Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello! Do you feel like a winter walk with me before I show you some fun springtime art? Grab your boots and gloves and camera, it's pretty amazing out here again. How can I be mad that it snowed again last weekend when I can see so much beauty in it still, lol. Please let it be the last snow though.
Lucky insisted on coming with us, she is loving the snow again too
See how pretty, see the beauty and the colors! BLUE SKY!
little bit of snow left melting off the branches, sigh
can't wait to find mandala goodies in here this spring/summer
soon all these will be covered with lilacs, can't wait to smell them
There was another reason for this walk, let's go inside so I can show you.
We had to gather some nature tools to use for painting in the class I'm taking. See after all this snow and cold we've had for MONTHS the perfect springtime class given my Alsia Burke was just what I needed. This is her "Sketch Into Spring" class and it started the day before this snow came, she is sharing things that we can do even if it's not quite spring in your yard yet. YAY!! So I gathered these tools to use while we were on our walk. They are mostly leftover from last year, no new blooms here yet. Now let's see what I did with them.....
See the pretty spring time colors I used. This was fun and made me happy even though there was snow outside. Just this little bit of nature and color really showed me that spring will be here when it's ready and just to enjoy the weather whatever it is right now. These were kinda tricky to use and bits of them broke but I do like it and will do it again when some new things start growing.
Another prompt was to paint with the colors you see outside. She was having a gray day just like I was and encouraged us to use the darker colors because that is showing us the TRUE spring we are  having right now. I enjoyed this one too and can do it again with different colors.
Here I drew what our back yard looks like now before the blooms start coming. Then we will draw another picture then to compare and see the stages of growth thru spring.
OH YES!! Here we got some spring colors going on!! I love this one so much!! So fun to just fill a page with doodles/patterns and whatever you want. I loved it so much that.....
I picked it as my theme for this months daily book paper sketches, YAY!!!
here is another prompt... fingerprint birds.... what says spring like cute little birds. I have made a few more pages of them, so dang cute and fun!!
There is a few other prompts but these were my favorite so far. What  I love about this class is it's one prompt a day for 30 days, just a little inspiration each day to create for 10 minutes. Simple little prompts that are just what I needed while waiting for spring to really come and stay.
I know this is long but going to squeeze in one more picture from another class I'm taking. This one is called "THE BOOT SERIES WORKSHOP"  by Christy Tomlinson and I have loved this idea since she shared it last fall. So glad she make it into a class so we can make some cute boots with her. I am having a hard time with this one, it's harder then I thought it would be but just tonight I made a bit of progress and will share them later. This class is for some reason close to my heart and whenever it's that close it's the hardest for me. So here is a little peek at my first attempts....
Here they are, kinda sad but still they are mine and for that reason alone I love them. The second attempt was made using those lines so I knew where to start and stop, that did help. I really want to do a rain boot the most then a cowboy boot. She has great videos and I'm watching and practicing.
Here is another attempt at a different style out of a magazine. It's a work in progress and will hopefully get better in time. Later we will add color and when I'm ready I will add legs then bodies to go with them. Little steps and practice first...
Thanks so much for reading!! I tried to squeeze in a lot but wanted to share it while I could. Will have more fun stuff on Tuesday, YAY!!  Thank you for reading my last posts, it's so good to be blogging more then once a week and hope to keep it up.


  1. I love your post Dawn! Great outdoor photos - love the reflection of the tree in the snow! and of course Lucky is so cute! You are making some awesome art in Alisa's class! So glad we are both taking it! Your boots look great too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Dawn love the photo with the shadow of the tree. So awesome. Your fingerprint birds are so adorable. You can think of even making cute cards out of them. I'm sure practice can make our sketches much better. It is the same for me too. I love your shoes sketches that you did from the magazine especially the first row ones look very good. You can even think of drawing them large and adding color. I'm sure they will look wonderful.
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday

  3. Hi the photo of the tree shadow! so ready for the snow to be I'm sure you are too. I adore the little spring chicks you drew! more blue skies to you...

  4. What fun to take a snowy walk with you, even though I'm late visiting. I simply can't keep up!

    I love those little birds. They are fun and it looks like I might be able to make a few, too. OK, wishful thinking at least.

    You did a much better job with your boots than I would have. I simply don't draw, so I leave that to others. Your art is coming along nicely, and I'm sure these two classes will help get you out of the winter doldrums, too.

  5. Thanks for taking us for a walk, it was wonderful!
    And I see some fabulous art there too!

  6. your snow scenes are pretty but I honestly don't want to experience snow for a LONG time to come. And look at you with so many beautiful class projects!! I love your doodled pages-especially the fingerprint chicks-adorable! Classes like these are a perfect way to help us grow. Enjoy!