Wednesday, April 30, 2014


HELLO to Kristin turning 25!!!
HELLO to National Scrapbook Day this Saturday, YAY!!
HELLO to Mother's Day
HELLO to the spaghetti dinner fundraiser for Kristin's mission trip
HELLO to the last full month of school
HELLO to a surprise date with my mom, she doesn't know where
HELLO to Annie moving into her new house, YAY
HELLO to maybe more sunshine days??
HELLO to maybe more flowers growing?
HELLO to planting the garden!!
HELLO to a Red Lobster date with hubby
HELLO to our new study bible book and Nancy coming back!!
HELLO to my faith growing deeper each day
HELLO  to a month of SOCCER!!
HELLO to new movies coming out
HELLO to hopefully walking at the track, come on SUN
HELLO to a crazy last month of school trips and forms and fun
HELLO to enjoying the last days with just Sienna and Colt before I have to share them with my kids over the summer break. SIGH, they forget all about me when the kids are here.
HELLO to whatever surprises, challenges, laughs, tears, fun, crazy and everything else happens this month, I'm excited and ready for it!! Thank you April for being such a good month, see you in a year.
HELLO to my Lilacs growing, how could I forget that and making mandalas again!!
The picture above is what I just did today in my PL, had fun with this new idea. Will be sharing more soon in a PL post I am doing. This will be a new monthly page I do though and I'm excited about it!
Thanks so much for reading and wishing you the best May also!!


  1. Hello! I just love your Project Life spreads...

  2. You are GREAT at your PL, not only they are fun and awesome, you are so good at keeping them up to date too, I always find it hard to find a slot and time to post it even I am keep up with dates.

  3. Good Morning Dawn! Hello to you, too! I am in awe of your PL pages! I have never tired PL yet, but mean to - never can find the time! Ha-Ha!!!! Yes, national scrapbook day is this weekend. I can't believe that time goes by so fast! Did you get to watch the Middle? It was a great and funny episode!!! Happy Friday and Happy May, my friend!

  4. Playing catch-up is extra hard, and this week just got away from me. I apologize because my friend Sally is in the hospital and I've been there every day.

    As always, your Hello to this month is so refreshing. I can't believe your oldest is going to be 25 this month. And yes, I missed Scrapbooking Day (grin). When is National Altered Book Day (as IF).

    Spring (or possibly we've jumped right into summer) is definitely here. It was 102F yesterday for an all time high.

    I can smell the lilacs now, and I can't wait to see your Mandalas again. I hope to join in on occasion, but it's hard to find the time just now.

    I bet you have a fabulous Mother's Day. I know it will be fun if you are there (grin). And of course, happy MAY!!