Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring is here and spring inspiration

Happy Friday!! How was your week? Mine has been a good one, the first week back to school after spring break.  We woke up to this beautiful sky yesterday, aren't those clouds beautiful!! The sun has been out more this week and the temps are staying mild finally. Some days I go without a bigger coat and no gloves, that is pretty big for me. We don't have the furnace running every day either, YAY! Little by little spring is sneaking in, wishing it would just hurry and be here but I'm thankful for each little part at the same time. Remind me of this when it's summer and 90 degrees everyday for a week.
Here is a peek at spring in my yard..... so happy to see these...
It's tiny but here is our first bloom of spring. Every year I look for this little pop of purple outside the front door. This means spring to me each year and I am so happy to finally see it.
Look at these cuties, they came out yesterday too. I just love them, so glad we planted fall bulbs last year. We can't remember what all we planted so it's a surprise for us now. Click on it to see better.
There we go, this picture is better. See how cute they are, LOVE THEM!!
We have spring inside the house too. Kristin bought these tulips for our Anniversary. They opened up so nicely,  yay for spring inside the house too. We will plant this outside this weekend.
Next up is some SPRING ART from my Alisa Burke class....
The prompt was to make a spring board to inspire us. She used her white wall and I would too if I had one, LOVE WHITE WALLS!! So I made due with my yellow wall in the kitchen. I tore out some magazine inspiration, used my own art, my photos, one life nature piece and colors that I like right now. I included stuff from this class and the boot class I'm taking, loving both of these still. This is the first inspiration board I've ever made, it's been on my to do list for years and now I can say I did it. I took these down and taped them in a big group on a 12x12 cardstock to keep in my craft space. If you click on it you can see it better, there are some quotes/words that I included too but hard to read without clicking to see better. I like having another way to bring spring inside to enjoy.
How is your weather? Any signs of spring or fall? I love watching nature change in my yard each season. These little things inspire me to draw/paint and get my camera out. Thanks so much for visiting and have a wonderful weekend. I will be back on Tuesday for T Time.


  1. Happy Spring!!!! It is nice to see new growth, and happy anniversary!!!!

    Sending love from Seattle!

  2. Happy anniversary Dawn! It's nice to see spring arriving in your area! It's coming here too - the snow is almost all melted and birds are starting to arrive at the feeder. I LOVE your inspiration wall! I haven't done one yet. Love your idea of transferring it to cardstock to keep. Have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like spring has sprung in your neck of the woods, too, Dawn. Our weather was spectacular yesterday. And I want to thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving the nicest comments! Your photos are very amazing and inspiring. I want to go around and find all of the signs of spring this morning - maybe after church! And I love the art work that you posted from your class, too. You are awesome!!!!!

  4. Love that design wall. I had to laugh, as every wall in my house is white, except for the main floor craft room.

    Spring came and went here. On Sunday I woke to HOT. Anything over 70 F I consider hot, and it was in the high 80s. By afternoon, we had hail, and it snowed overnight. It was supposed to snow last night, too, but I haven't been outside to see yet.

    Enjoyed seeing your spring flowers. Hope they stay warm, because many of our plants were killed by the hard freeze. Not mine, since all I had were tulips, but my neighbors' plants suffered.