Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hello, just wanted to update you and say THANK YOU for the comments and good wishes for us and the pipes. Thankfully we got it fixed Thursday night, turned out to be a valve and not a whole plumbing issue, YAY!! Had a good friend come over and look and was able to fix it, so happy with that.
As you can see though, I still can't upload pictures here. Haven't had time to look into it much either. The girls were home last Thurs and Fri and all the kids will be home Mon/Tues coming up and then I babysit the next two days after that. Friday will be my catch up day on chores/errands and then it's weekend time already. See how I just went thru a whole week already, so really this month is already over for me. Probably the least productive Janurary I've ever had. Hoping next month will go much better.
I'm still cleaning up my craft space and trying to figure out how much to leave there and the rest to be packed upstairs to a hall closet. I spent a few hours yesterday and will again today going over old pictures and getting rid of the bad ones, doubles and misc. ones. Doing this will clear up a bunch of space in that closet along with some old magazines I've had in there. Hoping to have all this done by then end of the month, wish me luck!
The weather had turned freezing cold again, not inspiring at all and makes me lazy and just want to hide under the covers. I also have a cold now and that's not helping me either. Still going thru the days but much slower and with tissues in hand.
The Valentine decorations are coming down and will keep me busy along with cutting out hearts for our SHOW LOVE TO ALL month. This concept is almost the same as my thankful leaves in November.
I cut up hearts and put them in a jar and each day we fill one out for everyone in the house and either leave it on the kitchen door or hide it somewhere in their space to surprise them. I love doing this and the first time we did the house had hearts all over the walls and doors and the kids enjoyed it so much. Last year I even did this with the little ones when they came over and they loved it. The idea is to write something nice on the heart, could be something they did that day or why you love them or anything that will make that person feel loved and special. We need that sometimes here, as you know siblings aren't always nice and loving to one another. I keep these hearts too and will add them to the back of my PL.
Hope my computer issues will be fixed for next month so I can share them with you. Feel free to look at my ones from last year in February.
Have a good week and thanks for coming by if you did. I will get around to your blogs when I have a free time too.


  1. How annoying with blogger. I hope the cold passes quickly. Good luck with the cleaning and organizing. I just got rid of some magazines I had been hanging onto for years. Feels wonderful and freed up some space, too. Have a great week!

  2. I've been having issues with blogger for months...soooo annoying! Sounds like you are super busy...the year is definitely off to a flying start!

  3. Dear Dawn I hope you are feeling better now. Your February project Show Love To All sounds great. The best thing is how you let your kids too get involved in them. I know it gets very challenging to be creative when the house is filled with children and noise. Hope from next week you will get some quiet time. Wish I could help you with the computer issue:(

  4. Did u see abt blog post from phone like I do with mine ??? Yours is iPhone mine android so may do it differently

  5. I do hope you get the computer problem fixed soon! Hugs to you!

  6. feel better.. I hv had a rotten cold lately too.. coughing... ugh.. hoping to feel better myself.. xo love you dawn!

  7. Hi Dawn! thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! I hope you feel better soon. I am happy that your pipe situation is fixed! I hope Rich's car gets fixed soon. too. I bet you can't wait for spring! My mom's condition is deteriorating - I am praying that she is not suffering. Thank you so much for asking about her, my wonderful friend. Hugs to you!

  8. Stay warm! it is ridiculously cold this year. Hope to see your hearts of love soon!