Sunday, November 2, 2014

T stands for Terriffic photos and Monday Mandala

Hello and Happy Tuesday or really Sunday as I'm typing this, lol.  Hello November, my post for that is below and I hope you will read it, this is my favorite month! The time is really flying and we know it will keep flying now that the holiday's are upon us, not thrilled about that part. Hope everyone had a good week and safe and happy Halloween. This was our weirdest and not as fun one, the kids are just too big and we are at lost as what to do and our plans kept changing. But we did it and it's over so we will see about next year. I can't remember what I did on Halloween when I got to big, any tips you can give me will be appreciated.
So I am sooooo happy to be typing this post and being able to actually see a bigger crisp clean screen thanks to my dear friend Nancy. Remember I had been using that small thing we had to shake to work, uuuggg. It was really making it harder for me to want on my computer and trying to see things, I was worried my posts were looking as fuzzy and bad as I saw them. She reassured me that it shows up on everyone's screens fine it's just mine. Thankfully her son had an extra monitor and said I could have it, YAY!! Thank you Nancy and son, a big THANK YOU!! Already it's brighten my day, Rich hooked it up right after dinner and here I am using it and enjoying it. Now we are still having a connection issue and the cable guy is coming tomorrow so we will see what happens. I am posting now in case I don't have time tomorrow or the cable guy tells us bad news.
See here it is, all pretty and clear!! Excuse the glare though, lol. Thanks again Nancy!!
Here is another angle of my table like the first photo above. I love both angles that I took and did this a lot during the week for my Week In The Life pictures. It's always fun to get the camera out more and try different things again. Counting both table photos as my beverage and mug for Elizabeth's link up this week. I have had a cough all week and drinking warm cider on these chilly days has helped. On my table are the mini pumpkins from our garden, love these guys. Also, my table is neat despite what you see here. I cleaned it up just for these shots, lol. I use all these things and need them all so I leave it out in piles to have handy to use during the day.
Here are the Halloween ATCs I received my personal swap. So fun to get them and the variety of styles. Sharing the little extra goodies some of them added in for us too. Click on the image to see better if you need to. I'm working on Christmas ones next and will be taking a break from them till next year. Want to get ready for a quiet non busy holiday best as I can, from swaps I mean.
Sadly, I didn't get any good pictures of the yard in fall colors. Most of the trees are bare already, it's windy every day here. But it was a crisp clear cool day on Tuesday when I took this shot. Rich just mowed the grass today too, might be our last one this year hopefully. It was cool enough out that he had to put his snowsuit on to stay warm, lol. 
Here is a Mandala I got to sneak in during a light wind and few nature items I could find. Did this on dried up Pine needles that I just love and Rich made sure not to mow them so I could see them and use them. Then I took the green needles from the tree and clustered them between the leaves. It amazes me everyday I take the dog out I find new colored shaped leaves in my yard blown in from someone else's yard. LOVE this and collect them all. I also used part of the corn stalks and tried to make a circle around the mandala, hard to see so click on image to see better. Hoping I can still make a few of these before winter is here or I run out of things to use.
I will share my WITL pictures with you next week after I go through them. This year has been so different from last year, sad in a way but also good and made me fall in love with photography and story telling again. YAY!!  So glad Nancy gave me this monitor today, already my post looks so good and makes me happy.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us again this week, I know you have a busy month of creating art in front of you. Looking forward to seeing what you make. Take care T time ladies and thank you so much for your visits.
p.s. Did you start your Thankful leaves for the month, I started mine yesterday. Hope some of you will be joining in with me. Try to find one thing each day to be thankful for, it will warm your heart up and turn your bad days around to good days. Please share if you do make them. Thanks!


  1. Hi Dawn! How are you doing? I was so happy to see your smiling face at my blog this morning! thank you! And I love your post and am so thankful that you were able to get a bigger monitor for your computer!! YAY!!!

    Yes, it's hard when your kids get older and what to do on Halloween. Anne went trick-or-treating for the last time this year - she is in 6th grade. I remember helping decorate the pumpkin and answering the door when I got older.

    We did watch the Middle this past week and enjoyed it so much! Brad's costume was the BEST!!!!

    I love your mandala made from Nature, Dawn! And thank you for sharing the beautiful ATC's that you received for your swap. WOW! There are all so creative!!!

    Take care of YOU, my friend! HUGS!!!!!

