Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Words Only....computer issues

Hello, anyone here?? Looks like I went MIA again this week. Life is busy right now and my computer has decided to have issues uploading pictures to my blog??!!! Not sure what the issues are but will try to fix it and share them. For now I thought I'd do my favorite kind of post..

                                                  AROUND HERE

kids are back to school finally and our routine is back on track, YAY!

the weather got warmer finally after the freezing below zero temps.

the kids and I made it somehow thru those extra 3 days off, we are still alive and doing well

we watched Parental Guidance on our last snow day, such a good movie, run out and get it

Renee and I went to the movies and saw Frozen, love it, never too old for a Disney show

my favorite Wednesday night shows are back on and I'm happy about that

I received some lovely gifts from my blog friends in Australia, will share them soon I hope

My PL 2014 is going well, too many pictures not enough space, sounds like 2013 again

my Move More Eat Well class is awesome and I actually went to the gym over the weekend

we have a busted pipe that froze last week, it just busted so now comes the fun part, $$$

my new Monday night Bible class just started back up after the holiday break, YAY

I still love my new book case, thank you for the wonderful comments on it

this past week has been full of organizing, purging, rearranging and letting go of stuff

the little ones were here yesterday and so dang cute and sweet, love them even with runny noses

Summer and Kristin are going to a winter bash camp this weekend thru our church

we've had 2 great sunrises this morning, had hoped to share them today

I guess that's it for now, sorry for the lack of pictures today. Couldn't wait to share them with you, why do computers have issues when we need them to work for us!! Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying whatever weather your having. Can you believe mid-January already??!!! Time is flying which reminds me of what I need to get ready for next month. For my new readers here I like to do something every February that is kind like my thankful leaves. I will be sharing that soon too and hope some of you will join me. It's about spreading love to others and involves lots of hearts.

See you soon with pictures, wish me luck I can work it out.
Hello Nancy, have a great day and will call you soon!


  1. Hope you can sort out your computer problems soon. Would love to see those sun rises. Here I too have been telling my hubby to take us to watch Frozen. Sorry, to hear about the broken pipe.Even I was thinking about how fast it has already been mid January! Will be back to see if you were able to upload the photos.

  2. Hettie, who lives in the UK also had problems with blogger today. I had trouble last night, but I'm persistent. No wonder my linky link didn't show up. It was a blogger problem.

    Sorry I missed you for T(ea) today. Glad you are OK, but you fared worse than I did. At least I had no busted pipes, thank goodness. At least, I don't think I have, since I've checked everything except my outside faucet.

    Hope to see photos soon, Take care, dear.

  3. Hi Dawn! Sorry to hear you are having computer issues, and broken pipe issues - no fun on both counts! Fun post anyway! Can't wait to see the pics. Stay warm!

  4. Hi Dawn-Sounds like life is getting busy for you-lots of new and esciting things to look forward to this year ;)
    Don't talk to me about computers LOL! I have been missing for ages due to computer probs etc-have a good day-and I hope your broken pipe doesn't cost too much to repair :)
    Hugs,Nessa xxxx

  5. Hi Dawn! I love your words only post! I hope you get your computer issues fixed!!! That is such a pain, isn't it? Well you made the most of it here on your wonderful post! We saw "Frozen" too while Katie was home and just loved it. Yes, you are never too old for a Disney movie!!!! thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and your life with all of us! Take care. Our weather is starting to get colder again - I think this weekend it will be back to being frigid!! YUCK!!!!!

  6. Lol dawn. Yea I'm half and half to get a computer. Btwn yours and moms problems I like my phone one. Rember I showed u that u can use phone blogging app too. I don't do much to mine but should work for you to do yours in btwn issues. Sorry abt pipe get some metal shelves and bins for your garage so leak won't ruin stuff. Rember dads we organized in his garage .... Lol take care.

  7. Sorry to hear about the computer issue, don't we all have that love-hate relationship with our computer?
    It is good to read your updates even without pictures, I hope your computer issue get fixed soon and we can see more of your lovely photos!

  8. Computers... they are great when they are working, not so when they don't. Hope you get it sorted soon. Love these posts and I think this kind of post is better without photos. Glad to hear things are warming up, out weather is getting hot again so we won't be doing much. Hope your pipe doesn't cost too much.
    love me :-)

  9. Yucks!! computer does that all the time :). Missed reading your posts and seeing the kids too. I hope you're warm enough to brave thru winter :). HUGS.