Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hello! I'm sharing some April Project Life with you today, happy to say that April is caught up except for this past week which I will work on this weekend or during next week. Really trying hard to stay caught up now and enjoying it. For this first week of April spread there was a lot of pictures/stories I wanted to include so I cut down a page protector to use as an insert. This is what the full spread looks like with the insert there, below I will break it down for you.
On the left side is the start of the spread and the right side is the extra insert I added. I love this little insert, have seen others cut down these to fit and like them, happy with mine now too. Remember you can click on the image to see/read it better. The first day of April is our anniversary and it was a beautiful day outside which is what I share on this front side of insert. On the left side it was fun to add some flower journal cards mixed in with pinks/flowers to show what real spring looks like here.
On the left side is the back of the insert and right side is the rest of the spread. I love this side of the insert too. I have a dear friend Kirsty who does her PL with only this size and have loved seeing it this year. I could almost see myself using this size, maybe for a smaller personal album. On the insert side is the rest of stories from April 1st, such a good day it was. The right side is mixed up of just two days also, had to squeeze in some pink/spring on this side too.
Here is the second week of April, LOVE IT! I actually got it done right on time and easily, really felt good getting it down this way, YAY!! So happy to see real flowers on my pages this week and NO SNOW, haha but that doesn't last long, hint hint. I do want to give a shout out to my cousin Jennifer for sending me a picture of her family, it's on the right side bottom pocket. She has started reading my blog and sending me pictures now and I just love this addition, especially since they live in Florida. THANK YOU JENNIFER!! Not sure what colors/theme will be in this week's pages but am actually excited to work on it and find out.
Thanks for your visit and comments, they make my day! Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter. I will be back here on Tuesday sometime for my T Time post. The weather here is going to be sunny and warm again, hope yours will be too.


  1. I absolutely adore this!! And you are so good with keeping up with your PL, I am pretty much on time but always can't find time or space to post it! Hope you have a wonderful easter weekend!

  2. Hi Dawn! You do such an amazing job with your PL pages! I love how you used the insert - so creative and such a great idea! I absolutely love the "Love" that is definitely behind all of your wonderful pages, too. It always makes me happy to come and visit your blog, my sweet friend. I hope you are having a good week so far! Our weather has been fantastic!

  3. Thank you for the inspiration Dawn. I have been a bit slack lately. Getting a few weeks behind. This might be just the inspiration I need to get going again. Thank you. :)