Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hello, I'm once again posting without pictures! I have tried a few things but none of them is working and I don't have enough energy to try again right now. What a crazy week it's been, going to get it out in writing while I remember it!

Seems that things breaking is what the theme is around here. Right after getting the leaking valve fixed, Rich's car broke down on the way to work, it's still in the shop and will hopefully be done Monday. Thankful for friends that can give him rides to/from work so I can have my van for the kids and errands.

My cold is still here, better in a way but still here. I went to the doctor and now have some medicine that can help clear it all out and makes me sleepy.

My van got a flat tire on way to mall today, REALLY!!??  It was suppose to be a quick trip to the mall to get me and girls out of the house for finally. We've had no days out just us girls and every week there is more snow/cold days and we are stuck sitting here at home.
So thankful for the kind men that came along and helped, that spare tire didn't want to come out. My dad was there too and helped. Thankful these guys stopped by even in the snow and cold to help us. Three hours later we got home safely with the spare tire on. Sadly, no trip to the mall.

Thru it all, I'm praying and having to remind myself we can get thru it. We are all here safe and warm and have each other, that's all I need!!

There is also celebrating going on... Colt just turned 3, YAY!! He's potty training, YAY!! He is so cute and wants a strawberry cake and is excited about it. He loves cars and trucks so much, love this because I do too. I love when he calls me Miss Dawn in his little voice and smiles at me. He asks the same questions over and over, plays so well with Summer, sleeps in my big bed now, loves food as much as Sienna, is getting way to big. Loves the snow!

Two more birthdays are coming up... Renee will be 17, YAY!! I can't believe it already, seems she just turned 16. She has been letting Summer play and do things with her hair, LOVE THIS!! She did great in her last semester, YAY!! Now she's excited about her new classes, if only they would quit canceling school. She will now eat Spinach in Lasagna and Rigatoni, YES!!! She loves watching Ellen and her new shows are back on... The Fosters and Mellissa and Joey. WOW, she is growing up so much! Thankful she helped me this week with Lucky while I didn't feel like taking her for a walk.

Summer is doing great, enjoying her hair and Renee's hair, YAY!!  She is tired of the snow and cold too but handling it well. She helped take Lucky outside this week too. She did good in her last semester and isn't looking forward to her new classes, haha. She has been playing so well with Colt and Sienna, she has patience and love for them and makes them laugh and be silly. Love that her and Sam can jam together in the backseat to certain songs, LOVE THIS!!

Sam has gone to bed and been so good this week. We watched Tree House Masters a few times and just sat in the chair together a few times this week when I was too tired for anything else. He has hung up his coat without me telling him too and straighten everyone's shoes for me. He doesn't like anything about school sadly, not sure why but it doesn't fit him. I think he'd rather be running and playing and running somewhere instead. His grades were good but I'm hoping they will be a bit better this semester. He still says the funniest things out of the blue and makes us all laugh. He loves to hug, anyone and everyone. He plays too much Mine Craft, plays dodgeball at the YMCA and is waiting for the snow to stop and be warm enough to go outside finally!

Can't forget Sienna, she is 51/2 today, WOW!! I really don't want her growing up so fast. She has been such a blessing for me in so many ways. I will miss her next year when she starts full time at school, the day will be weird with just Colt here. She naps so good when she's tired, I love when I see her sleeping and so quiet and sucking her thumb and a little snore. She loves making forts/houses for her and Colt to play in. She wants his cars and trucks badly but he doesn't like to share them. I need to buy her some so she can have her own. She still loves art but not as much and doesn't take an hour on just one page anymore. She is sounding out letters very well and reads lots of words now. She always hugs me when she gets off the busy, I can tell she misses me like I miss her, YAY!! We love to play my church music on my phone while we do art or just for her and Colt to sit and listen too. She hums them and sings them to herself while she plays, LOOOOVE THIS!! She is interested in my hot tea now that I've been drinking it all the time, might have to have a tea party with her. Her teeth she lost are still not all the way in, taking their time. She loves to take apart her PB&J and eat it that way. She also loves to put things on her sandwiches and mix things up. She is happy I cleaned up my space and keeps asking me HOW DID YOU DO ALL THAT WORK!! She's so cute and precious.