  2. Love the little pumpkins, and the great ATC swap! I love ATC's

  3. Those little pumpkins are so adorable :) I didn't buy any pumpkins this year :( You ATC's are very nice i haven'[t done a swap like that in a very long time and I absolutely love the leaf Mandala!!!

  4. Fantastic post - I love those beautiful nature mandala!
    Happy T-Day!

  5. Your photos are great! The mandala is gorgeous :)
    Love the ATCs. Glad to see you got a new monitor--makes a big difference, eh?
    Happy T day :)

  6. Love the nature mandalas. And your little pumpkins are sooo cute

  7. I really enjoyed reading your November post below, but am in a bit of a hurry to reach everyone, so thought I would let you know I saw it. I also love Thanksgiving. It's also my favorite holiday.

    Thanks for sharing the pumpkins, the nature mandala, and the ATCs. These are awesome. I'm glad it's Rich and not me who has to mow that large back yard. It would take me a week. He does a lovely job.

    Thanks also for joining in for T this week. So, so glad you got a better monitor. That is awesome and such good friends, too.

  8. I like your Autumn leaves. Some years they don't last as long as others. Warm cider sounds like just the thing, and I haven't had any yet this season. I'll put it on my grocery list right now! :)

  9. Lovely harvest look and feel over at your house.
    You will surely enjoy that new monitor.
    Your ATCs are fun...
    Wishing you a lovely T Day
    and kids sure do grow up way too fast ♥

  10. Love your autumn display of pumpkins, along with your mandala. What fun ATCs! Happy T day to you-and thanks for stopping by my blog-now you know I am using Nov to share a gratitude each day too:)

  11. Wonderful post Dawn, I enjoyed reading it every week.
    Very cool ATC you received.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week.
    Happy the little pumpkins.

  12. Hi Dawn!

    Halloween gets more difficult as the kids get older. Change is hard. But if you embrace it the kids will too. Maybe transition to parties...throw one of your own or allow your kids to go to a friends party...Maybe they could get really involved in decorating your house. Make it the spookiest on the block...Happy T Day! Hugs!deb

  13. yay for generous friends who share in their abundance! so sweet that they shared their extra computer monitor with you! love your mini 'punkins' and had to smile when you mentioned 'piles.' Me too! I was sad when I put away the Halloween my jack-o-lanterns. Guess I should get busy on some turkey decor! Since our kids are grown & the grand kids live out of state, Halloween is rather lonely here... but maybe a 'Movie and Popcorn Night' for your Halloween teens would be an option. Fun classics like Young Frankenstein (I don't like the really scary movies!) or whatever the family enjoys. We've also had some bonfires & hot dog roasts, sometimes with costumes but usually not. Since we live out in the country that works out ok. Love a big campfire with s'mores and a lot of laughter! hugs to you dear...pretty mandala you made! ♥

  14. That was so nice of your friend to help you with the spare monitor Dawn. Everything looks good. The pictures have all come out well. The ATC's are all looking fabulous. Love how you were able to create this pretty mandala with the pine needles and leaves. Hope you get a quiet and happy holiday time, just as you wished.
    Have a lovely week my dear friend. Hope your cough is better. Here I'm down with fever, think it is part of the terrible weather we had in the last couple days.

  15. Look at all the sweet little pumpkins you harvested! The ATCs are beautiful. Taking a break during the holidays is a fine idea--that way you can focus more on the important things. Glad you shared these beautiful photos today!

  16. Celebrate the holiday but let the kids decide if they want to be included. My daughters went off trick or treating after she was about eleven. Now she's in her very early twenties and loves to be home to see the children coming to our door, but the inbetween years, she didn't get at all involved. Love that you grow those cute pumpkins, enjoy your favourite month!

  17. Happy T Day - How lovely that you have such good friends. Your wee pumpkins are so sweet :o))

  18. Hi Dawn! Your little pumpkins are adorable! So glad you got that new monitor - I bet that feels like a big relief! Love seeing your posts - they are always so full of eye candy - especially love your mandala!

  19. I hope you get all your internet issues straightened out. How wonderful to be given a bigger monitor!! Happy T-Day!! :)

  20. How nice to visit you and find out all the good things going on in your life. New monitor? check. ATC's from a swap? check. Looks like November is off to a good start at your house.


  21. Such a fun post, good things going on there, lovely ATC and Mandala, it is all FUN!