Monday, January 6, 2014

T Stand for This and That and Tuesday

Hello and Happy T Day, today is the day we head over to Elizabeth's  and share a drink of any kind and what's going on in your day. Can you believe the first week of 2014 has flown by already. The weather has changed in this time too, we are below zero now and the wind is whipping around my windows. Hoping all of you in this weather are staying safe and warm right now.
I have a new tea cup to share with you today, there is a peek of it above. My mom got it for me for Christmas, it was the last one and she knew it would be perfect for me, yes, it is MOM!! Thank you! I even had some new tea in it from my sister, which was her Christmas gift for me. We had been on a vacation last summer and they didn't have any Lipton tea so I tried their English Breakfast Tea and liked it. She remembered and bought me a box of it, it was perfect. In this picture I'm planning a menu plan for us this month. Still working on it but doing good. It's all part of the class I won a spot in, YAY!! The teacher is the awesome, crazy, funny talented Cathy Zielske and it's called Move More Eat Well Jumpstart (MMEW), it's only been a week but I love it already. Will be sharing pictures of what we are doing as the month goes on. I also have 2 blog friends in the class with me, my fashion California friend Andrea who won the spot with me and dear friend Tracey who most of you know signed up too and know we can motivate and keep each other on track this year, YAY!!
Here is a better picture of the tea cup, even came with a coaster. I've never had a coaster with my tea before, felt so fancy and I love what it says too. Mom, was right, this cup is perfect for me.
Here is another special gift I received my dear friend Nancy that I go to church with. She had made one for someone in our class and I loved it so much she went right home that day and made one just for me. Isn't it pretty, I love this and it's still out being enjoyed along with my tree that I can't part with just yet. Thanks so much Nancy, I LOVE IT!! Stay warm and safe my friend!
I'd like to share something else exciting, at least for me it is!! I bought this myself and have wanted one for a couple years now and finally I have one and I'm loving it so much!!
 a huge new bookcase for my scrapbooks!! Isn't it pretty, yes you can laugh at me but I love it!! All day yesterday I cleaned it and filled it up and played and rearranged and even my PL kits fit on it!! It makes me smile every time I walk into the room. I feel so little next to it too, haha. There's room for more albums which means maybe I will start scrapping again or just leave it this way.
Now to show you where all these were before I got this new gorgeous bookcase that I love, haha!
I know they look messy but I'm working on them. The one on the left is what held all my albums and the tiny one on the right is what held all that's on the brown shelf here. Hope that makes sense. So they all got new homes and even though they look messy it's better then what it was. So these are all my art journals and art journal stuff/loose papers/files/class stuff and old books to use and my canvas that are done and for me. I somehow magically have to make this look all pretty now like my new bookcase is. I can see me getting another new bookcase, so much more room on it. So this kept me busy all weekend and will again during the week.
I know this post is already long but I also have PL to share, can you hang in there a bit longer!!
Here is the first few days, love the Christmas feel to it and hard to believe I was at the track Dec.1st. You can click on the image to see better if you need.
I had fun with this page, my mom's note to me, happy to keep hold of that and in the bottom corner the little mailbox. That was one of my Christmas cards I sent out, cropped it and saved it because I think it's so pretty. On the left side it's about my Secret Pal dinner at church, love this one too.
I have plenty more to show you but will save for another time so I can show you my first week in the new Project Life 2014 album. Couldn't wait to start on this album, a fresh new year of memories!
Here it is, the first few day of the new year. My weeks go from Saturday to Friday so I squeezed in our first couple days in this spread. Seems that a lot of my PL will have snow memories in them. On the left side, I still need to do the journaling about the new class I won. My album this year is the most colorful one I've had too, the Honey album and the kits are a mix of 3 that I have. So there you have it, it's officially a new year for me when the first pages get done, YIPPEE!!
Well, I will be home with the kids again tomorrow, today they should have gone back but with the cold it will be a couple extra bonus days for them now.  Thanks for reading it all if you made thru it, can't wait to see what your doing on this cooooold snowy winter Tuesday!!
Thank you again for hosting us on Tuesday's Elizabeth


  1. I love your teacup and the project life pages.

  2. Happy T Day, Dawn! I hope you had a nice holiday season. Your new bookcase looks great. Good luck with all your scrapbooking and Project Life in 2014!