Rich has been reading about 4 books a week by the same author, a whole series he's just found and LOVES!! He is dreaming about springtime and planting his garden. He wishes things wouldn't break down and is trying so hard not to get bummed out about it. He is taking good care of me this week not feeling good, always helpful and sweet. Takes the kids to the gym, the library, the store. Work is very busy for him right now and he's doing great and is getting ready for inventory next weekend. The Indians is all he wants to hear about right now, HE LOVES BASEBALL!!! He's been drinking milk now and less pop, YAY!! He's so tired of the cold and all the added work and YUCKY it brings. COME ON SPRING AND WARM TEMPS!!! He is ready to retire too, not old enough to but so ready to just sit and watch the birds and trees and just sit in peace!

Sorry this got so long, just kept writing and didn't want to stop. I love getting our story out this way! I've been keeping up with PL except for the writing part, maybe that's why I had to write so much here, lol.
Hope everyone is warm or cool where they live. Here the artic freeze is coming back and the kids will probably get 3 more "snow days" this week which puts us over our limit and will have to me made up at the end of school, BOO!!!  We are all getting cabin fever and running out things to do with this crazy weather. Oh and ice cream has been my best friend along with tissues this week.

Going to go have some pie that Rich just made and ice cream and watch the movie TURBO with the kids. Thankful for these quiet, almost boring, nothing to do but chill kinda days with them. I know one day they will be out of the house, time is going by faster each year so I need to enjoy them while I can.

p.s. Kristin, is doing amazing and good and getting over her bad cold. She's been home for a year now and I love having her home again. She is so ready for her mission trip this July, she got to meet a girl in her team. The more she knows about her group the more excited she gets. She has grown up so much!!! She will be missed but am so thankful for this time with her now. I love watching her with the kids and how she loves them!

Thanks so much if you read all this!! Fingers crossed nothing else breaks!! Happy weekend!


  1. So sorry that you haven't got the problem fixed, and sorry about the flat tire too, however, there are still lots of happiness going around the house right, Happy Birthday Colt, YAY!
    Yes, I've started PL and have been keeping up pretty well, just need to find time to post them. Will show them soon!

  2. Oh my goodness! Dear Dawn, It is one thing or the other, isn't it? Don't worry, I'm sure you will have a much better month from next week. Happy to hear that you are getting better. Still it is good to take rest and have plenty of liquids to drink. I enjoyed reading about each one of the kids days here. Maybe after Christmas we all need this kind of 'nothing to do' days to relax:) Even I'm wishing for the weather to get better.
    Stay Warm

  3. If I knew how to fix your Blogger problem, I would offer my advice. Sadly, my dashboard appears and disappears at random.

    At least you can post text, and that can be fun at times, too. Of course I miss all your lovely photos and art. And of course I miss you visiting on Tea day, too.

    I was thinking about you today when your comment popped up. Great timing, or maybe great minds think alike.

    I wish you felt better. I have been lucky this year, although I've had a nagging cough I can't seem to get rid of.

    Seems when one thing breaks, several break. It's happened to me, too. Glad you are able to work your way around things, though. and how thoughtful of the guy who helped with your flat tire.

    Stay warm, stay safe, get better, and wish for warmer weather. That's about all we can do during this horrible winter we're having in the US.

  4. Dear Dawn, missed reading your this long one is just what I needed :). I hope you feel greatttt despite all things that transpired. And hope you're not too terribly cold , what with the weather. You know, the strangest thing happened here in Malaysia too, the temperature dropped to 17 deg Celcius in the northern states... the village folks are now 'enjoying' their Spring weather haha. I wish it it is that cool in Kuala Lumpur. Have a great week, HUGS!!.