Thursday, April 3, 2014

February Project Life....catching up

Hello! I have February's Project Life pages to share with you today. I am slowly catching up on them, the pictures are mostly in but the journaling and final touches still need done. I am working on March's now and will show them when done. Working on these were hard and I had to push myself to finish them a few times. I'm not used to being behind on them and had to walk away a couple times and come back with a fresh attitude. I didn't have good notes for some of these weeks and had to wing it a little which isn't what I'm used to either. I am rethinking my process about PL and why this happened. Will be doing a post just on that probably next week. My plan is to stay on top of this weekly like always and posting each week as it's done will help me stay on it too I think.
Above is the first week in February. I loved those snow ones, still remember that day and waking up the beautiful snow covered yard and trees. LOVE!! Click on the images to see better.
On the second week's pages, I split it up into the left side being Renee's and nice Ryan's birthdays and the right side is just Valentines Day. The blank card will get written on or switched, not sure yet?
this is the second week between the birthdays and Valentines day. I was still trying to keep pink and hearts in the pages. I squeezed in a lot for this weeks pages, like doing that and not at the same time.
I love this weeks pages!! The colors make me happy, a bit of spring mixed into our winter days. I had just bought the new Kiwi Project Life kit from Joann's and wanted to use them. LOVE!! I received my first ATC this week, YAY and Summer had her interview at our Vocational School and did great on it. She has been accepted into their Cosmetology Class, YAY!! She is so happy about this!
These pages were a struggle due to lack of pictures and what colors to use. It took me almost 3 days just to do this. I kept taking it apart and redoing them. Finally settled on it and called it done.
I am happy to have these pages done, even with my negative talk about them. I just want to be honest about how it was to do this and what I can learn from it. I'm so used to working on them weekly it really felt weird to go this far back and try to remember and write these memories. I should have taken notes along the way and that would have helped. Like I said in the beginning, will be sharing a post on this next week. I do hope you liked seeing these, it is nice to have these memories tucked away in the pockets now for the kids to look back on. Next up will be March's pages and I'm working on April's at the same time to stay caught up with them. Will post those next week or this weekend.
Hope everyone is having a good week. Our spring break is going well and the weather is a bit cooler again but still nice. We hear and see lots of birds now and the sunrises have been so pretty. Thanks so much for your visit, they make my day!! Have a great day and will see you back here soon!


  1. Hi Dawn! Your PL pages look great! So cute and colorful! Thank you for sharing your struggles with PL, as I am having them too. Didn't work on it at all in March. Not sure why I lost my inspiration, but I'm hoping to get it back. Can't wait to see your post!

  2. Dawn, though you have posted the winter photos they look great with the colorful PL cards. Your heart ATC is so pretty and so is the mandala pattern that you received. I too am so behind with my PL still is in February:( Yayy! for the great weather. Will write to you soon about what is happening here.
    Hugs and Have great Weekend

  3. I completely identify with you Dawn. I am often behind with my project life and it is difficult to stay motivated. Not really sure why or what the answer is for keeping up to date. I like your idea about sharing as you go. That could help. Love your pages. You have a good eye for colour. Talk to you soon, Jo

  4. Absolutely love your PL spread!!!!

  5. I'm a bit late getting here, but it was worth it to see these pages. Getting behind can be hard, so that's why it's very important to stay on top of things. I think for all your self doubt about these, they turned out FANTASTIC. And it seems you learned a valuable lesson, too. Well done on working on catching up.