprised and mostly surprised at how easily it just popped into my head one night while reading the bible. Right after that day the word popped up in different ways which proved that it was the word for me. Are you ready to find out...
My OLW is PRAY!!! Are you surprised? Here in this book was my first clue that this was the word for me. I found this One Perfect Word book at the library quite by accident and had to read it and reread it, I love it so much. The book is by Debbie Macomber and she has been choosing a word since the 80's, isn't that awesome. She shared 14 of them here in the book. She had another past word of mine in there too. I found this book two days after the word PRAY popped into my head while reading the bible. When I opened this book and found the word Prayer in it, I could feel it in my heart and even had tingles just from reading this. My word has never felt so strong before. Then something else happened to prove my word was right for me this year.
see that little blue KEEP CALM AND PRAY ON journal. That was my next clue and really proved that God was choosing this word for me and wanted me to know it. I had seen this journal at Wal-Mart and wanted it since I had just found out that PRAY would be my word. Well, I have the rule of no buying for ourselves right before Christmas unless it's a "needed" item. This wasn't a need but a REALLLLLLY WANT IT so I would put it in the cart while I shopped just so I could see it and pretend like it was mine. Each time I put it back on the shelf, even though by now there was only this one left. I had done this 3x ,  crazy I know. That last time though, I put it on the shelf and said please be here when I come back after Christmas. Well, we had our Secret Pal dinner at Church that week and guess what one of my presents was??!!! YES YES YES!! I didn't even unwrap it all the way and saw the color and knew it had to be my journal!! OMG I was so excited, the ladies thought I was nuts and so I told them the story. See how God made sure I got the journal, think he wanted me to receive it as a gift and not just a purchase made by me. This journal is even more important to me now.
So that takes care of the 2 books on top and the bottom two I found just recently. I was shopping for Kristin at the bookstore and saw this Prayer Warrior book, uuummm that could be me I thought. What a great idea for what I want to do with my word, took a picture of it and sent it to Kristin as a hint to buy me for Christmas and she did, YAY!! I love it already. The other book isn't about praying but about how reading the bible in a year can change your life. I had planned on doing this so was happy to see it at Ollie's and snatched it up. I think this will be the year I read a lot too, lol.
Remember this, my art/prayer journal I started in November, this is why I shouldn't be surprised at my OLW for next year. I loved this journal and will be doing more in it but I think a different way. My prayers will be listed in my new blue journal and this one will be just for art and verses I want to remember. Excited to be back in this journal again, will share pages as I go along.
I also signed up for Ali Edward's OLW class as I do each year. Hoping the prompts keep me focused and motivated to keep my word in the front and center this year. I tend to little it fade away thru the year. This year feels different already with how my word came to me, so this will help I think.
My other plans are as follow, just a list for now and more details to come in the new year.
Project Life... you know this is my favorite, already got the album and am soooo READY
Draw your life class, this is a new one that came out in the fall but I had to wait
365 collages this year with iHanna, she is the one I did the postcard swap with
Mail Art, I want to do more of these since the postcards were fun
this isn't a class but I want to write more, maybe a pen-pal kinda thing
organize my space better and make it pretty
taking a class from Julie Balzar, it's been too long and I LOVE HER classes
taking a class from Alisa Burke, maybe her nature one or watercolor one
finishing up and doing more with my classes from this year
a free document planner workshop I just found out about
I think that's it for now, sounds like a lot but will be spread thru the next 6 months till the kids are home for summer. I love having a plans list, love the fresh start of a new year and hope to finish all these and enjoy them. Will keep you posted as we move into the new year though.
How about you, let me know any plans or goals or if you want to join me in the OLW for the year. Would love to have others joining me, it's always more fun with friends by your side.
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it. Are you ready for 2014? I am very ready!!
Have a great weekend and will see you next week for T Time, no mandala this week.


  1. I'm glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. Jealousy yours was a white one. :-) I'm also super blessed that I can make new friends via social media sites. Especially other Godly women who are amazing.

    I almost bought the "keep calm and pray on" last night. Walked around the store the. Put it back! :-) hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Its been awhile since I have visited and so glad I did. It was a huge reminder of how much I miss not coming here. I put my hand up for the pen-pal bit... we need to chat more often. Looking forward to doing Ali's class with you and we must keep each other focused on this class. Love your word and love the story that goes with it. You need to write this down and put it with your OLW prompts. I have thoughts in my head about 2014 that I will share soon once I sort them out a bit. I have loved visiting and again I love, love the story about your OLW.
    love me :-)

  3. What a joyous Christmas you had. I could tell from the excitement you shared.

    I have my word picked out and will post it probably after the new year. I can tell yours certainly fits you and your life, along with Project Life pages AND your journal.

    Sounds like you are going to take a lot of classes this year. Lucky you. I've never taken a class, and I'm fairly confident I won't this year, either. But of course, yours sound so YOU!!

    Sometimes organizing your space makes it pretty. I gave up on beauty in my craft room and my basement studio. I prefer beauty in the rest of the house and function in my art spaces. Of course, I'm sure you'll find lots of ways to liven your space with pretty, yet functional jars, bottles, and boxes that will hold some of your art supplies.

    We also had a white Christmas, but not as beautiful as yours. I think we ended up with around 5 inches.

    I look forward to our continued friendship in 2014, and look forward to seeing you for T(ea) on Tuesday.

  4. Your story about the prayer journal is simply amazing! God wanted you to have that journal for sure! I love hearing stories like that! Pray is a great word! My word is vibrancy. Maybe I told you that already, can't remember. You sound so full of excitement and fun plans for the new year! I love your attitude towards Life! Happy New Year Dawn!

  5. Thanks so much ladies for your constant support and excitement for me!! You are the best readers!! HUGS!

  6. I am glad that you had a pretty white christmas, no snow here and Las Vegas and I have missed those white flurry.
    Wonderful plan for 2014, I always admired people who has plan and get it done, you go gal!!!! Happy 2014!

  7. Dear Dawn Your OLW is perfect. The stories behind the Prayer books are amazing. I too believe in coincidence as God's way of telling things to us. Your 2014 plans look wonderful. Hope you have a wonderful, and creative 2014.

  8. Hi Dawn! I made it here and you have such a lovely, heartwarming blog. You know I adore your OLW for the year and how it came about. It will truly be a fantabulous journey and I'm so thrilled to be joining you in it, thank you again. I look forward to joining you in class and sharing not only how we grow through this year but our faith as well. So elated God has brought our paths together. Have a wonderful day! xo Scarlett

  9. Ack, I forgot to add I think the rest of your plans sound tremendous as well. I'm all for the Alisa Burke class especially and am wondering if your planner class is The Documented Life? If so I'm intending on joining in on that as well!! I think it will be a fabulous compliment to PL, which I need to highly get better at blogging and sharing. YaY to 2014!!

  10. Great story about your prayer journal!! Totally meant to be! Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas!

  11. Hi Dawn!! Wow, it has certainly been awhile since I've been around the blogosphere! So happy to read your postings, you are truly inspirational and have such a big heart for life & family.
    Congratulations on all your big goals and plans for 2014, I look forward to seeing each & every one become realized!! Happy New Year!!