  3. That tea cup is the PERFECT gift for you. And I love the coaster that came with the cup. I bet we see it a lot more over the T months.

    What a beautiful and functional gift you gave yourself. It's a great way to get and stay organized with all your scrapbooking and PL projects.

    That's a lovely wreath. I know you are especially fond of it, because it's a real beauty.

    Take care and stay warm. It's a real chiller here, too. Thanks for joining T today.

  4. What a nice mug with its own little coaster. I think your organized bookshelf looks great. Most of my art stuff kind of hidden away at the moment. I need to get it out and start using it again.


  5. Love, Love your bookshelf and so glad that it makes you happy. I am thinking of you all with the cold weather that you are experiencing. Its just the opposite over here, we are expecting 84degrees tomorrow, 93 friday and 102 on saturday. Thats in your temp thought it would make it easier for you. Anyway stay warm dear friend.
    love me :-)

  6. Bookcases make me so happy too! I'm so glad that yours is bringing you looks so neat and tidy and ORGANISED! I am thrilled that you persevered on your 2013 PL is a great feeling to be caught up and ready to start afresh in 2014. Now, I hope you're sitting down....LOL...I blogged about my cover page and Week One tonight! Are you in shock?
    Thank you so much for my Christmas card and goodies...they were in my letterbox this morning and made me so happy :)
    Hope you are staying warm and toasty...if not, just think of us over here sweltering in the heat!
    TTFN xxx

  7. Love that mug! I can see why you love the bookcase so much. It's perfect for your scrapbooks. Thanks for sharing the PL pages.
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Hi Dawn,
    Anything cleaned and organized makes me green with envy! LOL
    Wonderful to have a special place for special things.
    I adore your PL pages, and your friend did a super job on the is gorgeous!
    Happy T-day!

  9. Hi Dawn, it seems that everyone has a pretty new mug to share! And I'm jealous of your beautiful new bookshelf, what great organization. Thanks for sharing your T this Tuesday!

  10. That tea cup is gorgeous Dawn. Love everything about it. What a wonderful wreath your friend have made for you!
    Yippeee! for your new shelf. I love how you have arranged everything on it. Super and Double wow! to your PL pictures. How good to see them. I have ordered my prints and think will have to wait for a week to get them:(
    I can see that Christmas card there my friend. Thank you so much I will treasure it. Is that a photo or a card with the word WINTER written on it ? It looks beautiful. Did you get all these cards with the kit? they are so apt for the season. Thank you for all your inspiration. I took the book One Thousand Gifts that you'd mentioned. I've started with the first chapter and think I am going to like it.

  11. I love what your "t" stands for! This and that! You are so creative, Dawn!!!! The tea cup is absolutely beautiful and I am so happy that you shared it along with your other wonderful photos! And your project life pages are so amazing, my friend! I love what you did with your photos and all of your "Dawn" touches! And thank you, as always, for your wonderful visits to my blog. From the bottom of my heart!!!

  12. This and That - great T! Liking your mug and the sentiment it has. Your PL books look great. Something I haven't touched on yet unless you count my December albums (which reminds me I haven't finished it yet) which I make myself then fill in during December. I daren't start another thing! If I get much more stuff in my Craft Room I will be in the kitchen - through the floor! LOL!
    Thanks for your visit.

  13. Wonderful post Dawn, I love your PL pages, and what awesome present for yourself, who say money can't buy happiness, LOL! I remember when I bought my photo printer for myself last Christmas, I was so happy, until today, whenever I used that little printer, I can't help myself but smiling cheek to cheek, the best christmas present ever!

  14. Really lovely mug you have there Dawn!
    and yippee for more storage space especially when it looks extra nice too...
    sorry I am late for T...
    time seems to be moving at warp speed!

  15. Hi dawn. Love the mug. I got a deer one from mom. The other piece u can put on top too to keep it warm. Love bookcase. I got wide one for all my books at the family dollar I think and that one rescued out of throwaway ... I'll have to sit and go thru all those albums. ...stay warm and take care. Ohh I save my little notes from mom too

  16. I just adore you! You are always so sweet, comforting, gracious and grateful for everything you do and receive. I LOVE your new bookshelf too - and think it's awesome that you're so excited about it! AND I was touched to hear that your friend from church went right home and made a wreath for you. Happy New Year - I look forward to seeing what you do to fill those shelves ;) xoxo