Friday, January 31, 2014


I love writing these posts, embracing a new month and remembering the month that was just here. Now that January is almost gone I see how good it was even in all the mixed up cold and bad things. Sometimes it's those kind of days/week/months that will surprise us and make us stronger and hold on to our faith tighter. That's what this month has been for me. I'm blessed to see the gifts in everyday, no matter the size or the value, too me they are each special and treasured. More days I know how precious life is, to enjoy that very moment and take what you can from it and store in your heart. I am feeling loved and wanting to spread love wherever I go and to whoever I can. So thankful for God and all he's done for me and continues to do EVERY DAY!! He helped us get thru this month and made it one that I learned from more then any January I've had. THANK YOU GOD!!
Goodbye January, thank you for all that you gave us and even for the things we didn't want but received anyhow. May you be here again next year to remind me of all the blessings and unwanted surprises in life that help us grow.

                                                        HELLO FEBRUARY

Hello to more school days this month, wish it was more but will take what it is

Hello to birthdays and the celebrating and fun in them...

Hello Renee turning 17.... WOW!! I still remember her 16th like it was yesterday

Hello to Ryan turning 10, TEN, double digits, 10!!! Our last one in the family turning double digits. This one is sad, we all loved Ryan as the baby and youngest. She has something for all of us, puts the love inside us. Can't believe this day has come, no turning back now Ryan Marie, We LOVE YOU!

Hello to 29 faces again, I do this in Feb and Sept each year, sorry forget the link for it. I don't share at her site but just do it for my own enjoyment.

Hello to one less month of winter left, YAY!!

Hello to valentines and sharing and spreading LOVE TO EVERYONE!! I LOVE DOING THIS!!

Hello to red and pink and hearts all over my house, YAY!!

Hello to hopefully better weather and time at the track

Hello to a fresh new month, new goals and new journeys

Hello to a more normal schedule with kids back to school, YAY!!

Hello to Grey's Anatomy coming back on!! I always have a love/hate feeling for this show and can't stop watching it!!

Hello to signing up for spring soccer, please bring the sun !!

Hello to hopefully getting my pictures to upload and sharing lots of goodies with you

Hello to a new dishwasher, after a year and half without one, I'm so ready for one

Hello to Kristin being home for a year now, so blessed and happy she is home now

Hello to dreaming of spring and summer time and vacations and fun plans

Hello to new bible study books and learning and growing with them. Hello to FRIENDSHIP

Hello to whatever good or bad comes this month, may it be filled with gentleness and love and thankfulness, always !!

Hope you are all doing well this week. The kids finally went back to school and the house is mine again. I miss them and got used to them being here everyday. But, having my own time is so nice and can't wait to get some cleaning done and more art being made. Happy weekend and thanks so much for coming by. HUGS!!


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  2. Hi Dawn! thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts with all of us! I am so grateful that I stopped by your blog today. It made me realize how many blessings God has given me and my family. Thank you so much for always bringing my mood into a better place! I loved reading your "Hello's" for February, too! Sending hugs your way, my friend!

  3. Hello Dear Friend, Such a lovely post that is filled with gratitude. Love this spirit of yours. and how nearer you are to God in your faith and submission to His ways. How wonderful it is to receive His gifts whatever they are with welcoming hands, fully trusting Him! I am so Thankful to have read this post on the 1st of a new month. May you have a wonderful month ahead.

  4. And we love reading your post when you welcome each new month with lots of updates. Sending you lots of sunshine from Las Vegas and I wish for the same thing for my upcoming trip to NYC, I don't want to be bringing lots of thick jacket as my next destination is sunny island Singapore.
    Stay warm and enjoy every day my friend!

  5. I intended to stop by earlier, but life (and NOT PL) got in the way. I always look forward to your lovely monthly posts They are truly uplifting.

    I hope you are now well with no lingering illness. I know you like to keep things positive, so I hope not reading anything means you are feeling better.

    It's snowing here and I thought of Sam. We are projected to get between 9 and 12 inches before nightfall, more on Wednesday, and even more on Saturday. I'm SOOOOO ready for spring.

    Thanks for stopping by my place today. I really miss you for tea and wish I knew how to fix your picture problem.