Monday, April 7, 2014

T stands for " it's about TIME" !!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! I'm sharing my "jar" at Altered Book Lover  with Elizabeth and the rest of the Tuesday ladies. Every Tuesday we share what's in our cup and what cup we are using and anything fun you want to share. Today I'm sharing my empty but cute mason drinking jars. My mom got me them last week, such a nice surprise they were. I love the cute little chalkboard paint on each one, you can write and erase as you use them. Thank you MOM!!
Today I'm going to share what my Tuesday was like last week, can you say SPRING!!
Actually we are going to back up and see what Monday looked like first. What a pretty pink sunrise starting off our day. See the snow from the weekend, it was pretty ( read the post below to see more) and thankfully didn't last too long. Monday slowly turned into a warm day that brought spring time temps later on and into Tuesday!! YAY!!
The little ones were over and we all headed outdoors to play. The snow started melting!
We had been out back for about 20 minutes when I had an idea!! I dug out our plastic eggs for the kids to put on the tree/bush outside our front door. Look at those pretty spring colors!
The little ones loved it! Colt kept saying look at the pretty tree to us then and even back inside he talked all about the "pretty" tree. I love this and it says spring to me!
By the time Rich got home at 6:45 the snow was all gone and it was getting warmer. Lucky chased the ball for a long time and we just hung out back. When we did come in, I headed for the back deck and sat there soaking it in and sketching. It truly was magical and so NEEDED after the cold winter.
The next day (Tuesday) was still nice out and I forgot to mention last week it was also mine and Rich's anniversary!! Since the kids were home on break, we didn't do anything and he worked. The kids and I headed to Scooter Dogs for some yummy hot dogs and FRIES!!
We took our food outside and enjoyed the sunshine with a little wind. Love that we got to eat outside, felt like spring again and making us all very happy!! Can't wait to go back!!
Once we got home these two got their bikes out and we stayed outside most of the day. YAY!! IT was so good to see them outside and Sam off his xbox and playing and getting fresh air. By night time the wind had gotten worse and lasted the next two days. It has gotten colder again but not freezing thank goodness. So glad we made the most of this spring time weather, hope it comes back soon and stays much longer this time.
I want to say a big THANK YOU for the comments on my post last Tuesday. I love all the yellow in my house/kitchen too. It was nice to share my friend Nancy with you also. She liked the post she said, YAY!!  Hoping we will do this again before the kids are home on break.
Thanks for your visit today and hope it's a good day for you! If you have time and want to see some art I made for two classes I'm taking, read the post below. The one class is helping me feel like spring is here even though it's not really here yet. I'm writing this early since I won't be home tonight and the little ones will be over tomorrow. Will be around to see what your Tuesday looks tomorrow night and Wednesday morning. Have a great week everyone and thanks again for visiting and commenting!!
Elizabeth, you are doing great at recycle and reusing things for this first week in April. Such a cool idea and hope to join you a little bit during the month or maybe next April when I have time to get ready. Thanks so much for hosting us again this week. Happy T Day!!


  1. Oh what fun, and I so love that easter egg bush, just so spring!

  2. It is such a rush to get to go outdoors after a long hard winter. Enjoyed seeing all the happy smiles on your family's faces. And those jars are terrific!!
    Happy T to you!!

  3. Spring is up and down here in Virginia too...but soon there will be no stopping the sunshine and parade of flowers...
    Your Easter egg tree is wonderful and magical!
    and those mason jars are too much fun as well...
    Enjoy * Enjoy
    and Happy T Day to you and yours Dawn

  4. Those mason jar mugs are adorable. Chalk paint! How clever. Had to love that tree. Sounds like something I would try. Now that's a fun way to recycle.

    The kids really look happy to be out of the house. I bet they don't forget this spring break. It's been sad here, too, but we had a lovely weekend, even though I was stuck inside most of it.

    Thanks for sharing T and spring break with us this Tuesday.

  5. i've never seen chalk paint on glasses like that, but it's perfect! i'm glad you had such great weather to enjoy your easter tree & the bike/scooter & that wonderful picnic table. spring is coming! yayeee :)

  6. Love your mason jar mugs-I've never seen anything like those before. What a pleasure to see all the outdoor fun everyone was finally able to enjoy! Happy anniversary, and happy T day!

  7. Really enjoyed your "spring days" post, always love to see the kids enjoying the out doors.

    Your egg tree is perfect! I bet your neighbors enjoy the burst of color as well as you little one.

    Happy T-day and thanks for always stopping by with such wonderful comments.

  8. Such a nice post about your warmer weather the egg tree! gives me hope that Spring HAS to come SOON! happy T day and happy anniversary!

  9. I'm glad to see you all having lots of fun in the good weather. The sky is looking gorgeous Dawn.Easter is coming and it is so nice to see the Easter eggs tree.
    Hope you have a great week

  10. I does look like Spring there, what a lovely day outside :) I LOVE your bike--my friend has been after me for ages to get one and ride with her :) haven't been on one for years--almost as good as riding a horse :)

  11. The mason jar are too cute. Getting outside is finally going to be enjoyable here too now. It's been a long cold winter.

  12. Those mason jars are great--so much fun to write a little message on them, too! I like your way of thinking that if we all post about Spring, maybe Mother Nature will get the idea. It does look like you had a few nice days.

    Today was much better here, but now it is cloudy & windy and feels colder.

    Happy belated Anniversary!

  13. Happy T-Day!
    Love mason jar and more so when they came from Mom!
    What a cool idea for the tree! It's great how you enjoyed time with the kids. Glad it's finally warming up for you.

  14. Loving those Mason jars. Love your tree. I did that with blown eggs and painted, and then hung on the willow tree outside my kitchen window. I may just do that again this year now. Thanks for the idea!
    Isn't it great when the weather warms up a few notches? We were outside with coffee while my Girls (chickens) had a bit of a run around in the grass. They and we loved it.

  15. What a wonderful post, Dawn! We have been going through some pretty painful family crisis-es right now, so being able to visit your blog and see your post really cheered me up! I love your happy photos so much. Yes, Spring is finally here and I am so happy about it! And I also want to thank you so much for always visiting my blog and leaving the BEST comments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend.

  16. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a happy spring, too. Love the egg tree!! Happy belated T-Day! :)