Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hello to twinkling lights everywhere
Hello to starting my first ever advent this morning
Hello to lots of reading on the true meaning of Christmas
Hello to secret Santa at church, love this
Hello to Kristin being home all December long
Hello to lists and more lists and more lists
Hello to winter and snow
Hello to shopping
Hello to quiet mornings by my tree
Hello to JOY
Hello to wonderful activities at church
Hello to decorating and trees and wreaths
Hello to making gingerbread houses
Hello to Christmas Eve, sigh
Hello to the last month of 2013??!!
Hello to excited kids and tired parents
Hello to Journal Your Christmas class
Hello to December Daily in my Project Life
Hello to slowing down and feeling the spirit
Hello to holiday shows and music
Hello to red and green everywhere
Hello to making cookies
Hello December
May you be the best I've had in a long time
I can't wait to celebrate and rejoice all month long
Spreading JOY and Magic is my favorite
Welcoming you fully into my heart
Finding the gifts in the simple everyday things
Yes, I am ready for you !!
Hello ladies, thanks so much for the comments on my Thanksgiving post which is below for any who want to see how our day went and some extra fun pictures. It's been feeling like December for a couple weeks now so today isn't that much of a surprise to me. It's been a great Thankful fall which is put me in a good place this holiday season. Can't wait to share it with you, my first for some of you.
I'm posting my Monday Mandala too, one that was made quite by accident and might amuse some of you. This was made by Sam and he didn't even realize it till I told him. Are you ready to see...
he was playing with his blocks from the JENGA game. I wanted to straighten out the blocks a little but he didn't want me too. It's a little crooked but the mandala is there and even a little house and stairs to it. Not sure what this was suppose to be but it kept him busy and quiet which is always a nice thing. Next week I will show you another fall mandala like last weeks. Thank you Dawn for inspiring and sharing this beautiful idea with us. Always a JOY to see yours and the fun from making it.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for their first week of December. Make time to sit and just soak in the holiday goodness around you. Keep it simple and only do what really makes you happy and have time for. Easier said then done I know but I'm giving it a try and hope you will too.

I will see you on Tuesday at Elizabeth's with a fun T time post!


  1. Hey early lady, I was just checking in before bed and look what I find! a sweet mandala made by an unsuspecting player, lol
    Love it, so awesome. they are everywhere if you are open to it aren't they.
    I adore your advice about soaking in the splendor of this time of year and only doing what makes you truly happy. Sage advice, my friend.
    Your list of appreciations is very special and wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing your December with us!!
    Happy Mandala Monday, sweetie

  2. Happy December Dawn, wonderful post!

  3. Oh, how I love your attitude towards life Dawn! This post is a breath of fresh air! Happy December to you!

  4. Hi Dawn! Happy December to you, too! I absolutely love your photo at the top of your blog and your creative mandala! I especially loved reading all of your "hello's!!!" Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful outlook with all of us. I always enjoy visiting your blog and feel happy when I leave here!

  5. I would have been here sooner, but I've been working on getting my Christmas decorations together. And I bet you've slept at least ONCE since I have. I'm running on sheer adrenaline and possibly euphoria due to sleep deprivation, but I have to find a few more hours in my days, or I won't make it.

    I love your Hello December. I like the idea of slowing down. Wish you were here to say that to me about six times a day.

    Sam's mandala is adorable. He is so cute and sweet. You are of course, quite lucky to have all your kids. And to think, I got stuck with a cat!

    Have a super day, dear. See you tomorrow or tonight.

  6. I see the smile in your words. Embrace this Christams season. Love and prayers.

  7. I always love your Hello posts dear Dawn. Wow! for putting up the Christmas tree. We might do it this week. Love that it was Sam who did the mandala this week.It is different and I love the idea of steps and the little house.