Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hello to more snow I'm sure
Hello to 30 days of Lists, starts today
Hello to Shamrock shakes at McDonald's
Hello to corn beef and cabbage, YUM!
Hello to spring soccer for Sam
Hello to new glasses for all of us
Hello to more daily sketch pages
Hello to more ATC and pen-pals
Hello to maybe more warm days
Hello to walks at the track
Hello to my new dishwasher
Hello to Grey's Anatomy
Hello to Scott recovering and helping Sonja
Hello to this new month, I'm ready for you!!
here is a photo of pictures on my phone of the ATC I sent out. Hope you can see these ok, you can click on the image to see them better. I had fun making them, especially the dog ones.
here are some of the ones I received, will share more on Tuesday with T time. I LOVE THEM!
here are more of my heart book pages. I didn't finish them for the month. Once I started making the ATC, that took most of my time. I'm starting fresh this month and really want to keep up on them. I think the theme this month will be FLOWERS!!
I will be sharing my 30 Days of Lists here weekly. I've decided to do it PL style and add it to the back of my album. I haven't played along with this in years so I'm excited to be back in it again.
Thank you everyone for the nice comments on my last post, always makes my day. Thank you for the prayers for Scott and his family, means so much to me!! Have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday for T Time! Stay warm or cool wherever you live and Happy March. HUGS!


  1. We are trying to be "ready" for all of the predicted snow coming our way Sunday into Monday!!! LOL!!!! Dawn, I absolutely love your beautiful photo! And your art work always inspires me. I am so happy that you had a chance to visit my blog this morning. We don't get a chance to watch much TV here, either, but I do love PBS and Dowton Abbey is one of my all time favs!!! And I love The Middle and Modern Family, too! The Middle is so funny - Brick and Sue really crack me up! Thanks for sharing your wonderful "Hello's" with us, too. I feel happy now!!!!

  2. I agree with Sharon - your "hellos" always make me happy! Love your book pages and ATCs! So fun! I especially love the quote about drawing "new lines." That is a good one. What a coincidence that you are doing 30 days of lists this time - So am I! And I haven't done it in years either! I look forward to seeing your lists!

  3. Yes, Yes, Dawn! The Middle is my all time favorite, too! I got my sister, Karen, hooked on it and she LOVES the show, too. I agree with you - everything about it is just awesome. I am so happy to have found another Middle fan. I am going to google Sue Heck now to see what she looks like in real life. I didn't know she is 22!!! Thanks for your visit to my blog again, my sweet friend. I hope you stay safe and warm!! HUGS!

  4. Welcome to March, dear friend, even though I'm a bit late getting here. Disaster after disaster has defined my past week, so I'll be glad if I ever get to see spring arrive. Like you, I also haven't seen grass in awhile.

    I'm not a fan of corned beef and cabbage, so you may have my share, even the cabbage, since I'm a vegetarian. Never heard of those shakes at Mickey D's but I never go there, so that may be why.

    So glad you are having fun with your ATCs. I have tons on my blog, so if you see one you like and want to trade, just let me know. Of course, I have to get through my disastrous month first (grin).

    I gave up on Gray's Anatomy about two years ago. The cast seemed to change and so did their characters. You have to like the characters, or the show doesn't work anymore. Guess that's why there are so many shows on TV. At least we have choices and we don't all have to like the same shows. I bet the ones I watch are not ones you would (grin).

    Again, happy March and see you later for T(ea).

  5. One of the people I try to visit daily has some PL printables on her blog. They might be of interest to you and you might save some money. Check out her last three posts:

    Good luck downloading them.

  6. Wonderful, I can see you are welcoming Spring already, love March!!!!

  7. Love your hello list. helps me to get to know you more. And I love lists. I might try a list on my blog. Talk again soon. xx Jo